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  1. Do you like the Shefki Kuqi dive? You can''t have him by the way
  2. Err....say top of the league at Portman Rd The Christmas celebrations start here Ipswich 2 Wigan 0
  3. I guess they were Chunky, I guess they were
  4. They''ll be looking for a win next week then surely?
  5. Now for the harder ones. Bolton Wanderers Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur Middlesbrough Portsmouth Liverpool Aston Villa Middlesbrough Everton Looks awesome doesn''t it                  
  6. ITFC at joint top. NCFC at the bottom. Still nowin City then
  7. <or if we just aren''t really up to it in this division after all.....> There''s your answer.
  8. Ok you''re in the premier league this season but be honest, which season do you think will finish up giving the you the most enjoyment (taking into account that you are struggling to score goals at the moment) this seasons Norwich City or last seasons Norwich City.
  9. Or you''ll look very silly losing againt Blackburn And if you can manage a win you won''t be Nowin City anymore, you''ll be One win City instead But if you do win I fully expect an avalanche of ''our season starts here'' posts along with ''This is it'' ''here we go'' etc etc. Well I''m right aren''t I?
  10. I doubt you could do it at this present time bananaman. Remember when we whupped you 5-0 in one game? You MUST beat Blackburn or you''ve had it.
  11. Tommy Miller    22 Shefki Kuqi      23 Richard Naylor  62 Shefki Kuqi      68 Ian Westlake   71 Ipswich 5 Sheffield United 1 Wana borrow a striker? ha ha
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