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  1. komakino

    Lambert’s a binner

    The petulance on this forum is ridiculous.

    It''s like somebody''s ex girlfriend many years later going out with somebody they don''t like.

    If he had have us directly for Ipswich, then I could understand the fuss, but he hasn''t had anything to do with us for years!

    For Lambert turning the Ipswich job down the opportunity to get back into football because he used to manage Norwich City would be laughable.

    Look to the future - not the past.

  2. komakino

    Lambert’s a binner

    What was Lambert meant to do? Ask Norwich fans permission?!!! Deary me.
  3. komakino

    Lambert’s a binner

    I cannot believe all the fuss about this and the hysterical levels are completely unjustified.

    However, we were just club to him. No more, no less. And why not? What many fans didn''t realise that he often close to leaving in his tenure. ''He''s been trying to leave since he got here'' is what one Director at the time allergy said. Plus his relationship with McNally was extremely frosty, due in part to McNally stopping him from speaking to other clubs.

    So while the Lambert era was brilliant and will never be forgotten, he was never as loyal as some fans think and at the end of the day, he was an out of work manager looking for a job and Ipswich appeared to have come along.

    While I hope he doesn''t do too well, it is a good appointment for them and ha store be taken in context and without bias.

    Anyone who thinks Lambert is a Traitor simply doesn''t understand football.

    He owes Norwich City nothing.
  4. komakino

    Steve Stone

    Bowkett became an isolated figure as McNally would always side in with Delia, so got the stage where he had had enough. Equally Stone was brought in to ''sort the finances out'', so both figures in a way become obsolete once they had competed their objective.

    I miss Bowkett as he was the only member of the board who I believed what he was saying was actually sincere. Dealing with The Smiths must be a thankless task.
  5. komakino

    Steve Stone

    One thing that does puzzle me is that if Stone left last week, why was no announcement made at the time? Why did it take social media to force Archant into a holding article with an official club announcement later that day. Is that how a Professional Club should operate?

    I personally think Stone is best out of it, whether the reasons for him leaving are club related or not.

    As mentioned previously he was turned down for CEO role (which IMO was the right decision even if Moxey was the wrong one) and after that he thought he was phone call from the sack until Moxey''s departure gave him a lifeline with the restructure. Despite the positive PR the public saw, from what I''ve heard from inside CR, he may never thought he was totally comfortable and maybe chose to leave before he was pushed out.

    The trouble with ''Yes'' men is that they can be the fall guy if things go awry and Webber does not come across like someone who will take it on the chin, so maybe Stone knows that some bad news is coming and/or knew his time was limited and walked.

    The new ''Executive Committee'' is essentially a husband and wife duo with another yes man, which is essentially ''Hart to Hart'' where Ben plays Max to the Webber''s Robert and Jennifer. Entertainment or Substance?
  6. komakino

    Middsbro Match thread

    @LDC We didn''t start the match with any strikers. Attacking Midfielders and Wingers, but no strikers.
  7. komakino

    Middsbro Match thread

    That''s the thing. We do look alright, but when you play no strikers, then what do you expect the outcome to be? We are playing not to lose, which is back to the Hughton by the throat era, though slightly more entertaining.
  8. komakino

    Middsbro Match thread

    We are flattering to deceive as Farke plays no centre forwards. We look ''ok'' but don''t look like scoring.
  9. komakino


    Delia is notoriously slow in sacking managers (Alex Neil being a classic example when she veto''d the board) and I do not expect anything different here. Any club would a crumb of ambition would have sacked hm at the end of last season.

    A lot depends on whether Farke and Webber are exclusive. Webber always talks about them as ''we'', so my gut feeling is that they will both go at the end of the season if mediocrity still reigns at Carrow Road.
  10. komakino

    Don't believe the negative hype!

    "Anyway, what abysmal status quo? We have a virtually new team compared to a year ago, so things have not stood still, the club has developed a whole new approach, based on footballing people making the important decisions"

    Things off the pitch have improved to a degree and the squad is better. The manager is completely failing with the tools at his disposal and therefore should be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

    "And how does your "status quo" somehow benefit the majorty shareholders?"

    It benefits Delia Smith because NCFC is a vehicle for her own ends to keep her in the public eye. The club is not benefiting form her selfish behaviour.

    "Are you fooled by those who say they are taking money out of the club?"

    No. But if she does not wish to invest, then she should sell to somebody that does. Again, the club is not benefiting from her presence.

    "Are you somehow unable to accept that it is perfectly natural to pass on their assets to family members and who have brought them onboard to get the necessary experience?"

    Norwich City is a Football Club. Not a Grandfather Clock.
  11. komakino

    Don't believe the negative hype!

    ''Giving Gunn Longer''. Oh my word. I would have rather had Basil Brush in charge.

    Lambert''s relationship with McNally was untenable and was always looking for a way out. Not that Hughton has a good relationship with him either, but that''s another story.
  12. komakino

    Don't believe the negative hype!

    There''s plenty of solutions. Farke being sacked immediately, majority shareholders selling to someone who actually wants to invest in the club rater than the abysmal status quo we currently have that only benefits them.

    Farke has had plenty of time and he still isn''t fit for purpose.
  13. komakino

    Don't believe the negative hype!

    There is little healthy about Norwich City LDC.

    A ''Coach'' that is completely out of his depth - AKA Another Cheap Option - coupled with a publicity hound majority shareholder who uses the club for her own ends and serves no positive purpose.

  14. komakino

    Farke isn't the problem

    Farke is the problem. I''ve wanted him out since almost Day One with his over methodical cobblers that the players cannot play.

    The squad is decent but the longer Farke is here we''ll be a club for Delia lovers and basket cases only. Painful.
  15. komakino

    Are we that bad ?

    [quote user="Big Vince"]The problem is the Suffolk Socialists will never hire a manager with balls who is going to tell the Board a lot of home truths which they don''t want to hear.

    Delia doesn''t like dissenters, only people who agree with her wrong way forward.

    After Alex Neil, there were rumours Hodgson was going to join - but the fact it never happened is typical of the way in which Norwich City never go for a high profile appointment.

    Delia, as you would expect, got hold of the wrong end of the stick by going for structural change instead of the boy Woy.

    We are thus where we are.............McNastyless and sinking fast.[/quote]

    Can''t disagree with that Vince!

    Didn''t Delia have a habit of visiting the changing rooms before the match until Lambert arrived when she was told to stay firmly away!

    Norwich City is just a vehicle for Delia''s ego. She won''t invest, so she serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, apart from keeping herself in the public eye.