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  1. Late Kick Off  back on 16th January, according to Kevin Piper on radio Norfolk yesterday. He said only limited part showing on Norwich as concentrating on FL as MOD covers Norwich. O.T.B.C.
  2. Got you all going didnt it. Who Knows who it is.. You all bite all the while dont you.
  3. Just had text from my contact at Carrow Road. Till end of season . Re arrange letters to get management team.   BJIDGC.   O.T.B.C
  4. I have heard that Dowie is going to be put in as well, as the talk inside carrow road from someone who works there has also mentioned this. Get your money on Dowie...
  5. Anybody booked breakfast with Roeder next month....lol... Fingers crossed they will be canx now.  
  6. Sheffield now 3-1 up. Softens the blow if we lose and gets roeder nearer the door,so dont care now if we lose. Roeder out.
  7. It seems the Thompson offer is pretty close to be confirmed and wait for it! Bell from Luton again is pretty close to be being confirmed.
  8. Oh dear! Oh dear!Oh dear! Everything said goes against everything that has come out this week.She talks a load of B******S. Perhaps this should be emailed to Doomcaster to explain.It proves that she lies lies lies... OUR club will never get another chance like this again from Cullum and all she sees is HER club. Why are these things not thrown at her for a response from Archant or is that too difficult journalism.She has to respond to this and prove why we are not taking Cullum up on his offer,and prove to the supporters the genuine reason it was turned down. She will be backed into a hole and the reasons given to us or I see all hell braking loose next seson if it all starts to go T***S up. WE WANT THE TRUTH AND WE WANT IT NOW.................  
  9. Like I said 10 days ago!The club statement when it comes out(which it has now)the s**t will hit the fan. We will now find out who as the umbrellas.This has still got a long way to run and once dear OLD delia realises what reaction she will get at the start of the season then the chickens will come home to roost.This club is for the supporters not her play thing.We need investment and she is not going to igve it,so unless there is some mysterious money popping out of delias purse(which it wont) then the only way OUR club is going to move forward is a large amount of investment to be put in and the club are turning it away. The supporters now are the only way to get this club where it belongs,so unless they give us the whole truth on why this deal is not going t happen then we all need to stand up and be counted.SHE needs to know the supporters make this club not HER....Pressure needs putting on this via the media,the supporters and everyone who cares about NCFC to get us back in the premiership where we belong and that will only be achieved by LARGE investment.We are not a Championship club with the supporters that we are.We deserve premiership football.   ON THE BALL CITY.......................
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