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  1. I firmly believe this season is our only real chance of getting back into the prem for the foreseeable future. A lot of players have agreed to give it a go but for this year only. Klose, Tetty, Olsson/Brady (if they stay), possibly Howson. Then you have the rest of our regular starters ageing another year and getting past their best. This season is our best shot so we need a striker that is proven at this level and doesn’t need time to adapt (foreign signings) and can score goals from the very first game. Yes, I’d much rather a young striker, one that’s hungry, a good investment etc but who realistically is that going to be that can guarantee you goals? The majority of suggestions are a bit of gamble. Hence why someone like Lambert could be worth a shot? If we don’t go up this year I believe our squad will change massively and it will be a period of transition for the younger players to come through.
  2. With WBA signing a stricker and Lambert pretty much free to leave and rumours of him joining lower league teams surely he''d be worth a go? Yes wages would be high but with the attacking midfielders we''ve got he could work very well? A new Grant Holt?
  3. Someone go low, we go high! Up The Villa!@AVFCOfficial The tweet from Villas owner this mor. How professional
  4. Valis gone. Don''t know details but Mulumbu tweeted goodbye and good luck to him earlier.
  5. from Olsson''s agent: “Martin is very clear that he does not want to play in the Championship and he wants to take the next step. He would particularly like to play in the Premier League, when he was so good in the Championship too. Martin is not a Championship player. But we do not give up. We are optimistic.” So thats him out. Brady to follow and McCormack not coming. The cracks are showing....
  6. So the preseason is nearing it''s conclusion and yet again we''ve made very little signings. The press and club do their best to convince us that Canos is someone to get excited about but then we hear he may not make the team. We get players renewing contracts at regular intervals as if to cover up the lack of signings. We then get news that bids are coming in for some of our best players. Please don''t end up that we lose them and "go with what we''ve got" as if none of us remember just how poor the majority of the team were last season. Here''s hoping that something happens this week, Mccormack or at least plan B but hopefully not plan D.
  7. Is wibble (wobble) up to it? With that attitude it doesn''t look like it.
  8. As it looks like Hughton will be bringing his backroom staff this includes Ewen Chester as chief scout.  Interestingly he worked for us under Paul Lambert but left to join Birmingham.  These were his words on leaving us which i''m sure he will now regret! “I have a lot of time for Norwich,” he said. “They did brilliantly to get into the Premiership and I think they will be there for some time but I am good friends with Chris and the chance to come and work with him was too great. “When I came to see the place, first impressions were very good. I liked the people. “When you look at a club you look for a vibe. “That was there at Birmingham and I have not been disappointed. What we are is a working club. “Everyone here really puts the hours in and that is mirrored in the team. “This is also a bigger club. Norwich have done superbly but, no disrespect to them, there is a ceiling to what they can achieve. “And after the clubs I have been at, like Rangers and Fulham, I have spent a lot of time in big cities. I like that. “Norwich is a quiet way of life and to come back to a big city was a big attraction. “The fans are more passionate – and the football more important.”  
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