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  1. I remember when Phil Neal was meant to be manager, but it then went to Mike Walker. I have no idea who is going to be manager, but I hope the club does.
  2. I just find it odd that Farke was sacked if a replacement was not already in the frame. That isn't how it works.
  3. I feel sad about the decision, but it was the right one - if in slightly odd circumstances. There has been some heated discussions on the subject, which is understandable. He' s been here over two years, got us promoted twice and relegated once and everyone seemed to like him. The club has come under severe criticism on a national basis this season and that is why they had to act. They have to be seen that they are trying to stay in the EPL and that is where their priorities are. Call it a 'Statement of Intent'. Had Farke been left in situ with very little in the way of results, the implications for Norwich could have been severe with the EPL changing the rules regarding parachute payments and clubs being seen to come up for the money. Norwich have to try and make this work and been seen to try and make this work. There is no guarantee that it will, but we have a chance. Despite myself and some others who wanted him sacked, I take no pleasure in it. But it was a decision that Farke made a little easier than it should have been. I think he knew it was coming and the club did give him plenty of time. Who replaces him? I don't care who they are as long as they keep us up, but when Farkeball worked, it worked oh so well.
  4. That certainly doesn't apply to me. I don't care who they are as long as they benefit the club. I've always been consistent in that my criticisms of Delia and MWJ are on a professional basis and not a personal one.
  5. Taken responsibility. I appreciate the limited budget he is working under, but making excuses is not what a manager is. Part me feels sorry for him, as he seems totally lost. But the reality is he - for whatever reason - does not cut it at the highest level and for that alone, he should be sacked. He's not so much a manager or coach, he's a theorist.
  6. "The Board" has no real influence and democracy as Delia has the final say on everything. It's more of a technicality.
  7. The best way to get Farke Out - who after his press conference yesterday is so delusional he'll be carted off by men in white coats - is to attack the board. They are the root of all evils and even though we can't 'sack them', it may put pressure on thick skinned Delia to act.
  8. I can't remember Gunn being recruited on the basis of the fans. Did such a thing happen? I thought is was a poor sentimental choice that had nothing to do with logic. Gunn is Mr. Corporate & Cheeseboard and makes Trevor Brooking act like Charlie Sheen. Great player, but not remotely appropriate for a manager. Clearly McNally thought so too.
  9. I'll be doing the usual of wanting us to win, but backing us to lose. It softens the blow. A good performance would save Farke's bacon, but on evidence this season that is highly unlikely.
  10. The squad we have is worse than the last time we were up, so 'going down to go back up' has no basis. Secondly our card is marked and the EPL will probably change the rules in some form to stop clubs like us who come up for the money and make no effort to stay there. Delia has friends at the highest level at the F.A, but not in the EPL. I personally think Martin is a) too early and he hasn't done enough and b) too sentimental. We need a firm hand at the top and Russell would be too lightweight for the club at this moment in time.
  11. I'm not so sure on the former. However I know people who were with her that night and she'd been on the sauce since 6 p.m. She should have apologised for slagging off the fans, but didn't.
  12. Certainly for English players, International games were in less importance from the early 90's onwards which also was the start of the EPL. I remember England manager Graham Taylor being disgusted - and rightly so - by managers who were pulling players from England games by saying players were falsely injured or simply wouldn't release them. Taylor lost the argument. Players after their retirement often spoke how Internationals got in the way and they didn't have the motivation for them.
  13. I thought the podcast was quite funny. Farke notoriously talks a lot of crap in his post match 'interviews', so is there to be shot at.
  14. I didn't know the forum had been taken over by the Jehovah's Witnesses.
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