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  1. 1. Marshall 7 - wasn''t overly stretched but when asked to make saves did so with aplomb and kicking looks to have greatly improved2. Ostemobor 6  wasn''t hugely tested today , I would argue that he needs to press a little bit higher up the field when were on the defensive but didnt really make a mistake , didnt do much going forward.5. Pearce 7.5  Looked solid, assured and comfortable in his position , has all the qualities to be a top center back would make a great signing and would have got a higher rating had he been tested more often 6. Shackell 6  pretty quiet afternoon , didnt really put a foot wrong but was particuliarly commanding either3. Bertrand 7.5  Absoloute class act, looks like a young Ashley Cole to me , pace, control, spatial awareness and didn''t give the ball away once. 4. Pattison 8 - Best game in Norwich city colours ? Very good reader of the game. Useful going forward and backwards, should have made better use of his chances but the infamous drink driving incident is probably the best thing to have happened to him 7. Huckerby 9 MOM - back to his old best, scintillating runs right through the Burnley team and could have had 2 , set up Dublin for his goal and worked really well with Bertrand.8. Fotheringham 7 Going forward at times he looked like he might pull the strings and make things happen but didn''t and I felt there were times when he could have just got the team sitting on the ball , especially with about 5 minutes to go.9. Dublin 8 Another top class performance from a player at the end of his career , won headers, layed the ball off well, got his goal and a standing ovation to boot10. Cureton 6 A player that will purely be judged on whether he sticks the ball in the back of the net or not, missed a pretty simple header and does hardly anything off the ball but he always gets himself a chance and that should be noted.11. Russell 7 Almost cost us a goal with a bizzare run late in the game , he bounded round the pitch well and often won the ball but has had better days. Evans - superb 15 minutes, made things happen played well off huckerby and struck home his finish brilliantlyDocherty- Played upfront circa Premiership days and didn''t do too badly , touch is always clumsy but the lad is earnestScouting Report : Kyle Lafferty - looks a decent player , missed a sitter but his presence and first touch are the mark of his class
  2. Rooney likes people running ahead of him and he''s a player who''s going to want a lot of touches on the ball , he doesn''t like being out of a game for more than 5 minutes and if he can''t get into it then he starts doing silly challenges, so for me you can''t have Wayne being the focal choice for alot of gifted midfielders you need a quality striker infront of him and ideally you want a midfielder who is going to contribute goals, personally I think it would be good to see Michael Owen and Rooney upfront (as long as Michael proves his fitness and form) and possibly Michael could be replaced by Theo Walcott in the future or Agbonlahore (who is evantually going to become a central striker). GreenA Cole    Ferdinand   Terry      RichardsJ.Cole     Barry           Gerrard        Bentley                        Rooney                                      Owen Just because we play 4-4-2 doesn''t mean we have to abandon the stuff Capello is trying to install , we still try and pass the ball and keep it for long spells, what I am looking forward to seeing is, England going 1-0 up against a France, a Germany, a Brazil and keeping the ball, keeping our heads and winning by the one goal, that would make a nice change.
  3. Glenn''s comments about his own players echo the last manager incumbent to be honest and I think alot of fans feel uncomfortable when they read what he''s said.His comments after the Colchester game could have so easily been from Peter Grant , I think everyone would prefer it if he left his differences in the dressing room, the last manager to do that was Nigel Worthington and he''s been our best manager for a very,very long time. The stuff about Jason Shackell was particuliarly unnecessary, its almost as if he''s said "See that Jason Shackell performance today ? I was responsible for that, he would have been rubbish second half if I hadn''t of inspired him". I like Roeder alot and I think he''s a very intelligent football man but he would do well to discontinue these all bearing tangents that are probably going to ruffle a few canary feathers.  I  dont mind if he gives boring interviews and press conferences  if that means  saving  players  blushes.
  4. I wasn''t offended by the comment about the "hat" so much as I was to the Monty Panesar remark, the joke is that, there is a current running under this conversation which is pretty umpleasant. I wondered how far you would have to scroll down before remarks were made about Monty or his turban, IT DOESN''T MATTER. Can his religion or his race for that matter go unnoticed when discussing the subject of his refereeing ? I am sick of hearing the old lie about Political correctness going mad , what barrometer of it are you ? Judge the man on his reffing and not on his appearance
  5. [quote user="buddhaboy"]i think monty should stick to cricket. [/quote] I think you should keep your racist views to yourself mate
  6. "detartanising" lol. You sound like a member of the reichstag, I suppose if James Mcfadden and Darren Fletcher were willing to put pen to paper you would be against that ?
  7. I can also reveal that we''re not going to get many permanent deals until the summer and from what I have gathered its about getting through this season first.
  8. I went to the press conference this morning , you may well read about it in half and hour all he said was "We made an approach for a quality player and he''s mulling it over, I cant understand why the modern day footballer needs 24 hours to make a descion". I am not saying that anyone will sign or anything like that but this is what Glenn actually said.
  9. Nothing concrete but Glenn Roeder has said that we could be bringing in a new player on loan from the prem at 2pm
  10. Marshall 6 - A couple of very good saves but his kicking at times looked suspect Drury 5 - anonymous for most of the game half and struggled with sinclair later on in the game Doc 6 - Was better in defence than some might give him credit even though he dealt with hasslebaink well he is far too error prone and should stand on the half way line back for attacking corners Dublin 8 MOM - as good at winning the ball in the air as anyone I have ever seen , hoofed the ball a bit too often but is a class apart in this league Ostembor 7 - was excellent for the first twenty minutes and always looking to probe and pester , as Norwich fell away he became more anonymous but handled his opposing number with ease Lappin 6 - Looks a bit lightweight to me , doesnt really ever look to get behind his man , he has a quality left foot but not much fire in his belly Russell 5 - bit of an Andy Hughes impression today , both him and breiller contained Cardiff well in the first half but neither did much with the ball Breiller 5 - anonymous really, likes to get stuck in and stop teams but doesnt offer much in posession Chadwick 6 - played well early on but didn''t get much posession when the team decided to hoof the ball up the pitch, injuries have taken away any pace he did have but he''s very neat on the ball , linked up with ostembor well Brown 6.5 - war horse , when Norwich were punting it up the pitch he chased everything down and slung his head about as if he has one spare. Cureton 6 - hardly saw the ball , got into some good positions but was starved today Subs Huckerby - tried to get but it was too late into the game Croft - anonymous Peter Grant - not impressed, 1-0 up after twenty minutes and suddenly the team drop deep and start punting the ball up the pitch. Huckerby should have came on earlier and second substitution was uninspired.
  11. How depressing the state of the game, that we look to rich lists and bank balances to place our desires and dreams.
  12. has anyone noticed the similarities between Delia Smith and Tony Blair ? Both seemingly coming to the rescue of the nation/football club with a good allround teflon image and then after a lengthy tenure slowly unrest and ungratefulness has started to fester amongst fans/voters resulting in calls for said person to leave. I personally would like to see Delia leave if there was an enthusiastic investor who would spend wisely to bring Norwich into the mid table echelons of the premiership (as we all would) but from what I have surveyed in recent weeks , there seems to be a perception that Delia is blocking the door for a prospective Abramovich of Hicks. This is surely nonsense although there must be some prospective investors around I believe our location denotes that we''ll probably never attract a big money bid from some trumped oligarch or the ceo of an american toothpaste company.  
  13. I know its a bit of a depressing thought bringing back an old central defender who was sold because he was a bit too "hands on" for the prem but to be honest I don''t think its any coincidence that he''s played for the last 3 promoted clubs in a row , he hasn''t turned out for Watford that much this season and I think he would be a great addition to a back four badly needing some balls and a bit of orginasation, I''m also dissapointed we missed out on Eric Djemba Djemba I think he would have given a bit of bite and quality to our midfield , what does everyone else think ?
  14. I like how Etuhu is rated as a "top passer" with 329 , I would argue that about two of those actually made it to a yellow shirt
  15. I think that fact that people are slating this guy before he has even played a game let alone a season is reflective of the sad demise of this message board , give the bloke a chance will you !?
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