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  1. Understood. It looks like there’s currently home tickets available so hopefully Spurs fans will buy those rather than the away tickets. In the meantime, if anyone has a spare for our end please let me know.
  2. Uncle Fred, I’m a home and away member, but I only became available for the game since it sold out. I understand someone with limited activity looking for tickets appears suspicious but on this occasion, not.
  3. Hi All, if anyone has any spare tickets for Spurs away, please let me know, as I’d like to buy Thanks a lot!
  4. Evening all, if anyone has a spare ticket for Spurs away, please let me know. many thanks
  5. What would a ‘competent owner’ look like please? Ellis Short? Randy Lerner? And what would they do? Is it about putting more personal wealth into the club or taking more risks with the clubs money? Or appointing a different CEO/Sporting Director?
  6. I have one spare ticket for tomorrow if anyone has a last minute interest. I will be going so can meet outside the turnstiles or at Bournemouth station (close to kick off) .
  7. If anyone does have a spare please let me know . Thanks for your help.
  8. Morning If anyone has a ticket they can no longer use please let me know . Obviously will reimburse the ticket cost and fees . Any help would be much appreciated. Ben Bjwilliams11@hotmail.com
  9. [quote user="DuncanMirams"] well you and who else want to keep him? [/quote]   ME
  10. I decided to pre order the DVD and also had to pay at the time however i haven''t received a phone call to tell me it is in stock and was not allowed to collect it today for some strange reason. Wonder if anyone can explain this to me please >>
  11. I phoned this morning and managed to get a seat second row from the back of block E of the Barclay which is great. If you are just looking for a single seat it is quite likely if u call now u will be lucky. Hope that helps
  12. Sorry I was merely making a point to SPUD DOWN THE ROAD who seemed to be knocking the away season ticket system. Not that you are only loyal if u have an away season ticket
  13. I have my away season ticket and they have sold out so there will be the same thousand LOYAL supporters at every game. follow follow follow follow the boys in yellow we''ll be playing man u when the scum are at crewe and its off to europe we go!
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