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  1. My reply to this thread last night was rejected, so I''ll tone this one down.You''re wrong to protest.The Worthyout campaign was right at the time but now all you will do is damage the slow repairs being made to our Club.Go ahead with this protest and I will join the 1000''s that will mock you on Saturday.
  2. I''m confused...Are you guys the People''s Front of Carrow Road or the Carrow Road Peoples Front?Whichever, you''re all muppets.Because if there''s one thing this Club doesn''t need now, it''s protest. Enjoy the mockery on Saturday...
  3. Should I only get my kids involved when its not mathematically possible to win it?
  4. Simon I concede. I''d be the first to admit wearing ''yellow and green specs'' can taint your vision. I will go to Wrath and buy some tickets... But if I win the pennant, its heading for a ceremonial burning. Good luck with your fundraising. Neil  
  5. Simon   With all due respect to what I''m sure is a noble cause, I think its an error of judgement to advertise a signed Ips**** pennant on here and Liverpool stuff. Standby for some flack mate.  
  6. But do you not agree that there was a time under him when we didn''t play hoofball but played to our reputation as a decent footballing side. That won us the Championship the season before last. Now don''t get me wrong - I''m a Worthy doubter. But face the facts. HE AIN''T GONNA GO!! So what do you do? Well, you either protest to the point of dividing the Club we''re all passionate about or you make it clear that the current style of play isn''t acceptable and it has to revert to what we had. I''m now in the latter camp because my heart just simply isn''t in pouring more negativity on the Club I love. And all the while, that blue sc#m down the road are smirking their little binner faces off at the protesting and tearing apart of the Club.      
  7. I will try to find out whose medal it was, I''m equally curious. Having thought about it, I think that (assuming it was a loan player) it shows great dignity to have given the medal up for no personal gain, to a charity. Still chuffed to nuts that I now have the medal. I''ll look back on that season with pride at how things came right for us  that year in style. I''m sure it won''t be long til we''re back to winning ways.   OTBC    
  8. ...one that keeps Worthington but demands ''We Want Our Football Back...'' Who''s with me?
  9. I''m proud to say that I had my offer for the medal accepted late last night. So its back with a City fan....
  10. ...a Norfolk hero took on a superior opposition without fear, using a formation that took guts to concoct and with the support of men made of steel. The result was glorious. What a shame then that at Norwich today we have a gutless, passionless, tactically naive, critic-ignorant man at the helm of the Club we all love. Its time to fall on your sword Worthy, whilst the good times are still fresh in the memory. Norfolk Expects.
  11. I feel very fortunate to have a ticket and feel for the many genuine City fans that won''t be there. My advice is to get down to the nearest boozer to the ground showing the game ''cos its the next best thing. 10,000 City fans celebrating at 5pm on Fulham Broadway? Bring it on! CY
  12. I''ve just posted the same question on Wrath! Part of me is with DD but a big part says the same as Richard - sing and be damned!! I''ll have my colours under a top in Block Z and judge it when I get there. But the first opportunity I get..... "KICK IT OFF, THROW IT IN....." Chelmsford Yella
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