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  1. A reminder we have yet to see Reform UK Ltd publish their manifesto. So far they have "spent" taxpayers' money like confetti, if we are to believe the various pledges they have recklessly made in order to drum up support (costed independently as collectively more expensive than Corbyn's 2019 manifesto). Ironically their increased support will now draw attention to their fantasy economics which will inevitably be ridiculed under scrutiny from the MSM and economic experts. Clearly Farage has been indulged by the MSM who have enjoyed allowing him free rein to cause mayhem in the Tory ranks. However, the rise of Reform UK Ltd in the polls will see that indulgence come to an end. Expect Farage's faux patriotism to be exposed as his original claim that supporting his rapist convict mate to become president was more important than the UK election, comes under question. Likewise his stated "admiration" for Putin as the world's greatest leader (a view he expressed after Putin had invaded the sovereign Ukrainian territory Crimea). Also expect the fact that Reform UK Ltd is a private company owned by him (53% of the shares) to come under scrutiny, a situation that enabled him to declare himself leader without any pretence of a democratic selection procedure. We can also expect the number of Reform UK Ltd candidates exposed as racists, misogynists, and anti-Semites to increase exponentially (even Farage has admitted they've had no time to vet candidates). Personally I'll be very surprised if Reform UK Ltd.'s election day vote gets close to its current poll rating once it has been subject to the scrutiny other parties have endured as a normal part of an election campaign.
  2. When Lee Anderson was made deputy chair for the Tories in February 2023 he explicitly stated they would make stoking the culture wars the chief election tactic. The Tories have been pumping out that BS ever since. Labour refused to engage, and have remained 20+ points ahead ever since. So what does that tell us about your claim that this is a weak point for Labour, and your further implied claim to represent "the political opinions of the country at large"? Likewise, the Rwanda deal, that every poll tells us has damaged the Tories NOT Labour. As I said before, your claims remain utter tripe.
  3. Try reading the post(s) I was responding to then you might understand it had nothing to do with me ruling out future referendums on electoral reform, but the hypocrisy of Fen Canary re Brexit. Yet again you make a complete **** of yourself.
  4. I guess the state will being taking another 20 years off her too.
  5. Then I suggest you stop lying about what other people rightly said about Brexit instead of repeating the same whiny pro-Brexit tripe that has been proved beyond doubt to be specious rubbish.
  6. Stop lying old boy. I did not "...refuse to acknowledge the result, dismiss it as fraudulent or set about trying to overturn it by any means necessary". The referendum was NOT a legally binding referendum. It's legal status was very clear that it was an advisory referendum. There was NO legal obligation for the result to be implemented. Given the closeness of the result there was every reason for there to be a second referendum ONCE a Brexit deal had been negotiated, to give the electorate an opportunity to confirm their vote based upon genuine knowledge of its implications. The case for a confirmatory second vote was made particularly strong given the evidence that the leave campaign contained numerous lies (for example that Turkey was joining the EU, etc, etc, etc), and breached electoral law (for which they later received fines). A second vote could have been made on the actual deal rather than the (Russian backed) fantasy pushed by the Leave campaign. Far from being an example of democracy in action the Brexit campaign and vote has seriously undermined democracy in this country. This couldn't be more clearly demonstrated than in the findings published yesterday from the British Social Attitudes survey https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/trust-in-british-politics-hits-record-low-as-brexit-and-culture-wars-fuel-divide-survey-finds/ar-BB1o3g0I?ocid=BingNewsSerp
  7. Sky News poll: Who won the interviews Starmer 64% Sunak 36%
  8. Oh dear! You don't to get to decide on the proposal old boy, just like none of us got to decide on the Brexit proposal. The country had a choice between FPTP and AV. They overwhelmingly chose FPTP. I expect you to abide by the democratic choice of the public, or are you just an annoying hypocrite AVmoaner?
  9. Confidence in our politicians is through the floor. Especially among those who voted for Brexit https://www.ipsos.com/en-uk/ipsos-trust-in-professions-veracity-index-2023
  10. And yet you now want the system changed despite the referendum confirming people wanted to stay with FPTP. Typical AVmoaner hypocrite
  11. Which ever way he voted I am sure he would insist that the results of the referendum must be obeyed and never again questioned.
  12. I actually thought that was a joke, and now I've just heard the clip of him actually saying it. My God that man is a buffoon.
  13. Oh dear! Not very bright are you. The whole point of processing an asylum seeker is to determine if they have a right to settle.
  14. Except they are not simply being processed there. They are unable to return to the UK from Rwanda even if it's deemed they have a just claim for refugee status. It is more accurate to say they are being deported to Rwanda.
  15. Oh dear! Look up the definition of "begging the question". Also the Naz*is made precisely the same argument in the 1930s. You completely miss Churchill's fundamental point about the need for international law to prevent governments making the claim that they are merely carrying out the wishes of their electorate.
  16. There'll be plenty more of those to come in the next 4 weeks.
  17. I guess you can't see the delicious irony in what you have just said. "Dictators also don’t tend to pay too much attention to the rule of law". Yes indeed, that's precisely the point of those of us who would not leave the ECHR. We don't want to be ruled by a dictatorship. Government's that don't want to be considered a dictatorship respect the rule of international law. You have basically implied that a government that wants to leave the ECHR bears comparison to a dictatorship.
  18. Spot on! The very reason Churchill set up the ECHR was to ensure that rogue governments couldn't tyrannise their own populations by breaching their universal human rights. He had, after all, sacrificed a huge number of his own people in fighting for that very cause. I remain astonished at those who want to disvalue that sacrifice by returning to a condition in which a national government is licensed to act with disregard for the international laws that protect the individual from the despotism of their own rulers. *A reminder for those that need reminding: It was our own supreme court that ruled the Rwanda scheme illegal.
  19. I'd be surprised if you found me one that told the truth.
  20. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/constituency-home-that-surrey-heath-tory-candidate-boasted-of-appears-to-be-airbnb/ar-BB1nTiRn?ocid=BingNewsSerp
  21. A very important question, that I believe is clearly being played out as we speak. Tory MPs seem to have largely given up on this election as an election for a national government. It's very noticeable how many of them are desperately trying to hang on to their seat by claiming to be the right choice as a local MP (In short: "Yes the government has been an unmitigated disaster, but you should vote for me again because I've been a brilliant local MP who has done xyz for your community"). Accordingly, the major players within the party seem to be using the campaign to lay out their vision for the party's future, and their credentials to lead it in opposition. Farage is demonstrably using this election to campaign to be the future leader of a populist far-right Tory Party. He doesn't have any real interest in leading Reform UK, as was evidenced when he stated publicly he considered getting his sex offender mate Trump elected as president to be far more important than the UK election. What changed was his sudden realisation that there was a genuine opportunity to use Reform UK as an entry into Tory Party leadership. Badenoch and Braverman are equally campaigning to lead a far-right Tory Party as the only viable alternatives for those that can't quite stomach Farage. While Hunt and Mordaunt are campaigning to lead a Tory Party that holds on to some semblance of the traditional "one nation" Party of old. The situation is not dissimilar to that which faced the Labour Party after Michael Foot's disastrous defeat to Thatcher.
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