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  1. [quote user="Ralph Wrong"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] those petitions werent forged MOTR, im sure there are copies somewhere and u can contact all the names on them if u so wish to double check. jas :) [/quote]   See thread exposing MOTR. [/quote] see posts pointing out its a load of *****.
  2. It will be interesting to see what the new manager does. Worthington was frequently criticised for his reluctance to play youth. If Grant plays them it and they do well it would suggest the criticism was justified. If he does not, it suggests that he too does not think they are ready.
  3. CJF, you really think that the players know all about the boardroom discussions? Any decent manager would try to let the dismissed employee go with dignity.   So CJF, with your limited loyalty, how would the world be different if we all had your wisdom? Let''s say there were 24,000 CJFs at Carrow road. How would things be different? What would your supreme presence have done to ensure that we were in the prem?
  4. [quote user="jetstream"]MOTR - after Worthington was sacked 99% of the WO people came out and said we''d had enough of the divisions between fans and we all need to unite behind the new manager. Why do you insist on re-opening the divide? Oh, and btw yet again you repeat the lie about people "forging petitions" - to what end? What exactly are you trying to achieve with all this? Why can''t you just accept that we all want to get back to enjoying the football?[/quote] It''s what the vast majority of us want. It is what the vast majority of us wanted last year too. What is galling is that the minority that caused the divisions are calling for unity.
  5. [quote user="jetstream"]I must say that I find MOTR - who is as big a stirrer as YF - saying that all he wants is for us all to get along quite...incredible![/quote] so who is stirring now?
  6. Agreed 100%. We had a similar debate a few months ago and the general advice was go the family enclosure which of course misses the point altogether.
  7. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Anyway, as I''m somewhat calmer now, of course I''ll give Peter, time to settle in,  he''s still hindered by the dross that Worthy signed. [/quote] I''m glad that you are calmer now. Hopefully you will recognise that there are a lot of good players as well as dross!
  8. [quote user="sammyseal"]you would probably get us relegated. that is more like it.[/quote] Can we stop these stupid yellow fever posts now - they give him the attention that he wants. Any idiot can spell things badly.
  9. [quote user="sammyseal"]you would probably get us relegated. that is more like it.[/quote] why u engage with this idiot -he wind u all up
  10. [quote user="sammyseal"]you would probably get us relegated. that is more like it.[/quote] you dont know that till you try in prem manager i get norwich into europe
  11. If you look at user polls, just over a couple of weeks ago, there was a clear majority of fans saying we had made a good start to the season. Things change very quickly. What it does show is how dependant we are on Hucks.
  12. [quote user="Mark .Y."][quote user="mystic megson"][quote user="Mark .Y."] "peace xxx"   OFF.............................   Sorry, couldn''t resist it !!!!!!   Mark .Y.   [/quote] Pathetic Mark. Message to PinkUn Team: I had something marginally less childish than this deleted earlier today, it''s not fair! [/quote]   Life''s not always fair mystic, you of all people should be able to see that surely. One of the very unfair things that is getting at me lately is seeing the avatars of various posters on here, either most of the women have changed an awful lot since I left Norfolk or there are some serious misrepresentations going on.   Mark .Y.      [/quote] There was a sudden influx of them when they heard that you had left Mark!
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