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  1. I think it was a really positive result. It is nice to see us thrash a smaller teams because thats something we haven''t done in the carling cup for a while. It am pleased that cureton scored a couple too. I''m now going to try and catch the goals on sky sports news. apparently Lappin scored a great goal :) Juninho
  2. I loved coming out to Elevation by U2. Man Utd come out to the "This is the one" by the ''Stone Roses'' and thats prett y cool. I have hated the last few pre match songs we have had. The last one I liked was Hysteria by Muse but that wasn''t exactly uplifting lol  
  3. This is a prime example of why this forum is the best in the whole wide world. Yes, I used a pattern of three to emphasise that this is indeed- The best forum in the whole wide world.
  4. What are we going to do with Drury and Colin suspended, after receiving their 5th yellow cards and the injuries to Dublin and shackell on top of that ? A whole new backline lol its going to be interesting... sorry if i am wrong about the suspernsions... its just what I heard 
  5. Where did this innate idea come from? What a poignant idea. I can understand where you are coming from with the idea but I would on NO accounts, like to see the football team I love in League 1. However yes, I think it is time for Delia to leave. I think she is realising that now also. Why else would she say that she is ready to give up her sugar mummy status. I am looking forward to seeing how things progress on this matter. It would be enormous for the club to have an investor. I would be interested to see with money available how many of the players in the current squad are axed and who would be stay. I am under the impression that there is alot of inadequacy and dross in the team at the moment. I think Peter Grant deserves a good shot at this job and in an ideal world an investor would be the perfect scenario for him to have just that !   Juninho Stegglinho
  6. I just wonder if the signs of strain are already starting to show. I think the public criticsm of players so soon into Mr Grants reign may prove to be a mistake. But more than that I worry about the wafer thin squad that he has inherited from worthy. The present injuries are now showing again just what a lack of depth and talent and ability there is in the squad. I wonder why as yet Peter Grant has not got any loans in when we need them so much. Is he just seeing what the squad is made of? Or are his hands tied, or being tied. I fear and I can forsee a collision cousre beteween our Peter and the Board. And Peter is a strong willed man. History may well repeat itself. A Dean Windass situation may well arise again I fear and just like Martin O''neil I can see Peter Grant walking out on Delia and her friends.  
  7. This is not about jumping upon bandwagons its about reality check. The cquestion that has has to be aked and rightly has been asked has anything really changed? From the evidence of today, no it has not. Of the teams that we have so far played away what are thet collectivelly achieving. Nothing! Coventry before todat were stuggeling for goals and for form. Worthingtons excuses today were as useual pathetic. So the break affected us. Coventry had a break as well! We have bugs and little niggles. How long has he had to put a squad together? Getting players in is hard work. Well all other clubs in the division manage it! What are you playing at worthy? Sunderland got 6 players on deadline day while we faffed about and got no one, but there was so much paper work involved wasn''t there? Come on they knew McKenzie wanted out, and before then worthy wanted a striker supposedly, so why leave it to deadline day to sort it out. What I cant work out is that before Leon wanted out worthy still wanted a striker but dealine day he was only going to sign Cotterill if McKenzie left! So much do not weigh up at the moment if you only take the time be objective and have a look. Biggest concern was that Coventry sussed us out. Worked out how to stop us and we had no plan B. No imgagination. And no players to actually facilitate an effective plan B. Earnie was far to isolated today. today cried out for the second striker. Also Drury as captain, I also have my doubts. As heads fell, and disarray set in the first half there was no motivation on the pitch. No leadership on the pitch.  Nobody out there to pull things together. As for worthy out I still do not think that that he is the best man for the job. I would not want his away record on my C.V.!!
  8. Valderama with hair dye Tana Umaga carlito carribean cool  Booker T Kenwyne jones  gangsta man
  9. [quote user="barclay4ever"]last home game of promotion season against preston or derby i think, point blank save from fuller header in the last minute from a corner - guaranteed us the win and virtually the title[/quote] It was Stoke !
  10. [quote user="John Boubepo"]But would 1 million buy a striker better than [a free] Sutton? spend the £ on a midfielder, after all if just one of the present 5 midfielders  becomes injured/suspended we are truely scratching [/quote] So you would be scratching if one of the midfilers got injured as would all of us. I dread to think what measures we would go to releave us of our itch if Earnshaw was injured though. A striker is more important in my opinion..
  11. Thanks to Greeno.. He has pulled off some amazing saves for us.. I hope he can go on to prove himself at the highest level !
  12. [quote user="winchmorehill canary"] Jesus Herb mate, get of his back, so what if he types how a fair few people type now in the uk, bet you could still understand it if you could be really bothered to. I think too many people on here feel themselves more superior than others because of some peoples writing and grammar skills and that annoys me.   The same goes for treating people who are under 16, their points are just as valuble as everyone elses.   So lay off people, its a football board not a school board.   Rant over with. Ian age 28 and 1/3 [/quote] Thanks, I''m 16 and I''m pleased to think that my opinion is valid with you... And Like anyone noticed that I am a youngster ( cough) Juninho ..
  13. [quote user="Matt Hudson"] Leon mckenzies hero like status around carrow Road is based on something that happened in December 2003, over 2 and a half years ago. Why, just because ''he scored against the scum...'' (that bloody song) years ago mean he is a superb player who we cannot do without. He scored v Man Utd as well but his goal record last year and for the prem season to be honest was quite frankly poor. If you are going on his work rate which everyone loves, i ask Why isnt Andy Hughes a hero, when he plays he shouts, he claps and a runs about like a headless chicken. In fact very similar to Mckenzie. The reason why Hughes isnt a hero, because like mckenzie i''m sure he''s had 1 good game (leeds away maybe) is because he is poor, simply not good enough. Just like Mckenzie, so why the praise for Leon and the boos for hughes. Simple, 1 Good game V Ipswitch is more memorable than a midfielders contribution in 1 game. So lets get out of thew past, look to the future and Leon i''m afraid shouldnt be part of it, especially now he wants to go! [/quote] I am totally with you on this one. It''s by no means Mckenzie''s talent as a football player why he is such a fan hero. I think he is shocking and have done for a while now. I can''t fault his work rate and I will give him all the praise e deserves for that but to be frank he has no composure in front of goal. He has never had an out standing goal record in his career. The man is supposed to be at his peak now and that makes me laugh even more..
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