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  1. Delia, Nigel - what have you done?  We were better than West Ham a season ago, now they''re rocking and we are s****.  Should have kept Deano and built a team around him instead of siging all these poor quality players. Give up Worthy give someone else the chance to get to grips with the squad before the start of next season.
  2. no probs Milan, with no other obvious offers to test this thread out at the Leeds game as I expected, I wouldnt worry too much about the APC, unless you have a 2 seater! Maverick here could use a Goose...
  3. it seems a lot of posters on here are for creating a mixed group of supporters at games and think there is nothing wrong with sitting next to away fans. I''d love to try this logic... how about we buy 10 tickets for the Leeds away game and sit with their boys and celebrate (if and when) we score.  Think we may be needing Beelsie''s forces training  and an armoured car to get us out of there in one piece. Still....up for a punt....
  4. [quote user="Mook"]Milan Marcus - if people like you were put in a cage, blah blah blah................ Football is my sport, Norwich is my team. But I also like to have a life. You should try one.[/quote] Mook, Milan  is obviously very passionate about the club, put him and guys with a similar level of passion / loyalty in a cage (bit harsh) and you''re left with a very fickle bunch of supporters.  As for having a life, I don''t see that his view on away supporters would effect his lifestyle, I share his level of passion and am disgusted when away fans cheer in our stand it happened when Milwall came down, its pathetic, but my opinion has no bearing on me having a life outside football, perhaps you should put a little thought into your posts so I don''t have to waste my time reading them.
  5. ...because a massive part of our football culture is based on rivalry and always has been.  I have been to 2 basketball games and a hockey game in recently in the states, I went to a big game, New York Knicks vs LA Lakers at Madison square garden and there is absolutely no rivalry.  The yanks congratulate each other on scored baskets etc while the game goes on.  I like basketball but watching a game live is dull in comparison to turning out for a football match.  I dont want to share my beer with an away fan or tell him how good the goal was that killed our playoff hopes!!  Football is an institution and whilst I don''t agree with violence, I absolutely agree with keeping passion, rivalry and history between clubs it makes for a much better sport to watch, the Americans do not have a clue how good watching a football match is. The Ipswich fans deserved abuse sitting in the Norwich end, they should have been sitting with their own, and football should definitely not consider mixing fans.
  6. I just watched Deano parading his new shirt at West Ham, didnt realise how much it would anger me.  I guess the worse part is that West Ham were no better than norwich a season ago but the attitude of their manager is far better than ours. The news that Dean wanted to leave is fair, I think I would leave to, he obviously sees no hope in bringing the talent to the club to serve him better.  If we were thinking long term we could have worked with him to bring him the players he needs around him.  Look at that West Ham team now, Ferdinand, Zamora, Reo-Coker, Harewood, Ashton.  Yes they have paid a little over the odds for our man but they are building a team to compete at the highest level and they are doing it well.  The West Ham manager in his interview tonight stated he would not sell his best players as he is looking to do some damage in the prem. You have to wish Dean luck then, he had nothing against Norwich, he just knew it''ll be a long time before we are playing prem football again. As for Delia getting backpage coverage for chipping in £50k last week how pathetic, as if the club doesnt have 50k to buy a player... why does she fell the need to go after the publicity ? We had 20 odd million for going up, we had a mil off the hotel, i reckon there has to be a yellow and green yacht sitting somewhere in St Tropez.. 50k?!!!!  
  7. can see ashton and jerome up front... 2 million comes from the bank, dont see why people on are so shy of using bank money. Jerome is an investment, just as you''d use bank money to finance a property going up in value... at 19 and an appearence for Englands U21 team hes looking very promising.  I''d borrow 2 to pay for him any day of the week... oh, I keep saying this, we took a mil of Holiday Inn lets use it!    
  8. knowing simon jordan and a bit about the situation... he did not beg AJ, he simply reverted to the contract and his big picture mentality. Simon has no interest in making a quick few mil of a player, he is a long term owner unlike our lot. People bang on about players wanting to leave, I am sure AJ being one of the prems top scorers could have gone anywhere however SJ putting his foot down and having a a bit of gravitas means they still have him. I dont see delia or roger telling deano hes a young lad with alot to learn and he''ll be staying with the club for the foreseeable future end of. Lets be avin u!!!! Sooner this club is owned by a serious, long term entrepenurialist the better...
  9. leaving out ashton because of an injury??? As a paying fan Id prefer our short termist board to come out and say... we''re not playing ashton as it will inevitably decrease his value as he''ll be cup tied. Give us a little respect for god sake its a bitter pill but the fanbase would understand this decision I''m sure.
  10. 500k for Etuhu vs 300k for Sutton ? These players are leagues away in terms of talent. Okay so theres a small matter of a 30k a week salary, however lets assume Deanos going and hes paid 20 ish, thats 10k a week to find, or 520k a year we need to find. The club just took a quick million off holiday inn which in my opinion was a little short termist, however if you''re going to make good use of this cash, surely 2 years paying Sutton to score goals would be a good idea? Did we even make an offer?  
  11. [quote user="Amarillo"] Banus... Pay attention... this bit has been aired endlessly. The cost per seat of building seats where the hotel is going to go is MUCH higher then the cost of putting another tier on the City stand. If and when the club has the funds to build more seats, that''s where they will build them. They only built in the other corner because we needed a new diabled facility. So the £1m the club has/will make from the hotel going in the other infill is by far the best thing to do. You call for a long term view but then espouse short-termist policies: the flaw in your argument is "then at least we have a 30k capacity stadium when we''ll be established in the Prem". What if we don''t get promoted? Would you want to club to end up like our neighbours, having to renegotiate the loan for the additional seats that no one is sitting in, and getting further into debt all the time because of it? This is the evidence that the club is thinking long-term. [/quote] This is exactly what I am talking about "What if we dont get promoted".  We are no longer a mediocre team, we are one of the finest teams in the championship, with great support, good players and minimal levels of debt. Now is the time to start thinking seriously about pursuing a firm spot in the premiership and to start thinking about where this club can make money outside of ticket sales properly.   With regard to the hotel deal, £1m isn''t a lot of money, holiday inn understand carrow road is hardly the finest loation for a hotel in norwich, unless you need access to Big W!... They have fronted £1m for the location, thats a steal and is not a long term play for Norwich.  If we absolutely cannot make money out of the seats over a 5 year period, which I believe is actually do-able then why not think about other strategies? Anyone can sign a deal with Holiday Inn for £1m, thats not a clever play. Back to Yankees post, and putting myself in the position as chief shareholder.. I''d probably be more interested in looking at a more lucrative deal with MGM or London Clubs to provide a Casino / Poker environment within the ground, with the 68 gaming act changes coming through now, we are well within our right to put forward an application for a license in conjunction with an experienced operator.  Now a rev share deal on this basis would outstrip seat revenue and hotel revenue 10 times over,.. our closest casino is Yarmouth and quite frankly they''re all pathetic. Again, I''d rather take a couple of years getting this right, its one we''ll kick ourselves on I know it... Yes Yankee.. Banus / Norwich - move between.          
  12. has Jarrett said he doesnt want to be here ? He hasnt been with us long ?
  13. This is the problem, I have to say I would expect the club, again if they were thinking long term to make it known Ashton isn''t for sale and he will remain until at least the summer regardless.  The board not suggesting he is to stay will only increase prospective buyer interest.  They will not admit he''s for sale as they''ll get more if the sale is deemed reluctant. Ashton hasnt said he wants to leave, however he has said he wants to play for a premiership club, Norwich''s come back should now be made public rather than leaving it open. Perhaps if Dean was more aware of his future now for the next 5 months he would get his head down and focus on being the best he can. I''d hate to see his form for Norwich when a bid comes in from a big club at which point we try and talk him into staying. Should have nipped this in the bud before now...  I agree that players now have a voice and will move if they want to, however a 21 year old lad with a massive future ahead of him should take some guidance from his manager / employer not just his agent looking to make a few quid.  I am sure he is able to make his own decision, but I feel our manager should have more gravitas where his young stars are concerned, if Ashton believes Norwich will go up, then we might just be in with a chance, the confidence has to come from the top and filter down into the players, letting Ashton walk in my opinion is criminal and shows no confidence in our clubs abillity to deliver a cracking part 2 of this season. The club does have a contract with th player and it does count for something.   With regard to the board having the clubs interests at heart... I believe they do but you cannot deny their short term outlook on some of their decisions.. we''ll see what happens with the Asthon bit, and hopefully I''ll be eating my words.  
  14. Can someone help me understand the short termist views of our board of directors? They seem intent on making a quick buck as opposed to taking a long term view on the clubs future. There is a lot of speculation around Deano leaving us and the club not being able to say no to £6 million it someone comes in for him.  I have been thinking about this, and at £6 million with our sell on clause our profit would only be £2.4 million, now if the club can’t turn this down, we have bigger problems than I thought.    It seems as though we are almost marketing Dean Ashton for a sale as opposed to coming out and saying he will stay with Norwich.  He has a long contract with us and yes he may want to leave but lets face it, he’s not going to drop in value if he stays until May, its only another 5 months and he''s still young..  When AJ tried to leave Palace, Simon Jordan took a big picture view.  He could have taken 10m for AJ but knew without his top striker his shot at the £25m was never going to be a success, he’s in it for the future not the quick buck and I don’t understand why our board do not share views such as this.   With the purse at £25 million for being involved in the premiership, surely the mission of the directors should be to create a solid premiership level club for the future. Our recent sell off of the corner of the ground to Holiday Inn I believe was a mistake, I personally would rather have seen another 2-3,000 seats, even if it meant borrowing the money to do the work.  It may have taken 4-5 seasons to pay back the loan but then at least we have a 30k capacity stadium when we’ll be established in the premiership and a residual income week after week.   The hotel deal may have provided Delia and the board with a quick £1m but its not a long term play. We, as a club would have no problems filling the seats especially if we are in the top league, our catchment area is possibly the largest unrivalled area in the leagues due to our location versus other clubs.   It look a local businessman to pay for Huckerby’s wages when we were looking to go up.  When we were promoted it wasn’t a problem.  It was a gutsy move but the right one and should have been taken by the club.  I guess I just want to see the club making decisions which may not be as profitable for us now but will cement our future.  Delia has a successful business outside of football, trying to turn a profit from the club for the next year or two is a strategy that will see us stay in this league for foreseeable future. 
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