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  1. [quote user="VoiceoftheJarrold"]Grant Holt Song to the tune of "On top of Old Smokey" or as some will know from Scouts "on top of Spaghetti"! Already a Legend, We love him to bits, He''ll get us promoted, Grant Holt is the tits! Lets hear it this afternoon! OTBC [/quote] Good work mate; this is some sweet lyrics
  2. Hmmmmmn, not sure I agree with this one. I feel Wes was simply trying to hard. If he leaves then fine but he is a player that offers something that others can''t. Some of his passing today was astray but those which were spot on were amazing. Guys you need to chill with the jumping on the We hate Wes bandwagon!!
  3. Lets not beat around the bush, Brentford were simply shocking; well that means we were worse. This team lacks leadership which has become the culture for the whole club top to bottom as we continue our fall into obscurity. Nobody took the game to the opposition; we looked scared and hesitant allowing Brentford to take the foothold in the game. Lamberts first job is to find a leader to lead this team on the pitch. This I feel will be a tough task as nobody out there looks up for it; however Docherty needs to be relieved of his duties as captain. Butterworth clearly has no clue; persisiting with Gill and Jones just doesn''t add up and no subs until 70 minutes. Hmmmmmmn and he wonders why he wasn''t in the running.Lambert has a massive job on his hands. Promotion is a definate no no; we are all living in cloud cukoo land if we think any different. Right now I would take mid-table   Alnwick - 6 - better than the Greek Spillane - 5 - Nothing amazing but Whaley offered no support Askou - 5- Was ok but defensively the whole unit does not look good and another Colchester is around the corner if changers are not made Doc - 4 - Should not be te captain; team has no leadership. The Doc''s confidence is down and it shows in his poor decsion making at present Drury 4- Way passed his best; real shame Gill - 3 - Looks out of his depth; not good when you are in centre midfield Tudur Jones - 5 - Maybe a player in their somewhere but I am still no closer to being convinced; Jones and Gill should not be starting together Whalley - 3 - Offered no threat or defensive cover; really poor Hoolahan -5 - Missing for long periods but raelly was our only creative spark Holt -6 - Offered a target but the balls forward were constantly poor McDonald - 4- pace is a threat but needs the service along with coaching Subs - Hughes 6 - changed the game upon arrival; was clever with the ball            Martin 6 - was decent though should have scored Cant believe I went and watch this pile of shizzle. Fast losing the will with this team and protests are now the only way I feel changes will take place. The club is a laughing stock on and off the pitch!!!  
  4. Culverhouse - assistant manager Gary Holt - First team coach!!!!!!!!!
  5. [quote user="First Wizard"] [quote user="DONT REMEMBER YOUR TENURE AS ENGLAND MANAGER"]Fuckin hell. The club can shove it if this is true; beyond farcical[/quote] Can we not stop this insanity somehow? [/quote] Apologies, thought it would be censored; ususally mild mannered but this news has stunned me into bad behaviour!! Again really sorry
  6. Really is shocking if true. You think you reach the bottom with this club and then bang, you hit new lows. If this is indeed true then thats it for me. The club and I will be divorced until new ownership surfaces. Protest is now the only option; this club is beynd a laughing stock 
  7. All of them can go and fizzle off; total waste of space. O''Leary would be dreadful appointment
  8. Joe Kinnear - please god no!!!!!!!! Really hope Iwan has been on the sherbet Please for the sake of this club,  Smith and Jones should have no say in the next appointment.  
  9. This is worse than relegation. I had prepared myself for the inevitable drop to the lower echolons but was totally unprepared for the events that unfolded infront of me. Totally shocked, this was not a freak result; that would have been 0-3. Still no idea how to summerise what happened. Gunn and the muffin maker have to go; now!!
  10. [quote user="Haggerdoo"] [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"]Was numbing! Worst defeat i have ever seen! Can we go any lower? [/quote] Administration - how would your stomach feel about that! [/quote] To be honest this could really happen. Club pushed themselves financially this summer on the shower of shizzle we witnessed today. From what I hear we are screwed!
  11. I think we can. We thought the Valley was a low, but this is something on another level. Currently not sure how I can summerise this.
  12. [quote user="ob1"]"Are you sure about that dude. My bro composed this bad boy lyric in the Jarrolds Stand at half time; If my memory serves me right, the Chelsea fans started to bang on the shutters that seperated the fans at half time in the bar area!!!" Nice work, considering we sung it before half time in the Barclay![/quote]   See you in Court!!!!
  13. Rest in peace Sir Bobby. Left us all with so many positive memories. Italia 90 was amazing and the spirit of that team was created by the man himself; Platts last minue goal against Belgium with penalities looming; Gazza''a turn against Holland; the crazy 3-2 win against Cameroon followed by the heartbreak defeat against the Germans. As Norwich as I am it is hard to not have wonder at the job he done in Suffolk. Some of the players that he signed; Muhren; Thyssen; 13 players in 14 years; the guy was a genius.   God bless Sir Bobby
  14. [quote user="ob1"]" The exchange with Chelsea was good a couple of seasons back. CFC: We''ve got Abramovic, you''ve got a drunken b**ch NCFC: We''ve got a super cook, you''ve got a russian crook " My brother came up with that! Roight proud I was! :D[/quote] Are you sure about that dude. My bro composed this bad boy lyric in the Jarrolds Stand at half time; If my memory serves me right, the Chelsea fans started to bang on the shutters that seperated the fans at half time in the bar area!!!
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