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  1. The interview was all very fluffy kittens and anyone who gets excited about 'Yellows' needs to get out a bit more. However, The Attanasios seem like very nice, pleasant people and obviously aren't going to give much away in a interview like this. I'm still not sure whether they've been hoodwinked by Delia's corporate negativity or they're far more cleverer than that and aren't as amenable as they seem. Who needs who more?
  2. Webber's wasted the Emi money and showed that the club was not remotely serious about staying in the EPL, as none of the purchases were good enough to play in it. I spoke to somebody at the club last season as he echoed many that they couldn't understand why he bought 8 or 9 players, instead of buying 3/4 players of a much better standard. 'The worst intake of players we've ever had'. The club have been talking about redeveloping the City Stand for as long as I can remember. At an event at CR around 2001, I was told by a club official - usually an ex player - that the club will develop the stand when 'we next get promoted'. I've been sold that line several times since and as we all know, it never happens as there will always be an excuse not to do it. Milot has sadly offered nothing and given this failed purchase by Webber, almost any club in our position would take the money. Whether that would be wisely spent is another matter, as the club is more about existence and keeping the doomed self funding model afloat with our hapless majority shareholders.
  3. I'd pretty much agree with all of that. He did have to go, because the likes of Chase had run out of road as football was getting too big for the likes of a modest businessman from Halvergate and the club needed to build on what he had achieved, despite relegation. Unfortunately we ended with a couple of well meaning amateurs in Smith & Jones, which was exactly what the club didn't need. Since then, we have come nowhere near the highs of the Chase years and now we have some fans who accept the second tier as a matter of course, rather than having any degree of aspiration.
  4. Absolutely. As far as Webber's 'star' buys are concerned, he has to be one of the all time worst.
  5. Still a bridge too far in terms of Webber. I think he likes being a 'big fish' - and it is debatable what size of a fish he actually is - in a relatively small pond where he can do and treat people how he likes. Chelsea would be more of a co-operative and I'm not sure how his 'personality' would fit in. Here's hoping.
  6. Farke and the EPL is an era best to forget, but in his defence he told Webber the players he bought in his last season weren't good enough (for the EPL) and I think everyone can agree on that.
  7. A question best answered by Dean Smith! My view is that he would be better off without one. While I'm not against a D.o.F, they don't work for me when they buy players that the manager doesn't want or had no say in. However if they work together with the manager at all times and only make purchases that they are both happy with - something that didn't happen in Farke's final season for example - then they can be an asset to the club.
  8. Webber would be out of his depth at Chelsea and would be a classic case of somebody being promoted beyond their capability. I can't believe they would even consider him. There is no way they would stand for his current attitude, where our board in effect sanction his obnoxious and hostile attitude towards fans and local media, while supporting his 'personal journey'. Maybe he wasn't breast fed enough as a child - who knows? Many would argue he has gone as far as he can here and if Chelsea really wanted him, he would go with my best wishes. However, he is certainly somebody I would not miss for one split second which is a shame as originally he started out so well but self importance got the better of him, though the majority shareholders - not for the first time - allowed that to happen.
  9. I do feel sorry for Max and a certain extent the club. Max wanted to leave and Norwich City wanted to sell him, but they've left it too late and there are currently no takers. Hopefully it will work out for both parties in the end.
  10. 'The Norwich Way' is a myth as much as 'The West Ham Way' or the 'Spurs Way' etc. For me, there's an effective way or an ineffective one. In Farke's case, it was both. Although Smith is underperforming, I don't believe the squad is as good as many think. Webber's disastrous summer 21 transfers has compromised the club, mixed with players like Hanley who when you hear him speak couldn't motivate a horse to water. Smith needs to pick out the players with the least amount of baggage and move forward. That in itself, isn't easy.
  11. Fair comment. Plus sacking Smith would not look good on Webber, not that he cares what people thinks. However as you've said, Smith is not doing himself any favours and appears to be living in a parallel universe. Teams will be queuing up to play Norwich City right now.
  12. The reality is if you want somebody, you go and get them as McNally did with Lambert. Get a fine, who cares?
  13. We would not be an attractive proposition to most managers, given the criteria of working under Webber and our Sporting Director. having final say in all transfer dealings, plus having the misfortunate to try and make our worst purchases in history perform. It might the case where it's back off to Germany for a raw talent, but the club likes managers who don't make waves and we've already got one of those. I don't think Smith is quite near the end yet, though the next two games are fairly crucial.
  14. With both Farke and Smith playing Sargent when most of us cannot see why, were and are these managers being forced to at least include him in the match day squad by Webber? I hope not, but who knows?
  15. Awful, but 3rd kits are completely unnecessary anyway. Save your money - you'll need it!
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