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  1. 4 - 5 players less Dublin, less Otsemabor makes 2 -3.
  2. The club have taken our debt from 8 million to 20 million in 2 years! HOW? Why spend entire 3.5 million on ONE player when we could have built half the team with that (Nicholls, Halford and Howard would still leave about 800k spare and we could have got rid of Hughes as well!) Much as I love Earnie it was a panic buy but Im afraid and dont get me started on why we loaned Rehmann and JJ!
  3. Read Ruel Fox comments on Waghorns site. The only problem here is Worthington. http://www.rickwaghorn.co.uk/full_article.asp?i=53 Talk of potential new signings inevitably leads on to the tantalising subject of Chris Sutton, with Fox''s 33-year-old friend and ex-Canary colleague as yet without a club for the new season following his release by Birmingham. “Me and Chris don''t talk very much about football – we always play tennis or golf,” insists Fox. “I don''t know what Chris is thinking now in terms of his future. He might want to play, but on the other hand he''s at the sort of age now I was at when I decided I''d had enough. “But I think if I was Nigel Worthington I''d ask what the situation was - something like that would really catch the imagination of the supporters. Chris is a local boy, and you never know, he might say he''d come. “After all you''ve got to be strong in this division, and you need strong people up front – Earnshaw and Sutton – what more do you want?”
  4. Could I please advise all contributors to sign the ''Bring back Cris Sutton'' petition on the official site message board. It seems that the player wants to come for knock down wages, virtually 100% of fans want him back and also the the board would have him back.   The only person who doesnt want him back is guess who?............ Worthless.   Many, many people have signed it and if you havent already then please have a look and sign up if you agree. Thanks
  5. I know many many Norwich fans and season ticket holders but I dont know any who think Worthington should stay
  6. If they want Worthy to succees he MUST have full backing. There is no way they will hold cash back - much as we would like them to.   If you think this squad is good enough for a promotion push you must be living in cloud cuckoo land - and given that Worthington refused to play the kids bar some minor roles even at the end of last season he will not play them this year either. He only sees the kids when he plays cup matches (Neil Doncaster told me that Worthy sees cup matches as a waste of time and not important to the sucess of the club).   We need a QUALITY target man and a QUALITY winger - not a journeyman slugger like the fat incredibly slow Steve Howard!!!!   I would also say that whilst I love Earnie if we do actually have no money left then it was stupid to spend 3.5 million on one player when most other clubs would have overhauled half of the squad for that (Watford, Reading, Sheff Utd for example).   I would also like to ask where the 11.25 million transfer / parachute money has gone as well as how the board have increased our debt by 12 million - but thats another story....
  7. ''A positive moving club'' that has no money for transfers and has gone from 8 million pounds of debt to 20 million in the last 3 years. Hmmmmmm
  8. [quote user="Ralph Wright"] " She made her money being a cook " err no, she made her money as a TV presenter, seller of books etc. [/quote] Yes, all on the subject of cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has about as much credibility in running a football club as Jade Goody has to dieting!
  9. ''I`m always baffled when some of you have a go  at Delia ,   you don`t make millions from being a fool  ''   She made her money being a cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT a football director.   Whether the KTFers like it or not there are too many of us ready to keep stirring the hornets nest until Worthington goes. I dont care if its unpopular and even gets rid of the now implimented board. My mission for this season if we get off to any form of bad start will be to get Worthington out at all costs.
  10. Ultimately the board take the blame for keeping this useless manager and buying such useless players. I will give them the first 10 games and see if we buy anyone decent. If they dont perform and Worthy is still here then its bye bye Delia as far as Im concerned. Remember Delia Smith DID NOT save this club - Geoffrey Watling did.
  11. The thread asked about him being a midfield option though and JJ is a forward. WHY CANT WE BUY PEOPLE WHO SPECIALISE IN ONE POSITION RATHER THAN BE A JACK OF ALL TRADES AND MASTER OF NONE??? Im fed up with seeing forwards like Bentley, Henderson, Jarvis,Jonson, Marney and JJ, central players like Hughes, Etuhu, and Robinson play out of position and whilst they try hard are simply not up to the job. Huckerby aside I really dont think any of these other utility players have ever really worked for us.
  12. He was rubbish and couldnt even make the starting eleven most weeks. People who want this lightweight whose performances especially away from home were totally dire are simply getting to the point of dispair (most of us are now actually). Dont let the club settle for second rate players. There should be a few million floating around when you see that along with parachute payments we have made 11.25 million on transfers in and out since relegation and the club will be judged by me when I see what team runs out on the opening day. I will not settle for second rate championship signings and a second rate manager. The next 2 months could also decide the fate of the board.
  13. It was Greeney from Wisbech. He has tickets for every England game - he also hates Worthy with a passion!
  14. another video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybOra2gqPk 
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