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  1. there is just thing with this greeno to move business though - a premiership club has to want him as their number 1. to my mind, most of the premier clubs are well off for keepers. the only two that spring to mind who are in need of a better man between the sticks, are man u & arsenal. would they be interested in greeno? or are they searching the world for someone with an exotic name and a great reputation at international level football to go with it? having said all that,i think he will be on his way before the new season starts, but i just cant think where.
  2. im not particularly bothered, provided we obtain a decent transfer fee of course. to my mind a keeper can only do so much if he has a poor back four in front of him,anyway. we have 3 decent keepers at the club if he goes, and hopefully one of them will prove to be a suitable replacement for greeno. if greeno brings in anywhere between 3 to 5 million i shall be happy. worthy would then have a nice little sum of money to add to his transfer kitty.
  3. i take your point, vicar. we may be better off with 2 games against preston rather than west ham. but, what ever happens it''s going to be a tough task for us to win back our premiership place next year. having said that, i shall be bitterly disappointed if we fail to make it into the top six though.
  4. does anybody else agree with me? does anybody else care? the reasons i would like preston to gain promotion are twofold: 1) they seem to have a nice bunch of supporters and; 2) it''s 40 odd years since they last played in the top flight, so you could argue that it''s their turn to join the gravy-train. also i have no great love of the hammers and their arrogant fans. who needs yet another london club in the premiership,anyway? besides which,west ham have had a good long run in the top league in recent years. come on preston!you can do it.
  5. [quote]Can someone post the link for the scummers message board, I can''t be bothered to find it. I want to see their reaction to make me even happier...Cheers.[/quote] try:twtd.co.uk
  6. there dont seem to be many messages on the subject of missing out on promotion. obviously, those who have posted on that topic are disappointed, but seem to have taken the result quite well on the whole. having had another look at their board i do slightly retract what i originally said. there are quite a lot of "text" style messages but i did find some well written pieces as well. i think the main problem is that the board has a terrible lay-out and so it is quite difficult to follow any of the threads. so, well done pink''un for an excellent web site.
  7. just wondered if any one has a look at their boards from time to time. when ever i have a look i cant believe how many semi-literate, inarticulate fools there are posting on scummer boards. if you compare this board with theirs, i can safely say(with the exception of mine)the quality of writing here is far superior. it''s like trying to compare enid blyton with chaucer. a scummer message seems to consist of about 3 words which might trigger 3 or 4 responses of no more than about 3 words each. has anybody else noticed this or am i being too pompous?
  8. that''s tremendous news. i didnt dare take too much notice of last night''s proceedings, just in case the worst case scenario happened, with those awful binmen winning themselves a trip to cardiff. i had in fact forgotten about the game until i saw your post this morning. who would you like to win a place in the premiership? i would like to see preston gain promotion as they havent been in top flight football for a long time.failing that, i would prefer to see derby(despite their manager)promoted rather than west ham.
  9. i will add my name to the Crow fan club. i also thought the lad looked as though he had potential. this is a slightly mystifying decision by worthy. i do hope he consults his coaching staff when making these decisions, and hope it doesnt prove to be a mistake. having said that, of all the players he''s released during his time in charge, none of them have come back to haunt him by becoming a huge success elsewhere. as for stuart and edworthy, i cant argue against worthy''s decision to release them both.
  10. hello again, lappland canary. a belated thanks for your reply to my questions. i dont go on-line every day as i use library computers, so that''s the reason for my delayed response. i expect you''ve been in "mourning" this week just like us here in norfolk, after that dreadful performance at fulham. roll on next season, and let''s hope we can erase the awful memory of this seasons conclusion with a good campaign in the championship league.
  11. yes,well said,rick.last night''s match report was his best piece of writing for a long while.it came straight from the heart.i dont always like "our" rick''s style of writing as i feel he tries too hard to be witty and clever in his approach.also,he''s normally far too diplomatic and tactful to be able to give an entirely accurate account.all that changed last night however, as he was clearly disgusted by that pitiful performance in SW 6.he opted for a straight-talking dogmatic angle instead, and i think his words succinctly conveyed the way every city fan who watched the game felt.
  12. i dont normally go to testimonials as i feel most players who are granted them have made enough money in their careers already. but im making an exception with alex, as his career has been cut somewhat short with that unfortunate injury. is anybody else on this board going tonight?
  13. as a matter of interest, do the press have to seek their "victim''s" permission before publishing such an embarrassing picture as that? if that were me,and i can assure you it''s not, i would be more than a little bit annoyed to be photographed in close-up in my private moment of grief, and then displayed on the front page for thousands of people to look at.
  14. what a gutless, lilly livered, "craven" display from the lads yesterday. at kick off i was quite prepared for the possibility of defeat as any team can lose a match at any time, and yet quietly confident that we might win. but to lose without much of a fight was pathetic. how humiliating and embarrassing was that? there must be a few thousand scummers down in suffolk and essex laughing their heads off. i could have accepted 2 or 3-0, but not 6-0. you have to wonder which team wanted it more, apparently not city! 6 bloody 0! i dont know whether to laugh or cry.
  15. hello lappland canary, i have visited your lovely country only once, but i thoroughly enjoyed my visit and would love to return some day. i had a week in the beautiful city of stockholm from which i had a couple of trips out to malmo and gothenburg, both well worth visiting. i guess you live quite some distance north of stockholm, but have you ever been there? finally, how many canary fans are there in your part of sweden?
  16. the local press always hype the big games to the max. they''re bound to, as it makes for good, easy copy and all helps to shift newspapers off the shelf. i remember rick waghorn of the evening news, bemoaning the fact that he had nothing to write about when city had that long period without a game. when journo''s have a golden opportunity like this massive game at fulham to write about, there''s no holding them back. they will have no compunction if all their hype has the adverse effect of a nervous reaction in SW 6 and disaster for city. in fact, that''s just another story.
  17. i darent offer an opinion, but with the tremendous yellow and green army backing the lads, and all in full voice i hope, we cant lose can we?
  18. id love to see further expansion to the stadium at carrow rd, but can the club afford it? by my crude calculations(£24 per seat x 6,000 people x 19 games a season)it would take the better part of 4 sell-out seasons to recoup the £10 million construction costs. obviously, if you dont sell-out it''s going to take longer. im talking in terms of the stand paying for itself here, although premiership survival would bring in a fair amount of additional revenue anyway. having said all that, im sure the financial whiz-kids at carrow rd know what they''re doing and wouldnt make any rash decisions, so i''ll leave it in their capable hands. one thing''s for certain, we wouldnt have any problem currently filling 30,000 plus seats. long may it continue.
  19. you could tell your boss where to stick the job, i suppose...then again maybe that isnt such a good idea.
  20. [quote]What pubs are people going to in norwich to watch the match on Sunday??? Me and my mate can''t get tickets so we will have to watch it on telly, and we want to be somewhere full of city fans and with ...[/quote] for atmosphere, the murderers is probably your best bet. other bars to consider if you like it noisy and crowded are: owens cafe-bar and the castlegates. you could also try some of the bars on riverside, although i dont know how busy they are for city matches. myself, i know of a pleasant, friendly hostelry that has sky tv but never gets too full, which is how i like it, so i shall be watching the game there. in an ideal world i would prefer more atmosphere, but the downside of that is that it can be difficult to get a decent view of the screen.
  21. birmingham city are an ugly team managed by an ugly fat bloke. i doubt if their fan-base is much bigger than ours, although they do have a slightly bigger stadium. as for the gulf in class or whatever old broken-nose was quoted as saying, i dont think there is one. mind you, brum should have a superior team when you take into consideration the vast sums of money they''ve spent on players in comparison with city. the reality is that they were the better team on the day, but judged over the season as a whole there probably isnt much difference in the ability of the two sides.
  22. thanks for an informative, well written summary of the fans forum,DD.you must have been taking notes. i was pleased to see the club are seriously considering adding another tier to the city stand - but as you say, one would hope that any investment in ground improvements would not adversely effect team strengthening.
  23. what did tim have to say? i missed his eloqent, astute appraisal of our fine team''s survival chances. he always was a jumped up arrogant prat, with an ego far greater than any talent he possessed. i seem to remember he left carrow rd under a bit of a cloud. basically, in his opinion he was far too good for norwich city and he couldnt leave soon enough.
  24. that''s great news! i wasnt planning on listening to uncle roy''s commentary on radio norfolk, as that is always far more nerve-racking than watching the boys live, but i think my nerves can just about stand watching everything unfold with my own eyes. so, roll on sunday and let''s hope we''re all treated to a televisual feast, with of course, the right result!
  25. does anybody remember pompeyfan coming on this board a few weeks back and claiming that portsmouth have a "huge fanbase"? on the evidence of last night''s pisspoor attendance in their reserve fixture against us they dont! 81 hardy souls made a grand effort, and turned up to watch pompey draw 1-1 with city. i should have thought the same fixture at carrow rd would have attracted a crowd of at least 800. huge fanbase - my arse!
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