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  1. It is still an indefensible season, even if we were not the worst ever. Expect the phrase 'Doing a Norwich' to be used by various pundits next season as how not to approach the league.
  2. That is a fair assessment. Getting promoted is needed every few seasons to keep the system going, but equally, it puts pressure on the Smiths because we don't spend any money because of the former. That is the main reasons why their tenure cannot succeed, which never gives the club a chance. I'm pretty sure on record that Delia has stated that the club is no better off by getting promoted because of the increase in expenditure etc. While that is somewhat disingenuous, there is some truth to that too. Again, another reason why the club needs a financial backer.
  3. What we have learnt is that there has been no accountability for what has happened this season. Somewhat cynically, it has been mission accomplished as we have got relegated and took the money. Webber says 'Blame Me' knowing he has no chance of being sacked, so the whole thing is charade, as is the five year plan. If the EPL had brought in a rule - and I would very much like to see this - that meant you needed a minimum number of points to achieve the cash, I wonder if we have tried a little harder post resumption if that had been the case? It would mean promoted clubs would have to take the league a little more seriously, which Norwich City did not do.
  4. Our majority shareholders distain for the EPL is well known and in the public domain. Ask any journalist you choose.
  5. Another Positive? What positives have there been? Statistically we have been one of the worst sides ever to grace the Top-Tier. It has been embarrassing. I'm not mad on the league and the Championship is a tad more honest, but it is where the best players are to be enjoyed.
  6. It will be interesting to see if Farke changes the way he sets up this side. I'm not sure he can do that in his heart, as he has a certain philosophy of how the game should be played. We have been arguably too easy to play against, which is why my hunch is that he will leave with Webber at the end of 20/21 to fresher fields. I like Farke though, but we live in a results business.
  7. I just want Norwich City to be successful, which cannot happen under the present majority shareholders. We need investment, wherever it (legally) comes from.
  8. Just facts. It is very difficult for any club to be consistently profitable and successful, hence why many clubs are bankrolled (usually) by foreign investment. Norwich City has no investment, but has no success - at least in relation to the late 80's/early 90's. The 'sustainable model' is just a mirage.
  9. You cannot be sustainable and be successful in football. That is the rub. As I said, there are two types of fans...
  10. Fair point, but look at it from a players point of view. They want ambition. Selling the club to player x to be a 'Top 26' club is not exactly going to be a major plus point. You always aim higher than you are likely to land, but Top 26 is a laughable comment for the club to publicly make in my view.
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