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  1. the guy''s worked best part of a miracle at southend and they are playing sone of the best football i''ve ever seen in the lower divisions.   worth a thought good people of norwich
  2. [quote user="Wonder Wiganer"] Why do you all go on all the time about our support! Considering where we have come from in last 20 years and all the other clubs in our area then we are doing ok. Year on year our gates are going up and a sustained period in the top flight will help. Neil Mellor scored yesterday and helped set up two goals. He did more in 1 game than Ashton has done all season. I am happy with Paul Jewell''s decisions in the main and Ashton would have brought nothing to our squad as he is half the player that Jason Roberts is. [/quote] sorry mate, but you''ve just had your biggest ever game and some 11 thousand turn up, that may be why your support is brought up, if you do beat the arse this week how many will go to the millenium? full quota 35 thou i dont think so. if you beat the arse yo deserve no more than 11 thou, you are the wimbledon of the north i give you 5 seasons till you are league one or two again. paul jewell deserves better than what he''s got and as for mellor, you have got to be having a laugh, he''s a fat lazy scally ....   
  3. [quote user="Wonder Wiganer"] [quote user="Konstantin Pobedonostsev"]West ham are a bigger club than Norwich City. That is an indisputable fact based on history recent and long term. Come on .. the move was an inevitable consequence of relegation at least he is not at Wigan, Birmingham or West Brom. Deano deserves Premiership football and we should be delighted he stayed over the summer. What''s important is to make sure this money is spent properly. Earnshaw???[/quote] Thank god he isn''t at Wigan. Paul Jewell had the sense to realise he wasn''t worth that much money! The only reason Ashton has gone to West Ham is because that''s the only club prepared to pay ''silly'' money for him. No other premiership clubs wanted him at that price. [/quote] he didnt want to go to wigan as he wanted to play in front of a crowd, not 6 or 7 supporters, 
  4. sorry to shatter your illusions but you are not as big as west ham, our fan base is huge, even when i lived in norwich i saw hammers shirts. unfortunately the love for a player wont keep them at a club, long gone are the days of player loyalty, someone on here wrote ashton would''nt have gone had you been top, that would probably have been true, but challenging for a play off berth is''nt going to keep your better players.   believe me we, more than anybody know that, the last england squad had 8 ex hammers in it.   thats sad 
  5. in that case our financial director is a bloody idiot
  6. roeder should never have been appointed in the first place, the only word you can use to describe him is inept. pards on the other hand was an outsider, bearing in mind we''ve only had 10 managers, it comes as a shock when a non west ham man takes the helm, he has however turned things around, but i still dont think he is or willever be fully respected. i dont think he would have been sacked as the board couldnot have afforded the compensation, bit hard to believe the man at the helm is an accountant.
  7. im a hammer with a soft spot for you lot as i used to run a pub in mulbarton, (the worlds end). it strikes me that your board seem to be to blame, as is the same as what went on at our gaff, worthington took you up out of a division that and damn nearly kept you up. unfortunately football supporters have short memories. remember that this is the hardest division to get out of and you are still in contention for a play off berth. there''s a long way to go yet, you need to get behind him and get at the board.  
  8. [quote user="ROSSI 46"]maybe you are not going to hammers - baggies are interested in £3m + Earnshaw apparently.[/quote]   you''ll be better off with our 8 mill than 3 + earnshaw, earnshaw is toilet.   eastwood at southend could do a job for you, young and still learning, good price as well i reckon
  9. you lot must be laughing your bowlacks off. he''s probably still just worth what you paid for him.  
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