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  1. sorry to put a downer on your business but do you actually think you are going to sell many items at those prices? A very niche market if you ask me.
  2. Is anyone else out there as outraged as I am that we are likely to have 5 Italians running the England National team? oh apart from the token English representative yet to be announced. Dont get me wrong Cappello is a world class manager but for me the National Team should be all about England. I was far from happy when Sven was appointed but at least he had an English support team (apart from Ulrika!) but this latest appointement just goes to show how little English pride the folks at the FA have. Ok so the English names do not have CVs laiden with trophies but I there are many great motivators who would be able to get the best out of a very high quality bunch of players. I would have loved to have seen a team of Pearce, Shearer, Adams and Seaman working under a more experienced English coach. It would have instilled a great amount of national pride and also would have been a darn sight cheaper than employing Capello at 6.5m a year plus his 4 buddies. Anyways that is my rant over, England RIP
  3. I arrived back from Vegas yesterday having been there all week. Had the holiday booked since Feb so was gutted when fight was announced for the day I was leaving as I was unable to change flights. I called and booked the pay-per-view and managed to get all the way home without knowing the result. You gotta hand it to Mayweather. Love him or hate him he is one of the all time greats and adds the charisma that the sport needs right now. He controlled Hatton throughout the fight and was never really in any danger. Would love to see a rematch but I think De La Hoya wants a piece of Ricky next which would also be a slobberknocker. I also would like to agree that while the Hatton fans were great in there support. The booing of the National Anthem was disgusting and something which does not go down at all well out there. I was at an Ice Hockey game to see the NY Islanders take on the Ottowa Senators. Obviously with the distance involved there were no Senators fans there but the Canadian National Anthem was superbly observed and met with a round of applause at the end. Thats exactly the way things should be in my view.
  4. did you actually watch the game? Shackell played well today. I can see a good partnership forming between him and Taylor.
  5. personally i think he would be okay. did a good job at Newcastle until a horrendus injury problem took its toll.
  6.   I dont think Grant will be at the club for much longer and that will probably be the right thing but in my opinion nothing positive is going to happen at this club with the current regime at board level. Our beloved Delia has obviously lost interest in her ownership of the club now and it is high time she sold up. With all the foreign money getting pumped into british teams currently we should be actively searching for some new ownership/investment. The model that is Norwich City Football club is a very viable business if run properly. We have a very large fan base. Only a few seasons ago we could have almost sold out the ground twice over and we had a season ticket waiting list as long as both of Crouchys legs put end to end. Yes we are a little out of the way but that shouldnt be much of a stumbling block in attracting players if the finances are there. I know it will probably never happen and we will just keep struggling along with the same old problems and it wont stop until we hit League 1 and Administration. What I do know is that whatever happens i will remain as loyal a supporter as I have always been and I know the majority of you will too. Keep the faith!   OTBC
  7. I have heard of a colleague at work that his move is reliant on them being re-instated into the Premiership. Dont ask me what source he got this from so cannot vouch for its reliability.
  8. Surely he could do a job for us and would cost us nothing? I would hope the fact that he is ex-Ipswich would not prevent us going in for him. I see they are sniffing around but surely we would be a better proposition??? Go for him Granty!
  9. Hi there sports fans, This August myself and 2 friends are going to participate in the 2007 Ramshackle Rally, from Calais, France to Krakow, Poland via Strasbourg, Innsbruck and Bratislava. This wouldnt normally be too taxing I wouldnt have thought but our task is to complete it in 4 days in a car costing £100 or less. We have just found ourselves a nice 1986 Ford Sierra which we are currently ''doing up''. Hopefully by the time of the rally it will resemble a Nascar racer ala ''Days Of Thunder'' Anyways, to cut a long story short, we have chosen to raise money from our participation in this for Bryan Gunns Leukemia Appeal. I am sure I dont need to tell you about his charity but if you would like more information, please click on the link below which will direct you to his website. Also from the link you can make a pledge as small or as large as you wish- We are greatful of any amount. If you do wish to sponsor us please could you also email me with the amount so we can keep a guage on how much we raise. My email address is rob.henry1@hotmail.co.uk Also If you have a business and you have a logo you would like plastered over our car for some exposure in the Sheringham Carnival, (and of course throughout Europe!) please email me. Thanks for reading and here is the link.... http://www.charitygiving.co.uk/minisites/default.asp?ID=176&subname=bryangunn  Rob Henry
  10. I must admit i am not too impressed with the Doc as yet, and i disagree with your point saying he tries his best as you will see in my comments below. I know he apparently is a more accomplished defender than he is striker. I hope for our sake this is true or i am afraid this signing will prove to be a big waste of money. Harsh but true. I just cannot see what he brings to the attack. He does not hold up the ball well. when he does lay it off it seems always to go to the opposition. He does not close down or run about much and most importantly he does not score goals. I was at Liverpool yesterday and he was quite frankly useless. When the supporters got what they had been calling throughout the first half for and Leon Mckenzie was put on at half time we actually looked lively up front. He was attacking every ball. Winning headers and causing the Liverpool defense problems. Now he has proven to be a finisher and should be given his chance at this level. We cannot afford to keep persisting with Doherty up front when he is clearly not good enough. You will probably slate me for this but i am entitled to an opinion and i feel it is one many agree with. Thanks
  11. Just for the record I thought yesterday Holt did actually play ok. It is just that it seems he can play badly for a few games consecutevly and still get picked when other players through loss of form get dropped and suffer a period on the sidelines. I cannot see how anyone can say Safri has not been impressive since his breakthrough. Apart from yesterdays mistake leading to the goal he has shown what a classy, inflappable player he is and has in my view been very comfortable in the middle. I would love to see us revert back to the 4-4-2 with him and Damo getting the central starting berths.
  12. I was at the match yesterday and i gotta say that Mckenzie was our man of the match for the second half. He did run for everything and he won a great percentage of the headers he went for. He is a far classier player than Doherty ever will be and should be given a go. He has proven he is a finisher. His goals to starts ratio last season was awesome in my view. Although we have only just purchased Doherty everyone can clearly see he does not cut it as a striker. He cant finish and he has no pace and can we afford to have someone up there just to hold it up, i mean he cant do that very well. We have to have in this league 2 strikers who look and are likely to score goals every game and he does not and is not. Although i have not seen him play defense, I have heard this is his more comfortable position so he should be used as backup for our centrebacks who are both playing well at the moment. With regards to Gary Holt. Yeah he has been a great player over the last few seasons but i agree with one of the other more recent posts that he should not be a mainstay on the teamsheet when he is not playing well. We have got many midfielders at the club and they all deserve to be given an opportunity at this level. Im talking about people like Mulryne and Helveg who is a better midfielder than he is defender. Safri has come in and in my view was our man of the match in the Villa and Bristol Rovers matches and one of our better performers in the first half yesterday. I dont know what he did wrong over Holt and Francis to be removed yesterday but I guess Worthy thought so.
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