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  1. A somewhat limited statement and something they could have well done without for a man that is a complete liability and a complete PR disaster. This is what happens when you fail to act, so the club have reaped what they sowed with Webber.
  2. Whilst I'd question The Daily Mail's 'once well run club' - when exactly was that? - I really don't understand why Knapper is getting grief in certain quarters. It is clear to me that Wagner is purely in a holding role until the end of the season. Knapper will have somebody lined up to replace him with a vision, so it makes little sense to buy players now. Ben has plans but obviously cannot publicly speak about what they are, so until then we are in an odd treading water period. Not ideal, but that's how it is.
  3. I have no problem with Idah going, but this creates a problem. Ideally he would need to be replaced, but with serious transfer dealing likely to be done in the summer under a new manager and philosophy from Knapper, it may be better for all parties to wait.
  4. I think little to nothing will happen this month. I would like to think that Knapper has somebody lined up in the summer who is not currently available and will start to address things once he is in place. Therefore Wagner is just keeping the seat warm, for better or worse.
  5. After that incident, Sir Arthur South called the Barclay 'Scum' and subsequently got booed every time he walked on the pitch.
  6. Webber's purchases for our last EPL campaign was the worst in our history and one that permanantly damaged his reputation in my opinion. You buy players for the league you are in and Webber bought none. Instead of purchasing 2 or 3 players on higher wages to fill the gaps of Skipp and Emi, none of the players he bought we then EPL standard and none were Farke's targets. That was never going to end well and didn't. Webber's misguided view of having a larger squad due to the number of injuries under Farke doesn't wash and a club with limited resources needs quality not quantity. If we were in a similar position in the future with similar funds, I hope we don't make the same mistake again.
  7. The can has been kicked down the road so many times by the club regarding an extension/rebuild of the City Stand it is very much of a case of I'll believe it when I see it. The insurance on the Main Stand must have been pitiful and the 'New' City Stand belonged more to Abbey Stadium than to Carrow Road, with more than a whiff of 'Subbuteo' for those over a certain age. I remember on Corporate events going back nearly 25 years where the club would wheel out an ex player and they always used to come out with the line of 'Next time we get promoted, we're going to extend the City Stand'. Whether they actually believed that or not who knows, but I doubted that it would ever come to fruition. However, given the financial state the club is in, I'm not sure now is the right time. If we ever get back to the EPL, it may be worth looking at again, as I believe we could easily fill 35,000 if things are better on the pitch and higher if away fans are given are higher proportion of tickets, but it would be a bit of a gamble with much depending on the finance and ambition of the board at the time.
  8. If your hunch is correct - which it could be - then what's the point of the Attanasio's?
  9. Absolutely. His behaviour was facilitated by the board, instead of being sacked.
  10. I think in Michael Bailey's piece in The Athletic after his sacking suggested that none of Farke's targets were met for the last EPL campaign and he told Webber the players he had bought were not good enough. That was never going to end well in retrospect.
  11. Given the situation at the time, NO. If he had been backed financially and had his player targets met, YES.
  12. I agree the the local press do a decent job, without over stepping it. Given the relationship between them and CR, they could have easily come out full guns blazing in the last couple of years. At least we haven't gone back to the Rick Waghorn days, as that would be even less acceptable now as it was then.
  13. I like Connor's pieces and he is not afraid to highlight areas of concern, regardless of whether that upsets his employers or the club.
  14. I stumbled across this quote from Tales of The Top Flight regarding the Ipswich/Norwich derby. Although the site is a little tongue in cheek, the quote below would seem an odd thing to state in there was absolutely nothing in it. My source claimed it was when Sheepshanks was at the club, whereas others state it was when John Cobbold was there. As I believe she is an opportunist, I'm certainly keeping an open mind on it, especially as I've heard this from various Ipswich fans over the years. It could all be nothing of course, but... " Smith even tried to invest and become a shareholder at Ipswich Town in the 1980s but was given a short shrift by the club’s board." https://www.talesfromthetopflight.com/2018/07/11/the-old-farm-derby-the-battle-for-east-anglian-supremacy/
  15. I remember being told by somebody who knew Bowkett well that he left because 'He got fed up of being outvoted' and McNally 'always sided in with Smith and Jones', so became a marginalised figure. As an aside, I remember when some fans were disappointed when Bowkett wanted to make Norwich City a 'Top Ten' fixture in the EPL as a lack of ambition!
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