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  1. http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h61/sematic/hucksposter.jpg
  2. has backed the idea to give Hucks one more game.In a recent interview with football fancast the idea and Facebook group were discussed.You can find the podcast here:http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14482674226 along with your chance to pledge your support.Regards,Conker
  3. Hello again,Just a quick update for those which care or have not seen the post before.So far we have over 1050 people signed up to the Facebook group set up to give Hucks one more game.  One thing I would like to make clear is that this is not a protest against Roeder, the club or the board.  Simply a group to see how many people would be interested in a one off game to get Hucks back at Carrow Road.  All the proceeds can go to Charity.Also we have an online petition set up, mainly for the benefit of those with out access to Facebook.  As above, the idea is to gauge interest and so the term "petition" may be a little strong.Anyway, if you are interested please sign up above.  Also if you have anyways which you feel could increase exposure of the idea at this early stage, please let me know at conker89@gmail.com or via the Facebook group.Thanks for your time.Simon
  4. Hello all,Three days have passed since I set up the Facebook group campaigning to give us and Hucks one more game, as of two minutes ago we have 779 members.In the interest of appealing to all, I have set up an online petition for those with Facebook access.You can access and sign the petition here http://www.petitiononline.com/Huckerby/petition.html and join the Facebook group here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14482674226 A reminder to all that this is not about protesting to the board, or the manager.  This is about getting us one last game to say a proper goodbye.Thanks,
  5.     Hello all,I posted on here a few days ago about a group to gauge interest in a one off game to say goodbye to Hucks, so far we have over 400 members in less than 48 hours, but we need more.If you are interested, you can view the group below and sign up.  If you know anyone else who may be interested, please let them know.Thank you for your time. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14482674226&ref=mf
  6. Hello all. There is still time to enter the sweepstake, with around 20 fixtures left to choose from, mainly at home. All you have to do is correctly guess our first fixture of the new season - Winner announced on thursday. All proceeds are going to Marie Curie Cancer Care £2 to enter, winner gets a new City top in the size of their choice. Email me on conker89@gmail.com to enter
  7. Hello all I don''t post on here all that often, but thought I would give some of you guys who do not use the WOTB messageboard a chance to take part in the competiton. I have run a similar competition before a few years back with the proceeds going to Brian Gunn''s Leukemia appeal.  This time round it is going towards my fundraising effort for Marie Curie Cancer care as part of my sponsorship for when I run the New York Marathon in November. The idea is quite simple, all you have to do is correctly predict our first game of next season, who we will play and where it will be played, ie Home or Away. Cost of entry is £2 and you may have as many goes as you like, there are still around 30 fixtures available and the competition closing date is next Wednesday with the winner being announced shortly after the fixtures are officially unveiled on Thursday 22nd June. The prize as mentioned will be one of the New Norwich shirts, either home or away, this will not be sent to me by the club until I have the measurements etc of the winner and so it will fit you all ok! Best of luck to anyone who may want to enter, contact me on conker89@gmail.com  
  8. Not really! The prize is a Norwich signed football, being a Norwich fan I wouldnt have promoted the fact that Ipswich had been involved, but by viewing the world minus your yellow and green tinted specs, you see that most people are willing to help a good cause, even Ipswich
  9. I am running a charity raffle to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, all of this money will go towards my sponsorship of target. The following prizes are confirmed: Signed Norwich City Football 2 x Weekend Rental of car from Enterprise (Norwich) Four CD Albums Selection of Easter eggs Unconfirmed merchandise from Spurs (as in they have said they will send something,but not said what it will be) £10 Theatre Royal voucher 2 cinema tickets (Gallery) UCI Norwich 2 cinema tickets Hollywood/Vue A signed Ipswich Town Pennant (I didnt arrange this!) Unconfirmed merchandise from Liverpool FC Cuddly Toy Tickets are £1 per strip and can be bought through WotB using the below paypal checkout at the following link http://www.wrathofthebarclay.co.uk/   Good luck
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