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  1. We don't have wealthy owners because Delia & Michael have stated on record that they 'don't listen to them'. We may never know what offers were made and by whom, but arguably she is placing herself before the club. I will state on record that I'm not one of those idiots who think she is raking in the cash and fiddling the books - far from it - but NCFC keeps her in the public eye and indirectly that has been invaluable. Farke would have been sacked at any other club in the country, but it is convenient for the board to have a manager to does not make any waves or places any pressure upon the board. The board used to have an objective to be a Top Ten Club - I remember Bowkett making that statement - but now it is Top 26. What will it be next year of the year after? Top 30? Top 50? Many young fans are happy with the club just existing and don't know of sustained periods in the top flight, let alone the top ten. Things have to change to have any chance of that happening again, but it certainly will not happen with the current owners in situ.
  2. Interesting post. When we last got promoted, it was almost by default. Therefore Farke was not backed - at least in finance terms - as there was little desire to keep in that league (and sadly some fans too). I think that may come back to haunt us. However, I would agree that we have a better chance of getting up next year, but... I keep coming back to this time and time again that when you have owners that don't like the Premiership and some uncomfortable being there, it makes getting promoted much harder as the desire needs to come from the top and there simply is none. Much also depends whether Farke and Webber will be here next year. They may decide they have taken the club as far as they can, plus Webber wants to work in Europe. Will the club stick with the current approach - likely - or go back to the traditional manager - unlikely. I think we will be mid table on current evidence - if that was the case then Farke cannot survive.
  3. He was sold down the river last year. He got no reward for getting us promoted and his has my sympathies. But many keep banging on about two seasons ago, but there is a world of difference. We are a known quantity and the only way I feel we could get up is if somebody else was brought in who was not one dimensional. Farke has not adapted his game. He's a theory man. The board would not sack him even if he burnt Carrow Road down, so we're stuck with him whether we like it or not.
  4. But his record would have been untenable at any other club. I like Farke, but I don't see the fire like two years ago and the squad isn't as good either. If getting promotion was a priority, he would have gone last season.
  5. 1. Anselin's comments are nothing new and many across the media have made similar comments. Predictable teams are a gift to the opposition. 2. I only feel that he'll be 'on his bike' if he wants to. Unless we were heading back to League 1, he won't be sacked. After all, it is not as though our majority shareholders want to get promoted because they don't like the Premier League (as do some of our fanbase) Farke was poorly treated last season by the board and should have walked own his own accord. Fighting a losing battle if you ask me, sadly.
  6. My heart says 6 games, my head says he should have left at the start of last season for not being supported by the board. I can't see him turning it around, but the only way I can see the board getting tense is that we hover above the relegation zone and/or it is known that he has lost the dressing room. I want him to succeed, yet his stock is collapsing game by game. Shame, but he should have known better and should have had more self respect. The club took the ****.
  7. I hope Delia & Michael are pushed out before Tom inherits the shares, but it would be hilarious after years and years of their stubbornness of not selling and media interviews labouring the point (The Times) that Tom sold up and took the cash. He may well have different thoughts and realise that the self funding model is delusional and there is no point having the shares if you are not going to do anything with them. Maybe he realises - as some of the public do - that his Auntie & Uncle do not offer the club anything, by refusing to invest or attracting investment?
  8. That is true and Farke should have walked away before the start of the season, but stayed which turned out to be a mistake - for him. I think the squad won't adapt enough to be successful for this season, so this season is a work in progress.
  9. I think this will Farke's last season, but Delia does not generally do sackings so it will be up to him when he goes.
  10. There is nothing wrong with his piece as such, but in general terms, Archant will make life as easy as possible for the club and will not criticise it. Most local papers would have found Farke's record intolerable and would have been placing pressure on him, but Archant constantly and consistently give the club a free pass.
  11. There is no way Howe could work under Smith & Jones. We'll end up with another yes man, who tries to play football beyond the capabilities of his squad. I like Farke, but I wish he had more self respect. If he had walked at the start of last season, I would have respected him hugely. The lack of support from the board last season would not have been tolerated by 99% of managers, so I think Daniel is digging his own grave by not questioning those who are above him.
  12. It's not a matter of whether Farke and Webber will go, but when will they go. Farke should have been sacked last season, but should have walked before that as he was not supported. Farke could have the whole starting XI sold and he would still not complain. Ideal Delia manager. There is clearly something wrong at CR and I can only see a new manager pulling everyone together.
  13. The 'Let's be 'aving you' episode is one bizarrely she came out smelling of roses, even with a lot of fans. I remember that night too well. I was in the snakepit, where quite a few fans had gone for a pie and a pint. Then Delia comes out. clearly Angry, bitter and under the influence. As she continued her charade, which in my eyes was an insult to every Norwich fan, I was shouted every expletive under the sun at her and I remember the response from being very mixed, though some couldn't quite believe what was happening. Could you imagine Chase pulling a stunt like that? I'm old enough to remember Sir Arthur South being booed on a regular basis when he did his usual pitch PR greets because he called the Barclay 'Scum' after the Jimmy Rimmer incident. That was never forgotten. Yet Delia somehow got away with it, so much so that some fans thought it was really funny. The National Press got a good story, as did Sky and the rest, but what was basically a semi drunken insult to every paying fan was turned into pure gold. I remember thinking the day after, if she gets away with this, we'll never get rid of her!!!
  14. Because at the time, Delia's stock was fading and I always thought she was a bit of a publicity hound. You had a raft of what I would called proper Chef's coming through in the 90's that made Delia look old hat (Her books always sold well, however). Therefore, buying into the club - once she had been offered two seats instead the initial one - gave her something extra. More than a chef. I remember the National's loved it (She has always had Archant in her pocket, more of less). What she invested - which she has since had back - was brilliant in publicity terms. I'm a fierce critic of hers, but in that respect she pulled an absolute blinder. It also had a bit of a fairly tale about it. I thought - and still think - that she and he husband were wrong for the club despite good intentions. They're too soft and often don't keep that arms length away that you should in business. The club has been littered with managerial appointments that lasted way too long - Remember she wanted Neil at the club for 10 years? - and the only hard nosed piece of business was getting shot of Moxey. I remember when Lambert arrived, one of the first things he did was ban her from the changing rooms before the game. That may have been harsh, but football is a serious business that doesn't need trivial distractions. Delia wants football how it used to be. In some ways, I wish that was the case too. But it isn't. So you have to work with how football is and what it is going to be. That has not been the case with the club for a long time and in my view, the self funding plan is unsuitable and will ultimately end in defeat.
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