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  1. Something Brewing at FCR me thinks?? I think it''s not Ashton going it''s Leon similar type of player? We will see?  
  2. Well people this is an interesting situation!!! If David wants to come to NCFC and play championship football with the view of being back in the premiership in a seasons time he will!!! If he wants a challenge at this time of his career he will come to us and Mr Worthington will make it happen If not he will go to someone like West Ham and try and prove to Arsenal in a petulant way that he is ready for Premiership action. I think If he wants a challenge he will sign up. David and Dean swapping roles from game to game from middle to right midfield? All depending on team selection at the time? What is everyone''s thoughts?
  3. I think with all this transfer speculation we need a laugh!! Let''s not worry about all these rumours, the club will not sell Ashton, I don''t think they want fans protesting like the Manure. Ashton knew when he moved to NCFC there was a big possibility we could be relelgated with the league position we were in at the time. Greeno and Franny well I think it''s watch this space on those two? Lets look forward to the new season!! Time for the funny stuff Ipswich Tablecloth £4.99 Suitable for any occassion, but does tend to slip down the table after a while Ipswich Video £9.99 All the action and highlights of the last twenty years. This 5 minute video is perfect for any fan Ipswich Banners £15.00 Comes complete with interchangeable slogans eg. ''SHEEPSHANKS OUT'', ''ROYLE OUT'' , ''LET ME OUT'' Ipswich Condoms 75p each They come in all sizes from '' Little Eric'' to '' Big Sheffki '' ideal for all the pricks in Portman Road Ipswich Bra £14.99 One for the ladies, this bra is available in team colours and has a low level of support, but has no cups Ipswich '' Ladies Towels'' £1.00 each The '' Sheffki Kuki Sanitary Towel '' comes complete with instructions eg. '' in for a week out for a month'' Official Goalkeepers Gloves £8.99 Amust for any fans at the back of the stand, or near the corner flags to catch the ball after any shots at goal
  4. Good morning to all the chirpy canaries out there!!! What a night!!! More of the same please lads!!! Can anyone help me with this question? One of the lads (liverpool fan) I work with noticed that a lot of our players were wearing red wristbands, were they the Juve Liverpool wristbands or something else? Could they be lucky red bands like the pants story (by the way I insist my girlfriend wears them every match day hasn''t failed yet!!!!!!!!!!) Let''s enjoy Saturday boys and girls and hope Hucks gets better OTBC
  5. Morning Boys and girls!!!! I sit opposite a Binner at work (what a nightmare, especially at the moment "Oh Shifty Cuckoo Is great!!!" is all I here now) I asked the question on whether he would like Hucks in the Ipswich squad!! The response was I would rather of Shifty Cuckoo!!!!????? They all live in a dream world. He also reckons they would beat us, in fact thrash us now and that the binners would do better than us in the Premier league!!!! How dis-illusioned can you be!!! Come on you yellows for tomorrow!!! Can we also cut the crap about Bentley he is a young lad that needs nurturing by Uncle Nige and the boys, so lets get behind all the lads and hope for our first win at Carrow Road and cement the place to be a fortress. OTBC
  6. Ok we have looked at the other sides coming up WBA and Palace and have seen that they have been spending money on players. One thing NCFC have got which IMO they haven''t is an established team which has great team spirit and a manager that beleives in his team. This spirit and fight was shown last year in the now fizzy league and has been evident from the games we have played so far in the Premier league. Do we think if Nigel had brought in another striker to the ranks it would say to the players that they were not good enough and de-motivate his side from the champions he made them last year?? Could this be great man management?? Time will tell??? We only have to look at the togetherness shown by Arsenal at the beginning and the end of the game with a team huddle very reminiscent of the Brazilian side and American football teams, admitly they have got the likes of Viera, Henry, Reyes etc but these players if managed wrong could have turned into primaddonas (not sure if I''ve spelt it right) and not play as a team?? Lets get behind the lads and show togetherness off the field with the fans and our support for the team - We can make a difference, our support from the stands is the key this year! OTBC Never mind the danger!!!!
  7. Peter I''m definitely not a doom merchant, I''m always positive about NCFC and life in general. My comments were not meant to be negative and give me a doom merchant title. I was just being realistic and not looking through yellow and green tinted specs!! OTBC
  8. Just got back from footy training, No signings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are doomed I''m afraid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Palace are signing players West Brom are signing players Bothroyd has gone to Balckburn Rovers We have no one!!!!!!! I''ve always been positive with my posts, but this time it''s not looking good boys and girls. If we Keep the doc up front we might as well of kept Iwan!!!!! He has not got the pace of Hucks!!!! We need a strong quick striker that reads the game and acts as a target man with pace, which is the key to the Premiership A la Ashton or Harewood. Worthy and the board please prove me wrong by 12 am tonight!!!!!!!! It will be to late by January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OTBC
  9. Evening lads!!! I think he could be our striker from what I have heard!!! He is 23 6ft 3 plays at the moment for Perugia in Italy, but I think he wants to return to the UK. He was Coventry''s top scorer in Div 1 and apparently Under 21 England International. Talks ongoing from what I have heard Could be a load of rubbish though!! I don''t know anymore at this time. Got to go to footy training now!! OTBC
  10. 25 and loving it!!!!! - A mere whipper snapper!!!
  11. Fair comment!!! I''m afarid I only here snippets of info from Radio Norfolk (which I must add being exiled in Binland Suffolk, the radio reception is very bad, Roy Squallor sounds like Sarah Cox!!!) So i can''t comment on headlines from the EDP instead I have to drive past garage''s with EADT "East Anglian Daily Times" Headlines like "Blues Tipped For The Top" or " Town''s joy of De Dross" "Royle''s Head mistaken for a balloon!!" You get the picture. Bring on the 20 goal a season target man, I think for what it''s worth it will be Marcus Allback, If Beattie goes to Villa. OTBC
  12. I hope someone on here can answer my question and put my mind at rest??? I was listening to Radio Norfolk on the way to work today and was slightly concerned by the reporter mentioning that Gary Doherty could be a 2 for 1 deal - Target man (only for abuse so far reading posts from Spurs fans) and Central defender!!!!!! I sincerely hope this is just bad reporting (A la Roy Squallor). If Doherty does sign today as a defender only!!!! Lets get behind him and think of him as an NCFC player not a Spuds defender who had a bad season!!! Worthy please sign a striker (target man) like Ashton or Allback to confirm your status of king of shrewd signings, you would make us boys and girls very happy!! I also think Svenny would walk out of the club if Doherty replaced him up front as competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OTBC
  13. Oh dear, Oh dear!!! I really hope that he has been bought as cover!!! I went to Spurs last season, as we do a little work for the spurs marketing department, not by choice I must add!!! I was at the Fester (Leicester) game and he was awful!!! He scored an own goal. I have also just received phone calls and texts from some of my mates who are Spurs fans!!!. They are so pleased, they want to go out and celebrate 2nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worthy saying he is a target man I bloody hope this is not the target man we are after as well!!!!!!! 2 for 1 deal!!!!!! I hope I''m proved wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Don''t we all just love that thread title, It''s just like writing "Sex" as the thread title It grabs everyone''s attention on this hot and sticky day!!!!! I have read on a few NCFC web-sites that there will be a Press Conference this afternoon to unveil a 3rd choice goalkeeper?????????????? Would Worthy organise a PC just for this or could it be another signing?????????????????? As we all know Worthy likes surprises i.e Hucks and Crouchy?????? I don''t think Safri got a press conference??? I have no sources to back it up!!! Can anyone else confirm if this speculation is true??? OTBC In Worthy We Trust!!!!!!!
  15. It''s another Swede!!!! Mattias Jonson!!! OTBC
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