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  1. I''d like a commanding CB like Caulker, Huth or Dawson - all 3 are realistic. Graeme Shinnie would be good cover in FB areas. Mentioned by Gary Holt today (on Sky) as a ''boy he likes''. I would like to see a pacy, athletic right FB to challenge/replace Whitts. As others have said, we need a player in the Tettey mould, this position seems crucial to AN''s tactics. As does a rangy powerful frontman. AN sees Hooper as a no 10 so that leaves Grabban and Jerome (RvW?) as no 9''s. Finally, on the wish list, someone like Sako from Wolves do give some width if we need it on the left.
  2. Plenty of pubs around...I''m stuck at home with the kids, sky and beer just outside wrexham! You are welcome to join if you cannot find another yellow to share the agony with :)
  3. [quote user="flake district canary"]Does it work on iPad?[/quote] As a fellow exile I have relied on the radio via CP for many years. You can listen to it on iPad, you need to use puffin browser. You can try the app for free and buy it for £3ish if you like it. Puffin browser plays flash content and enabled me to listen to radio commentary on my ipad last season. Hope that helps.
  4. Rebuilding ? Doomcaster will already have ''budgeted'' for Sammy''s 3m fee ;) Gunny will get 99p to arrange a loan. ...if Sammy does go, do you think we''ll try to hang on to Fozzie to play the Sammy role ?
  5. [quote user="Safri15"]forces who?[/quote] Forces2Canaries Members of the Armed Forces that support Norwich. Maybe they could have their own protest Vs NW - how about a Jaguar Fast Jet from RAF Coltishall (before it closes !), a battlecruiser of the coast and the army taking carrow road by storm :) I guess that would only be a ''minority'' of the UKs defence assets so wouldn''t count in our boards mind, or maybe the board would brand them as the hooligan element. OTBC
  6. George Burley would do a good job. I''d like to see Bowen or Crook in as Asst Manager.
  7. LOL, I had to create an account just to say how funny this was. Adam''s was squiming on CC, the most fun I''ve had in ages on Canariesworld !
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