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  1. Oh sorry yes seats were great and the person sitting in the middle was a no show so worked out great and also a win
  2. I know this will sound crazy but here goes nothing. i am here from Canada and have already been told !that there will not be any tickets available for the April 6 ipswich game, I tried and phoned the club and got a definite no from them, so I am on here on my knees to ask if anybody has or knows of someone that might have 2 tickets for sale for me and my wife Thanks in advance And OTBC
  3. We will be here from Canada already tried that route thru the club they told me there’s no possibility of me getting 2 tickets together unless know of someone that’s not going , so I’m in the same situation would love 2 tickets so if anybody knows of anyone selling 2 please message me
  4. Bet they would have loved Liverpool or man city, but realistically they have a chance with this draw
  5. What with our non existent tackles we are pathetic when it comes to 50-50 balls
  6. Sounds like a maybe we will see there if we make it I’ll be the one with the Canadian Norwich accent as I moved from Norwich 50 yrs ago
  7. Wow that’s so cool, but thank you as I have already purchased 2 tickets in the south stand, but I really appreciate the offer OTBC
  8. Ok got seats 117&119 can’t wait to meet 118
  9. Had thought about that ? Do you happen to know the person in seat 118
  10. I live just south and east of Edmonton alberta, a place called Camrose our temps for Dec were actually recorded as the warmest Dec temps on record I believe we only had a handful of days below 0 and the average was around + 4or 5 no snow yes our winters are definitely long Oct - April but we are definitely paying for it right now
  11. My wife a I are going to the Coventry game. We are coming from Canada.we are looking at getting tickets, just wondering about seating what is the view like from section S upper tier regency stand row M seats 23-24 any body have any better suggestions. I do see a lot of seats available in the south stand section H ? Is that not for away supporters
  12. We don’t know how to pass the ball or challenge for the ball we give the ball away every 3 or 4 pass we have not won a fifty fifty ball there’s just no commitment
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