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  1. I have heard a whispervia a family member of someone on the board that we are trying to sign a Scandinavian striker from Charlton, so maybe there is something in the Johannson rumour.
  2. Was the suggestion of Frank Sinclair serious??? Surely not - do the words "own goal" or "sent off" ring any bells?
  3. I am feeling very ancient, as my first game was against Derby in April 1969 - my dad took me as I was very young at the time and I felt very sorry for my younger brother, who went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang instead! Derby were already champions of the old Div 2, and showed it as they beat us 4-1. We scored with a late penalty by super Kenny Foggo, and I remember it was very exciting as the crowd cheered and I couldn''t wait to go again ... next game was Terry Allcock''s testimonial against Ip*****. I started going regularly in 1971-72 and apart from a gap when children were young, have been ever since. Two oldest sons both City through and through.
  4. I agree with the sentiments expressed about Leeds, will never forget Tony Yeboah''s play-acting earning a penalty and how the Norwich players sank down with heads in hands after the final whistle. Re wishing our "beloved" rivals well, it wasn''t so long ago that they escaped with no punishment from being in administration and got a lovely new stand without having to pay for it, so I don''t have it in my heart to wish them luck - would far rather it was Sunderland or Palace who went up. Anyway, don''t want them stealing any of our glory as far as regional coverage is concerned.
  5. Me too - wanted the draw to give us a bit of breathing space from W Brom. Knew it was 0-0 at half-time and turned the radio on to get the final score just in time to catch the goal being scored ... Sad to say it was all a bit of an anti-climax! Never mind though, I''m certain we can win the title and am looking forward to the celebrations.
  6. Hi dirtywater, my son and I were on coach 4 - we got dropped off in the layby near Attleborough. Re the singing, it was quite quiet where we were, to the lefthand edge of the stand, but we did our best. Great victory anyway.
  7. The first match my dad took me to (Derby 16-4-69, lost 4-1) I remember we had to buy cushions to save numb bums from the wooden seating. I still half-expect to see them come flying onto the pitch when a ref makes a bad decision. Think the club got fined for it in the end, and of course it all finished when the old stand burnt down.
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