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  1. birmingham are selling bryan hughes in the summer, would be a good signing!
  2. you could put emile heskey upfront with a blindfold on, with his shorts around his ankles, listening to gareth gates greatest hits on an mp3 player and he''d still score more premiership goals than steffen iversen ever will!
  3. i don''t think norwich at present have one striker who could score more than 5 goals in the premiership next season,, before everyone gets upset look at the evidence, how many times have we seen darren huckerby in the premiership with coventry, leeds, and man city not produce good enough display, he is a very good 1st division player but hasn''t got what it takes to step up another level, as for svensson, he never did it at charlton or palace, and mckensie has never played a premiership game before (although johnaton stead didn''t and look what he''s doing for rovers) as for defenders we need a right back and a centre back with pace and premiership experience, maybe cash in on leicester sinking ship and get dabizas who has a relegation release clause and frank sinclair who could play right back we also need creativity from midfield, someone who can give huckerby and partner the service they are going to need next season, i think the only reason middlesbrough survived this season is because they had juninho, mendieta and zendan
  4. no one has mentioned the fact that middlesbrough will tie up the transfer on a permanent basis this summer
  5. the only thing matteo has going for him is his versatility, do we really need another slow defender when defending against henry and co, look what henry did against leeds back four when they lost 4-0 at highbury, he''s also on a very high wage at leeds, probally 25,000plus, and will probally cost between 1.5-3 million for the transfer fee, and he''s hardly worked his socks off for leeds this season (watch him during the leeds vs portsmouth match, i know he played midfield but the amount of effort he put in was appalling) if he was available, frank sinclair at leicester would be a good signing, he''s got plenty of pace, is strong and is more versatile than matteo
  6. we need players with proven premiership experience players who have experience at fighting for there premiership survival players who are hungry for a challenge still, who aren''t prone to injuries, and who are prepared to work extremely hard english players that want to move to norfolk players who are prepared to exept short term deals although i still think we need a player who is gifted enough to win us premiership games, i don''t think we have anyone who we can rely on to control the game in the attacking half
  7. players to avoid mnu petit andy cole teddy sheringham dwight yorke nick barmby gus poyet paul ince how about colin cameron and tomaz radsinski as a good signings
  8. ronny johnson - out of contract at villa, proven premiership experience, would be good if he could avoid injuries brett omerod - struggling to get 1st team action at southampton because of phillip and beattie, could be available on loan ray parlour - would be a perfect signing, unfortunately every other team in the premiership would want him kevin campbell - massive amount of premiership experience, proven goalscorer at that level, his power would complement huckerbys pace nicely shoala ameobi ( newcastle) , if newcastle get alan smith in the summer, ameobi could be available on a season long loan, michael ricketts (boro) out of favor, will probally be up for sale in the summer di canio - a one year deal, the creative spark norwich will need in the premiership, neil mellor - liverpool youngter
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