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  1. [quote]Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to why Henderson is preferred ahead of Marney I cannot for the life of me see what he adds to a team apart from the headless chicken impressions.[/quote] now thats the one im most surprised about
  2. Got to say that i wasnt impressed with this, if he doestn want to be at the club then why is he still here, let him go get a bit of money for him and get ourselves a Good centre back as i think Ward can do a good job in between the sticks
  3. Nah i have to say that i think it is purely innocent, its widerly known that Worhty has told everyone to keep there hands off, the last thing we want to do with the season just over 2 weeks away is injure our best player, so i think that its just caution, i believe if he was fit to play then he would be there, but at least it gives us a chance to see some other players, as we already know what he can do. Is collins and Hughes Playing aswell??
  4. I thought Ashton had taken the Number 9 or has he taken number 10?? Nah he took 10 so i dont think we have a number 8 now
  5. No signings can be made, as charlton was signed while the squad was in malaysia last year. I trust Worthy but do agree our side is looking a bit thin on the ground, think we desperaterly need a right Mid player to come in, hopefully worthy is working on that, and a Centre back. But i think we will see a few more faces in the coming weeks.
  6. Do we really need a new striker, if i was worthy i would me suring the defense up! We have- Ashton,Mckenzie,Thorne,Hucks,Jarvis etc
  7. exactly no1 is saying lets go out and spend 3 mill on a player were just saying that we desperatly need a few more players! especially a striker! of course we wouldnt want to spend money if we didnt have to, but look at the big picture mate we wana get better we have no choice but to spend a few mill! its just logical, wake up
  8. i for one am most dissapointed and actually annoyed, i came into today full of optimism we need another striker and it hasnt been done, the right deal obviously ndidnt come through but how i think we will suffer in the long run, u may say well what about januarly by january i think we will b sitting at the bottom of the tabl and whos gonna want to join a team at the bottom of the league????? by then it may b to late even if someone does come to us i mean before we expect to much from them they will have to adapt and get used to there team mates so were talking bout february!!! does anyone really think that between february and may this is gonna help us! as u can probably tell im very annoyed
  9. i have only ever heard that we were interested in Harewwod from the sunday papers and on message boards! the way i c it is, if he was to become a norwich player he wudnt b with west ham at the moment he would b on his way down to check the place out discuss personnal terms and have a medical, and i dont see this happning! did ashton play today if Crew were playing!
  10. without a doubt he should start agasint Spurs, when he cam on he was so much more compossed on the ball and did the same job Gary did by putting a firm Tackle in but the bonus with Safri is he could actually pass the ball well!
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