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  1. https://www.newsweek.com/more-house-republicans-reveal-yes-votes-donald-trump-impeachment-1561072?piano_t=1 The President of the United States incited a riot aiming to halt the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next," Beutler said in a statement posted to her Twitter account. She highlighted Trump's message during the riot when he told those attacking the Capitol "I love you," describing it as a "pathetic denouncement." "The president's offenses, in my reading of the Constitution, were impeachable based on the indisputable evidence we already have," Beutler said. "The Congress must hold President Trump to account and send a clear message that our country cannot and will not tolerate any effort by any President to impede the peaceful transfer of power from one President to the next," Upton tweeted on Tuesday. "Thus, I will vote to impeach." "Much more will become clear in coming days and weeks, but what we know now is enough," Cheney said in a statement on Tuesday. "The president of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the president." The president could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not," she added. To allow the president of the United States to incite this attack without consequence is a direct threat to the future of our democracy," Katko said in a statement. "For that reason, I cannot sit by without taking action. I will vote to impeach this president."
  2. Some helpful advice on what you now can't take to europe. Rule Britannia!!! https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/brexit-uk-eu-food-rules-travel-b1786462.html
  3. Re the open-top bus, can I register my willingness now to volunteer to push it.
  4. So much for our great Brexit "tariff free" FTA https://www.standard.co.uk/business/leisure-retail/asos-brexit-tariff-b868773.html Asos faces £15m in Brexit tariff costs following booming sales in pandemic
  5. Seems the RWNJ Brexiteers are happy with the destruction of the UK fishing industry just as long as Germany/France/Netherlands/Spain... get to feel a bit of pain too. You couldn't make it up. Xenophobia trumps all it seems.
  6. CNN reporting that 5 Republicans have now declared their intention to vote for impeachment.
  7. In Mark Francois' case I think he reaches for a Brownie (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5...)
  8. It is truly astounding that after 4 years of Brexit negotiations this is where we have arrived. Perhaps we all misunderstood what the government meant when they promised to get rid of the crisis in the UK fishing industry. Seems they are working on a policy of "get rid of the fishing industry and you get rid of the fishing industry crisis"
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9141515/Supermarkets-demand-urgent-action-Brexit-red-tape.html Supermarkets demand urgent action over Brexit red tape that has left shoppers at stores including M&S, Sainsbury's and Tesco in Northern Ireland facing empty shelves
  10. I don't think it does any harm every now and again to point out their stupidity, lying, and racism . Apart from RTB who deserves no responses after his comment describing Epstein's child rape victims as "well paid prostitutes". As far as I know he has never apologised for that horrific claim.
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newslondon/lisa-montgomery-us-executes-first-female-federal-death-row-inmate-in-almost-70-years/ar-BB1cHVay?ocid=msedgntp Lisa Montgomery: US executes first female federal death row inmate in almost 70 years "The craven bloodlust of a failed administration was on full display tonight," Montgomery's attorney, Kelley Henry said in a statement. "Everyone who participated in the execution of Lisa Montgomery should feel shame." "The government stopped at nothing in its zeal to kill this damaged and delusional woman," Henry said. "Lisa Montgomery's execution was far from justice."
  12. But, Herman, think how good it feels to be "free" to pay more.
  13. I believe you said the same thing about Swindon.
  14. Reports coming out from CNN that the FBI had informed the government a day before the riots that there would be "war" at the Capitol.
  15. https://www.elystandard.co.uk/news/brexit-woes-at-ely-based-horizon-rms-6900006 Company ‘paralysed by Brexit’ forced to open warehouse in Holland A company “paralysed by Brexit” has been forced to launch a £100,000 operation in Holland in a bid to get around new overseas VAT complications. New rules after Brexit mean packages arriving into Europe must have their VAT paid for one day before delivery as opposed to being accounted for afterwards like before. The rules also require those at the delivery address to pay, not head offices or accounts teams – meaning shops and customers are forced to pay VAT for packages or have them returned to the UK – incurring more costs. The charges have been described by one customer as “a ransom note” and “a complete surprise” before the shipment can be delivered. Director Andrew Moss, who started the business from his bedroom in Ely 12 years ago, now has a team of 37 staff to look after and has had to take drastic action. “We’re discovering things before the Government is and it’s impossible,” he said. “It’s just an absolute nightmare. “And when you combine that with all the Covid problems we just want to give up and go home, we are struggling to trade .”
  16. I'm afraid the deaths of foreigners is the only thing the sad xenephobe can find as a potential "benefit" from Brexit.
  17. Better check where those syringes and vaccine vials come from too.
  18. Brexit: Five surprising consequences https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/55633632 So where are all the positive stories about Brexit? Seems our resident RWNJs can't find any.
  19. History repeating itself. As Shrimper pointed out a while back the UK government failed to support fishermen in the early days when they refused to provide the financial support that other EU countries provided to their fishermen. That was the beginning of the decline for our fishing industry as many were forced to sell off their boats and licenses. Indeed I think I remember Shrimper saying he was one of those (hopefully he'll put me right on this if I'm mis-remembering). That is why there are foreign trawlers in "our" waters; they bought "our" boats and bought "our" licenses. Now it looks like the second big sell-out of the UK fishing industry in the form of Brexit is finally going to sink it. Well done Brexiteers!
  20. Shocking! https://www.alternet.org/2021/01/trump-coup-2649903337/ House Democrats on Monday were briefed by the U.S. Capitol Police on several disturbing potential armed demonstrations and assassination plots planned in the coming days by supporters of President Donald Trump, an indication that the deadly invasion of the halls of Congress last week may have been just the start of a broader wave of right-wing violence ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. HuffPost reported that on a private call late Monday, "new leaders of the Capitol Police told House Democrats they were closely monitoring three separate plans that could pose serious threats to members of Congress as Washington prepares for Democrat Joe Biden's presidential inauguration on Jan. 20." So why isn't Trump on TV right now instructing these people to stop what they are doing?
  21. I wonder how long it will take for our fleets and licences to be sold off to "bloody foreigners" because UK fisherman won't be able to make the business pay under the disastrous terms of Brexit? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/scotland-fish-prices-brexit-delays-b1786095.html Scottish fish prices ‘collapsing’ by as much as 80% due to Brexit bureaucracy, industry warns Exporters are struggling to get their produce across the EU border in time due to additional safety checks and administration
  22. Absolutely! And their schoolchildren adopt and visit the graves of British war dead as a part of their education.
  23. Buffoon! Our figures concerning the virus have been disastrous, FACT! (and we had the advantage of being an island). Dispersal of the virus had nothing to do with belonging to the SM, each country has the right to control its own covid strategy re borders so you're lying as usual. You pump out pathetic xenophobic lies like a broken sewer pipe spouts sh*it. And do explain why we were so desperate to gain access to a "failing" market, that we accepted such appalling terms. Your economic illiteracy is frankly astounding.
  24. Yep! only someone truly thick could produce such a retarded statement. Open borders within the SM means trade without friction. It does not lack vaccines. The Single Market is not failing. You might personally wish it was but it's not you fool. And only a fool would want our main market for exports to fail. Why do you think the UK government accepted such a crap deal in order to gain access to the SM idiot? Think you will find that the EU is not that worried about sandwiches. Simply applying the regulations that the UK government signed up to. FFS grow up!
  25. A f*king shi*te one. And that's supposed to be several days worth. What sort of tin-pot morally bankrupt country have we declined into?
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