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  1. Will it be easy to get a ticket in the champion ship league ? I am thinking of travelling to England and Norwich 3-4 times next season. I dont go out to nightclubs here in Sweden so often now so I am saving money every month which I will spend on weekend trips to England instead.One 6 cl vodka with coke cost about 10 pounds here.One beer cost 4-5 pounds here at the clubs and the pubs. No wondering why people make there own bouse up here. ) You think it is because of the darkness we have up here? Noway, it is because of the prices.Okey maybe 10 % is because of the darkness. The flight tickets to London costs as much as one night out here(Sometimes). About 70-100 pounds (2 way ticket.) I am looking forward to wear my yellow and green scarf in Norwich,and to see the canaries !  
  2. Hi Stephen ! It feels better now.Right now I am looking forward to the next season. I really have a good feeling for Norwich chances to get back to premier league. I think it will be exciting to follow which players we will have next season.A new defender is nessesary I guess.  
  3. Yes AJ. I went up from my sofa and screamed and danced.It was so important and it was fun for Svensson to make that goal.I also went out to celebrate the victory. Hi Finncanary ! Actually my blod is half finish.My grandparents imigrated to Sweden.They spoke finish with eachother when I were young, but I haven´t learned any finish,but I am thinking of study finish because of my 50 % finish blod, and I also have a finish surname. I know that there is an scandinavian supporter organisation for Norwich in Norway, but not in Sweden.We who writes at the swedish forum for Norwich thinking about to start a Swedish supporterclub for Norwich.We are about 10 swedish Norwich supporters at that forum now, but we don´t have a homepage yet.It is just a place were we write.Every one has a nickname and beside our nickname we have a yellow and green Norwich shirt. We are also thinking about to make a trip to Norwich togheter next season.If you want to visit the swedish forum you can go to: www.svenskafans.se and click on England and then on Norwich.You can write in inglish if you want.You are more than welcome !!  
  4. AJ and Stephen ! Nice to hear from you ! Yes it is hard to be an overseas supporter because every time I see Norwich on tv, I always wish I could be there.But someday I will be at carrow road ! Yes I have been to Stockholm,Gothenburg and also Malmö.I think Stockholm is great to visit sometimes but i don´t think I could live there,it is to big.1 milion people lives there. I live in the north of Sweden and it is about 700 km north of Stockholm. It takes 9 hours by bus or 1 hour by plane to get to Stockholm from here. Up here in the north I have never met anyone else who support Norwich.My freind´s support Leeds,Chelsea,Arsenal,Liverpool etc etc but I did the right thing when I choosed to support the canaries. I was 13 years old,now I am 29,just turned 29. At the forum on internet on an swedish fotballsupporter site we are about 10 Norwich supporters and 6 who writes there almost every day.Not so many but I think more swedes will join the canaries.Especially 12-13 years old boys who thinking about which team they will choose for life. That forum started just before this season so yes Norwich was kind of anonymous. This season they have showed Norwich 15 times at canal plus channel.Last season when Norwich played in div 1, tv 4 showed one Norwich game and that was it. On sunday I can see the Fulham-Norwich game on tv too. I will be very nervous like everyone else who support Norwich.  
  5. For many years until now when I went out to pubs here in Sweden and we started to discuss fotball, people asked me: -which team do yo support ? - I support Norwich,I said. -Why Norwich?,they said (with a smile) Now when people ask me and I say Norwich, they say: -Ohhhh Norwich ! I like them.Norwich never gives up,they fight till the end.Huckerby,Mckenzie and Ashton are great players.I hope Norwich will make it because you play fotball in a way that is nice to watch. Now we are not just an anonymous team in the div 1 anymore(for other people,Young people).Now we are famous and people around the world know who we are. ( Norwich have a great history but I am talking about the last 10 years and I am talking about meetings with people who are 17-28 years old who don´t know about the 80`s etc,etc ) West Brom : Southampton : Crystal P : Norwich City
  6. If we will make it.If we will survive then I think the fantastic game against Middlesbourogh 4-4(1-4 to 4-4 in 15 min) will be worth more.(of`course) Then it would be more nice to think about those fantastic games Norwich played.The Middlesborough,Man U,Newcastle game, etc etc. If we don´t make it then it will be also nice to think and memory those game, but not in the same way as it would be if we will make a new contract. Anyway,what ever the results will be on sunday I value this chance we have on sunday,very much.The chance which no one, except we Norwich supporters, thought would be possible, couple of weeks ago.
  7. 6-8 weeks ago when we were 7 points under "safety" we were just hoping to have a chance to survive before the last game against Fulham. Now we have it in our own hands by one point, and with thousands of great supporters,helping the team,I think the first away-win, will come on sunday.(Just in time !) At the scandinavian forums most of the supporters for the "mid-teams" think that West Bromwich has the best chance to "survive". They ask us why we are so happy and why we think we have such a good chance to "survive". They say this because they think we have a difficult game away, against Fulham. I think we have a great chance and I don´t think West Bromwich should be so sure about winning over Pompey Let`s go Norwich !!!
  8. Thanks ! I will stay. But I will take it easier and read more what you guys have to say than write.You can see the games live, I can´t.I will do that in the future one day. I have no problem with getting criticism. Managers gets that everyday, but when some people gets so angry so they tell me that I am in danger for my health,then it is not fun anymore.I am not angy with them,I have a good sense of humor and I am not a geek(?) I have a mustach ! But I feel that i getting to much attention here and that is not what I wanted.I am not here to provocate anyone,rather opposite. Maybe I overreacting but I am not used to talk about Norwich, with fans who is born with the green and yellow coulor. I have to think before I write.I stand for everything i wrote, but I have to think to write in a understanding way. I am not born with the canaries but I choosed Norwich city 1990(I was 13 years old). I just liked them and since then I have loved Norwich.15 years. actually I have never met another Norwich supporter in my life.All my friends have Lads,sorry Leeds,Chelsea,Arsenal,Liverpool etc etc.Lucky no one have Ipswich or Man U. When norwich wins I win.Then many people call me and say good thing´s.When we loose they think I loose.It feels special and good to care for Norwich but they have no clue how the feeling is.The love for the team. Sometimes I feel to beat up a Bolton player who did a ugly thing to a Norwich player.A hairy player. I will see Norwich - Birmingham on tv, 2 hours after the game. So I will turn of my thelefon so no one will give me the result before. In this summer,in this short north of sweden summer I will have the Norwich shirt on me everyday.Before this season no one knew much about Norwich,but now many people comes to me and says that Norwich city is cool.They fight every minute of the game and never give up,they say about Norwich. I am proud to wear the yellow and green shirt and my girlfriend will get a yellow amd green skirt. (joking) The only thing who matters now is if Norwich can stay alive and if I could get in to a club up here. I never drink to much before a Norwich game on Tv because if you are to drunk then you loose feeling for the game.But when we won over Man U, I drank some vodka after the game.Maybe 10 or 15 vodka drinks.Beer is better but when I want to celebrate,vodka kicks better. I am not an alcoholic but when I drink I drink. Norwich-Birmingham 2-1
  9. I realise that my inglish is not good enough to be here to chat. I also realise that my suggestions made many canarie fans angry.That is the last thing I wanted to do.I want Norwich supporters to be happy and hopefully on saturday you all including me, will be very happy. I stand for my suggestion.I think Safri is a better player than Holt but I think in an important game like this a player with a great heart is very important. Birmingham is not motivated 100 % and the last thing they want is an aggresiv Holt against them.That is why I want Holt to play. You can say I am a joker or a menal patient,that is okey, but never say: - you don´t love Norwich.(to me !) I love Norwich !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will leave pinkun 4 ever now because I don´t wnat to make this forum mad and it is difficult to understand everything you say. Take care all Norwich supporters !!! I am sorry for making many of you upset ! I apologie ! (is that hte right way to spell it ?) We will stay alive after the Birmingham game !!!                A green and yellow wiking from the polar circle ! 
  10. Birmingham doesn´t have any motivation and the best way to beat an un-motivated team is to run,tackle and stress them.Birmingham will like us to play happy and easy.They want us to play with finess.Safri is finess.Safri is great. If it was in the middle of the season,I probably would prefer Safri but not in a game like this. Well well, if Safri play 90 min on saturday I hope I am a joker. I hope everyone could tell me how wrong I was.I could stand up naked in the square in my hometown if I knew it helped Norwich to survive. Then I move from my small hometown: 4 ever.Maybe to Norwich ?                                                                                                
  11. easy boys and girls ! I didn`t say Safri should not play anymore. Safri is good and yes, he has done well. But !!!!!!! Now it is war against Birmingham.Win or die.I think Safri will do succes if he will get into the game in the 60th min or something. Tight up it in the middle first and then when it`s time for it, let Safri show what he can do,with lot of energy. We have to be cool and wait out the game otherwise we will get 4 goals behind again. Better to win 1-0,2-0 than lose 3-4 !       
  12. I like to see Holt. Francis was "a little bit of" against Southampton, but I think he need Holt to play with him.Safri out Holt in ! We lost the ball to easy on the midfield.With Holt and Francis togheter, I think we could make the space on the midfield tighter, and create more space for Huckerby to run for.
  13. This is difficult.Is it better that Fulham will win the next 2 , so they have nothing to play for, when we meet them in the last game ? Or is it better if they loose,and one more team is fighting for survival ?      
  14. But West Bromwich have both Arsenal and Man U left to meet.I think we have a good chance now to make it !!
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