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  1. Is he the man for the job ? are we really worse than Crystal Palace a team we finished a country mile ahead of last season , or do they have a manager who is able to fire them up to get the results something Worthington quite clearly cannot. If or i should say when we go down dont expect to just bounce straight back up its not that simple ask West Ham ,Wolves,Leicester etc etc .Nigel has proved he is NOT the man for the job , he is tactically lacking and has run out of ideas on what to do next, and as for his dealings in the transfer market the less said the better.
  2. Ipswich wont get up , too many strong sides just waiting to pass them , Wigan , Sunderland for top 2 Bent gone in january ...then the slide begins.
  3. Wont be anyone with class coming in january , we will all but be relegated by then
  4. David Bentley has been forgiven and will be back in the reckoning for saturdays match . Lets hope he has learnt his lesson and can start living up to his reputation.
  5. Birmingham and Fulham no i just cant see those clubs being involved in the relegation battle . Its a 5 team race the 3 promoted teams Blackburn and Southampton .
  6. Does anybody seriously believe that come January with Ipswich looking  as if they will be in a promotion spot and Norwich occupying one of the relegation places that Darren Bent would consider joining us ? If he leaves Ipswich it will be for a move to a bigger club ie Villa .
  7. Believing Norwich will come straight back up is sheer folly , its taken 9 years to get back from the last relegation , look at the 3 teams relegated last season not one in the top half of the Championship this season . How many of the current squad would stay ? not Green or anybody else that attracted interest from another Premiership side. This season was our chance , the board wanted to do it on the CHEAP and were as much as saying they thought we would go back down before the season started. You do NOT take a Division One side into the Premiership and survive without strengthening , the result of doing so is relegation. If we are still in touch come january it will be a minor miracle .
  8. Yes that does come into it , we are considered an easy touch. But the bigger problem is our own players will be starting to think they cannot win a match. Will the Southampton players fear coming to carrow road after their 2-2 draw at highbury ? of course not they will see it as a chance of getting 3 points. Xmas is coming and we all know what happens to the team that is bottom then , we need some wins and quickly but as to where those wins are going to come from i havent a clue.
  9. Could not agree more , why does Worthington constantly fall out with players ? Were we not told what a great loan signing Bentley was , what a great step forward for the club getting Helveg was , neither can make the team . Add to that Safri and Doherty and you really do have to question what on earth the manager is up to . This keep doing what we are and the wins will come is complete rubbish , truth is we dont look like winning and playing somebody like Henderson when you have internationals in the squad is mind boggling. 26 games left , take away the games where you know we are not going to pick anything up and there are not many games left to get the points we need. Last season we finished a mile ahead of Palace this season they look miles better than us , they show a passion sadly lacking in Citys performances.
  10. If we continue as we are , i believe january will come to late . We look the weakest side in the division and in a few weeks time could be adrift of the relegation pack.
  11. Ipswich have already turned down £3 million for Bent , do you really think Norwich would bid that for any player no if they get anyone from Town it would be Kuqi or Counago on a free.
  12. First week in November and yes put that R there , cant see us getting 30 points let alone 40. Most of our summer signings are not even involved Bentley ,Safri, Doherty,Helveg , yet we give 45 mins to Henderson who wasnt up to scratch a division lower. How can a manager bring in so many players who cant make the side ? . Looks like we will get one record this season , Swindons unwanted one.
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