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  1. So who are we going to sign in January? Any one heard any rumours?
  2. I''m afarid Blackburn have just signed him - so no go there - still time though for someone else (or is there? I''m bloody confused with all this 5/12 deadline stuff).
  3. The Bas**rds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hmmm... hadn''t thought of that Pickle. Agree that with no official announcement that '' we are not signing anyone'' there might just be a chance that NW is burning the midnight oil and still yet feverishly working on something. Whatever I''ll keep the faith right up until midnight when if no announcment is made I''ll just open a rather nice bottle of double distilled, special edition Dalwhinnie malt that I have been keeping for such sad times.
  5. 1st Wiz - please ignore Al''yellow and don''t let him get your magic balls all in a twist. Your ''gift'' is fully appreciated amongst the majority of forum users here - though we might sometimes doubt your wisdom, we find comfort in it nevertheless. Keep rubbing those balls and swinging that wand. As per my previous post I am not in entire agreement with your views ''who has to go'' but do believe there is ''no place for sentiment'' and am disappointed we have signed no one else as of yet. I will though ''keep the faith'' (love the phrase, just love it!). Hope NW keeps it with the Norwich board too though, as I do think with so much managerial uncertainty going on amongst other clubs, he will be an attractive proposition.
  6. Maybe we should set up a helpline? I for one am currently working my way to the bottom of a bottle of red at the prospect of no more rumours. Maybe theres an opening for some sort of football fans counselling service - anyone want in? Just think though make it through to December and the rumours re the Jan transfer window can start afresh , just hold on and ''Keep the Faith''.
  7. There was plenty of complaining going on in the ''Snakepit'' on Saturday Fley. Trust me it''s not part of the ground where we keep quiet and whinge later. Alas the Stewards and police, ignored us and indeed looked right through us. Perhaps lacking the training/ability to know how to deal with the situation? In my eyes it was simple - throw them out. Of course away fans will get hold of tickets in the home sections but if they can''t keep quiet, and indeed take the p*ss - then they have to go don''t they? Stewards , police , don''t they??? What is it I have missed? How on earth it didn''t kick off big time in the ''Snakepit'' on Saturday I''ll never know. Maybe thats a positive for the Norwich fans. Though I''m sure once it did ''kick off'' the stewards and police would of happily moved in with theri size 9''s. Am I being harsh/cynical - I don''t know? I do know the club need to sort this out, as however much patience Norwich fans hgave - it isn''t infinite.
  8. Keep the Faith indeed DD (don''t you just love that expression?) - I have to admit I was one of the people saying thanks Iwan but no place for sentiment etc... Though now I wonder, could he have done a job? Oh well, as others say - we''ll never know. I have a feeling Ginger Pele is going to win the hearts of us Norwich fans just like Iwan did.
  9. Have to agree with Gazza here 1st Wiz - please try to control Mrs Wiz and her use of your balls, a great many here put a great deal of faith in your balls and any misuse will cause alot of unrest. In light of yours being out of use I''ve been doing much rubbing of my own balls today (much to the annoyance of Mrs Scotty, who frowns upon such unethical things) but alas fear they are not quite as magical as yours. Neverthless they tell me we will sign at least one, if not two players tomorrow - though they give me noclues as to who - I shall go rub them yet again and see....
  10. All 3 scored already today. With Rivers new found goal-scoring touch also teams will be breaking the gates of Carrow Road down if this keeps up, to sign fringe/out of contract Norwich players!
  11. Thanks - Wiz - I''ll put my faith in your balls and await the unveiling of Harewood tomorrow. Flecky, this is renewed speculation on Richards as Spurs have now said they are willing to release him on a free.
  12. Without a doubt. Got involved on Saturday, always wanting the ball, and passed it well. Has to start with Francis in the middel - sorry Holty.
  13. Being linked with Nemeth and Dean Richards now! It''s bank holiday Monday, I have loads to do, my wife wants to go out and I''m glued to the machine , switching from one football site to another. Oh for tomorrow to come and an end to all this speculation. 1st Wiz, can''t you get your magical balls out and give us a clue? Tribalfootball.com - before anyone asks by the way.
  14. Was the horse grazing in Asda car-park ? Or being ridden by Carl Cort perhaps?
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