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  1. Good luck to him, on trial at Cardiff.
  2. Heard a small rumour that were singing a newcastle player in january, initially i have heard Ameobi,however... ...dont shoot me down here but does anyone think that having Bellamy back on loan til the end of the season is a feasable option. He has fallen out with Souness, knows the club and he says that he has respect for Norwich. Yes he is on high wages but there has been posts on here that suggest low fee high wages is the way to go. If we can get him until the end of the season and we stay up then the position can be reviewed then. He would be the star of the show at Norwich and we all know that he would love that. There are a couple of doubts that i have, are his wages too high, even with a contribution from Newcastle, and does his age allow a loan until the end of the season? Is there anything we can do? the fans literally made the club go for hucks... and read the above, its obviously not rosy for him at newcastle, and no player is too big for a club...( well bellamy isnt to big for us, hes already been here!
  3. Yep i have one that you can have. Email me on dhowell@avnarena.com and we can sort it out.
  4. I know how you are feeling....as the DVD shows on the clubsite as being in stock you would assume that you can buy it. I rang the mail order line last friday and they told me it was in on Monday so i rang today, credit card in hand, to be told wednesday at the earliest. I get the feeling that as soon as it hits the shops it will sell out and there will be lots of people on the waiting list.
  5. Just a quick note for anyone hoping to get last season''s dvd. It was meant to be at the clubshop today, but the date is now wednesday at the earliest.
  6. Just a mention for Lee Marshall, I know he left in somewhat of a cloud but, having suffered one myself, i would''nt wish a broken leg on anyone.
  7. Sorry cityangel....thats what half a lager shandy did to me when i got back from Burnley.
  8. Just a quick mention to all the fans at Burnley today. Signing from minute 1 to 90, absolutely awsome and what an atmosphere...!!
  9. When we get promoted, as champions of course, how about the club release a record to celebrate. Will that famous song "who''d of thought those country boys...." ever be beaten..?? How about The Carrow Road Rap", i can see Malky rapping away with his baseball cap turned round.
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