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  1. There will be loads going on the train - there is a 9am from Norwich on Sunday morning that gets into Liverpool Street at about 11am. Loads of away fan-friendly pubs near CC.
  2. Just the City stand and lower Barclay at the moment I think.
  3. True, but the City message boards all seem to be pointing to people heading down to the ground if they are not joining those city fans and baggies fans heading to selhurst. Spread the word, could be a great night after 9 years'' slog!
  4. Rumour mill has it over 6,000 going to Carrow Road tonight, if the result goes our way could be brilliant atmosphere ( I love a party with a happy atmosphere.....!).
  5. The Murderers is showing it, but you will have to get there early (about 12.15). The last game they showed they were turning people away by 1pm
  6. Anyone else on the 9am from Norwich tomorrow?
  7. The Hastings on Clay Lane, about 5 mins from ground - they actively welcome away fans.
  8. Do-do-do-do-dooo, do-do-do-do-dooo, this is Insania!
  9. I agree with Old Man Andy. Whilst nothing should be taken away from Huckerby''s contribution to our current league status, I thought Crouch was more consistently influential. His ability on the ball belied his stature and he surprised me with the amount of control he had over the ball, after first winning it and then holding it up before making a pass - he was a lot more flexible in a tight situation than I thought he would be because of his height. I, too, wish him all the best and, you never know the door could still be open for a return! Huckerby is a different type of player, Cardiff game excepted, his influence has been shown in flashes of pace and running at defences. This, apart from what he does with the ball himself, opens up defences and creates space in the middle of the pitch for us to build attacks. In his last games for City before the transfer saga opposing teams were sticking two or three men on him at a time. Also, he scores goals - excellent! Whilst the majority of fans feel optimistic at the moment I just hope that those fans who seem very quick to turn on the team and individuals when things aren''t going quite right give Huckerby a chance to settle in and make his mark. Any success this season will not be down to just one man - what Worthington seems to have done is create a team spirit not seen since our inaugral Premiership season (this was ever evident at Derby with the goal celebrations - although I''m not sure how chuffed Iwan was when McKenzie grabbed the ball to take the pen, after all he is chasing that magic 100 goal mark). Confidence is sky-high at the moment and that counts for a lot in a division that is so tight. Now is the time for all City supporters to make the extra effort to get behind the team (fairly cliched phrase I know but we haven''t had a chance like this for a long time). Top of the League - we''re having a laugh!
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