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  1. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]For the love of Beaker''s Dad, will someone please tell me this game has finished and we''ve won, I''ve had my eyes closed for the last 5 bloody minutes!!! [/quote]   still going on... 10 minutes of added time we are into?!? can u believe it???  keep ya hands over ya eyes mate!!!!
  2. [quote user="Web Team - Vince"]Southampton: Davis, Wright, Thomas, Davies, Vignal, Wright-Phillips, Surman, Euell, Skacel, John, Rasiak. Subs: Bialowski, Hammill, Idiakez, O''Halloran, Saganowski. Norwich City: Marshall; Otsemobor, Shackell, Doherty, Camara; Croft, Fotheringham, Russell, Bertrand; Dublin, Evans. Subs: Gilks, Cureton, Huckerby, Pattison, Spillane.[/quote]   anyone know what has happened to fotheringham?!? pattison is on... i was late onto commentary... he get injured?!? thats bad news if so!!
  3. [quote user="koimatsuba"] [quote user="Yella_Forever"]docs gonna be off and now its a penaty to them.... come on lino!!![/quote]   Is the doc off????????   10 men? [/quote]   no sorry mate.. i was thinking out loud!! sorry!! doc is on.. luckily and the pen was missed and hucks just won us a corner after a period of soton domination!!
  4. missed penalty!!!! woohooo!!!!! stern john is a turd............
  5. docs gonna be off and now its a penaty to them.... come on lino!!!
  6. [quote user="culverhouse"]Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, and Probably nothing, but radio Norfolk say taylor not in the squad for brum game. Coincidence?[/quote]   no he never makes there squad!!
  7. Im not gonna say to much yet.. but we are turning into a really good team away from home.. we compete now!!! even if we go onto lose tonight we still seem so solid... however we will not lose tonight!!
  8. [quote user="Salahuddin"]Just noticed that Chris Brown has just come off, and his replacement scores immediately. Glad to see that his consistency continues![/quote]   Oh happy days!! haha.... bet he didnt even get near the goal...!!!
  9. Fozzy really starting to show his worth.... and i did say this last season, not many people gonna slate him now!!  
  10.   hehehe!!! thats funny!!!   at this rate we are going to be above them in no time..!! Wonder what W8WBA is gonna say now!!!
  11. hay how enjoyable is it listening to the last ten minutes, norwich sound like they could score from every attack!!! its brill.... we really starting to sort out our away form, all of a sudden!!!
  12.   "3-1 win for us I reckon, got to go for Fozzy, Doc and Evans to bag the goals.   Score correct!!! scorers wrong my friend!!!!! GET IN!!!!!!!!
  13. [quote user="Yella_Forever"]we need to bring jamie and hucks on... we need to finish this off....!! we are on top!!!  hay anything can happen, peter thorne has scored today!!! ;-)[/quote]   NO WE DONT!!!!!!!!!! 2-1 COME ON!!!!!!!! YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! FOZZY!!!!!
  14. [quote user="Salahuddin"] 12.01.08   Banks has crap game and is substituted after 52 Minutes, I wonder w8wba, can you tell us how Ched got on? [/quote]   HAHA !!!!!
  15. we need to bring jamie and hucks on... we need to finish this off....!! we are on top!!!  hay anything can happen, peter thorne has scored today!!! ;-)
  16. its time to get a second!!! come on city!!! i have faith we will be scoring twice for once!!!  come on!!! 
  17. [quote user="we8wba"] my advice for parking is to go on club coach etc.. they park coaches/mini buses in a pen n your not allowed out of these gates stoke fans are vicisous and dont give two crap''s about punching you n hurling abuse if you travel by car plenty of car parking but i advise not to wear your colours all supporters by car are kept in the pen, until the coaches depart, meaning if only 400 travel by car only 400 of you with all stoke waiting for blood other side of gate just dont wear colours and hope for non-heated match it may only happen to me because wolves v stoke sort of localish but i been there twice n happend both times [/quote]   Is this what happened??! omg i had started to wonder!!! someone hit you so hard that you have been thinking your writting on a dirty wolves forum for the last 7 months??? ??? 
  18. [quote user="ncfcfaithful"]I very rarely post on this site but i feel that every single Norwich fan needs to start thinking about Derby Day already!! We will lose at WBA this weekend which means that the Ipsh*t game coul be the most vital Derby in this clubs history certainly the most important in the 22 years i''ve been supporting the team (I can''t really remember the Milk Cup Semi Final)!! If we lose it could even at this early stage of the season be the final nail in the coffin no matter who the manager is!!  However victory could be just the confidence boost the players, staff and fans need!! So despite the early kick off those off you old enough to drink get some early drink inside you to loosen the throats and sing louder than you have for years, every time an Ipsh*t player gets the ball boo and whistle lets for one game get the atmosphere going and try to intimidate the other team rather than our own!!  We are clearly a poor team at the moment but victory in this game could be just the boost they need to get out of the trouble we''re in!! Even if we go a goal behind continue to support the team (i know most do but lets be honest it''s not been the case in recent weeks from some sections)!!  Lets not let Ipsh*t see what a state we''re in and for 90 minutes GIVE THEM HELL!!! There that''s the end, fingers crossed for Derby Day!! [/quote]           hay, i''m in... i think all should follow... were yellow and green and we support the club, lets get behind the team, lets boo the ipswich, cheer every city touch, boo every town touch and u never know... the atmosphere at carrow road used to help the team, lets bring it back at least for one game and one game only!!!! ............. KICK IT OFF!!!!!!
  19. it is taking for ever to arrive, interviews, interviews... the board could at least update us?!! the longer this goes on the more i feel nobody wants to manage our sorry lot!!!!
  20. i do not agree he was highly rated, and when we signed him alot of happy people were on these boards... inter milan once signed him, must be shit!! he has not been given time to get fit and start playing... at least he had a little passion in getting sent off, unlike some of these other lossers we have playing for us...!!!!
  21. ok, just wondered peoples thoughts on this guy?! my feelings are that he is being treated quite badly... ok he acted an idiot and got sent off, but its not as if he didn''t come here with a reputation for that is it???! our midfield is shocking this season and with Jimmy Smith now on his way back i''d like to see Brellier and smith, russell for me just has not done a thing this season.... what u guys think?? Brellier was playing with kids in the reserves last night, confidence at this club is all ready low and this management team do their upmost at all times to make it worse!!!!  
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