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  1. [quote user="Marty"]No[/quote] I''ve been a regular "voyeur" of this site for quite a while now; watching and reading without voicing an opinion. However, I can''t help but notice, marty, is that you seem to have a thing about following always travelling around this site, and consistently disagreeing with his comments. Are you an internet troll? or have you just taken a shine to his avatar? I don''t agree with most of his comments, but understand that he is probably a long serving fan, like myself, who has probably forked out in the region of thousands of pounds to support our beloved canaries; for me that entitles him, just like every other hardcore fan, the right to an opinion. Now i understand that you are also entitled to your opinion and i respect that. However, what i don''t respect is consistant individual attacks such as the "boring" quotes you made in previous posts; that, my friend, is uncalled for and out of line.  i''ve read quite a few of your posts, and the "flaming" of other posters for not sharing your opinion, seems to be a common thread. my recommendation to you is to remain objective, and not get so personal. lecture over. by the way i disagree, with the original post; Give grant time...  
  2. [quote]I''ve got a horrible feeling Greeno will find himself gazzumped by Kirkland for the Bench on Saturday. If so, I hope it doesn''t force him to seek a transfer in January. What do the rest of you think? W...[/quote] i think he will have every right to be upset if he is indeed leapfroged by kirkland. however, he should expect it; he isn''t one of sven''s butt kissers is he. ericsson''s got his favourites and will stick by them. there is no doubt that had he been regularly fit, kirkland would be the england no1 now and not robinson, because he''s one of svens favourites. look at beckham, hasn''t played well for england since that game against greece, wright-phillips is now the better player in that position, but will he get picked there on a regular basis; of course not! Greene has done nothing wrong; yet in these poxy friendlies that england keep turning up to, ericsson persisted with taking the ''heavy handed james'' option. why? he knew what james was about, why not give greene a go? simple answer. he''s not one of the big boy''s in svens opinion. it would seem that for greene to get that regular place he needs to be playing prem, which is hipocritical because james was established as england no1 whilst in the 1st division. but that is sven all over unfortunately... SAM ALLARDYCE FOR ENGLAND!!!    http://www.consolegrab.co.uk/?r=19828
  3. It''s no wonder he wants to go, prem football and so called norwich fans on his back. In promotion year he was fantastic! suddenly he''s a show pony and doesn''t put in the effort. god look at his goal return!!! all of you that say he should have followed holts example should be ashamed of yourselves, had we have done that we''d have been down by easter!!!
  4. [quote]Totally agree we dont need this to get in the way of our main priority .the only thing i like about the draw is its local for me as i live in npton.i hope we totally outclass them for 90 mins ,but the...[/quote] that is a statement of a logger.(lose to a disputed penalty) what a load of codswallop! when we go to coventry we go to win, not lose or draw!!!
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