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  1. Weighing up all the pros & cons + Assts that are likely to follow the new Head Coach Frank would be my favorite apppmt as Head Coach However - Webber always looks for a 'get out card' - so he may well again appoint a Head Coach little known to anyone Fingers crossed our new Head Coach hit's the NCFC Prem challenge running - but I have that sneaky feeling Webber will look for another project & another few seasons before he is sacked Webber is good at overall cost cutting - as fully expected from a top top paid Manager Accept the few millions put into the Training Centre (as a Prem Club with 2 promotions, that is just 100% expected to happen) Is Webber very good at recruitment & able to continue finding the quality players to drive NCFC forwards over the next 3 or 4 seasons ??? - I doubt that very much A lot less of I am Mr Webber 'I am the man' - & a lot more quality put into player recruitment needed Webber needs to start showing his quality at signing new quality Prem player potential on the pitch - rather than just Blah Blah Blah behind the TV cameras
  2. You may well be right Mullet - Webber likes to go 'into the dark' with his decisions on who is his main personnel to support him Webber needs to get this 100% right - as I feel he has got the last TWO promotions with new recruitments very very wrong TBH - I would have sacked Webber, if I was Auntie D
  3. Having given it a lotta thought - along with possible Assts My choice would be Frank
  4. Farke 2 x Championship Trophies - really happy with that, especially last season after relegation Webber 2 x total failures at recruiting Prem players, even with his boast he spent £70m on new players this season {plus paying off contracts for his many failed signings) I trust Farke a lot lot more than Webber OTBC PS = hope we win at Brenford this afternoon
  5. If we get relegated this season - I am not confident we will again bounce back 1st time, as our squad looks unbalanced & starting to look void of young jewels to keep selling to plug the financial holes NCFC appear to have every season Sell Aarons & Cantwell - more quality players to sell, & just about plugging the ever bigger hole of financial NCFC self funding Club needs Looking a bit bleak for the future of NCFC at the top table - unless results change on the pitch quickly Webber & Farke - please get together in a closed in space, & sort out this second Prem season of total failure sorted out Next 3 or 4 matches are vital we gain a lotta points ............
  6. I fully understand Auntie giving NCFC to Tom as she clearly trusts him I also need to add - I have always trusted Auntie D to not sell NCFC to a poor buyer (but hoped she found a good buyer) However - I do not understand why Auntie D does not even consider offers for NCFC at all (Tom could be a very rich young man) If/when we get relegated this season - the squad does not look good for immediate promotion back to the Prem IMHO. There are so many rich owners now in the Championship, we could easily get stuck in the Champ until the parachute payments run out We have Aarons & perhaps a decreasing £££ asset in Cantwell to sell - but we are running out of young Jewels under Webber Champ relegation battles, or perhaps to be a top quality self funded Club in L1 - is most likely for our 4 or 5 year future Finance is all important in the Prem (sadly) - it is rapidly becoming all important in the Championship as well (owners looking to gain the riches of the Prem asap) Tom will not have the money to keep NCFC in the Prem - sadly nor the Championship as it heading atm A top quality self funding Club - looks like L1 in the future Hope I am wrong & NCFC wins the next few matches, & get us back on track & then go on to survive in the Prem (heart rules head) I will be at Carrow Rd even in L1 (health permitting) as a loyal supporter for over 55 years OTBC
  7. Krull accepts it was his mistake - but the shot should never have been gifted from our poor defense Gunn is a good quality keeper - just needs match time if Farke believes he needs a chance to shine like his Dad Edit - I would play Gunn in the Championship - so maybe a good time soon to get him as many minutes on the pitch & up to match fitness / sharpness ready for next season To be honest - if we do get relegated - our squad looks pretty poor to mount a promotion challenge
  8. Buendia = fantastic signing Pukki = fantastic free Krull = fantastic free Other than that is it average / poor signings Webbers signings & loans this season are currently very very poor Last time we got promoted - even Webber said his signings were poor - this season Webber has lost the plot Way too many of Webbers signings, we have had to pay off their contracts as no club wants them Webber - plus his hangers on, are well past their sell by date IMHO OTBC
  9. I agree the owners are lovely & 100% true NCFC fans - I have many cooking books on my shelf from D But it is also true they don't have the wealth to compete in the Premiership In the Championship - we are indeed fortunate to keep gaining promotion for 2 successive attempts - 3rd time lucky I hope Webbers signings are fully under focus - as it appears Webber & Farke had no idea/conversations on what formations would be played in the Prem again this season, & then sign players that fit's into Farkes plans Webber got it wrong last time in the Prem - & it appears by all the signings / loans on the bench, or not even in the squad - Webber has got it horribly wrong yet again (same as Huddersfield collapse) My worries are not the owners or Farke - if we go down to the Championship - Webbers signings /loans could well push us down to League 1 next season Change needed now - not after we got promoted this season to the Prem 1st - Webber + lack of quality players he wasted £70m on this season (according to Webber) 2nd - Farke 3rd - owners OTBC
  10. No chance the NCFC Board will pay up Webbers &/or Farkes contract No idea who could be a better Head Coach or Sporting Director to come in for another Championship challenge & promotion push than the Webber /Farke duo we have at present? Clearly Webber is struggling to find quality players for NCFC now - Webber struggled in the same way within his recent past - just some Welsh bluster giving him a bit more time As for Prem challenges in the future - they are both no where near good enough IMHO As for Championship challenges - I think they are both good enough to give us a decent chance for promotion But I'm not sure even at Championship level the 1st XI is good enough to be honest any more, as this current squad is pretty poor tbh OTBC
  11. He does try very hard - but to little effect sadly Another Webber poor signing
  12. I'm a Farke fan (getting tested to be fair) - but no longer a Webber fan at all Do we have a squad good enough to get promotion from the Championship next season - Im not sure we do at present Maybe easier to try & stay in the Prem - rather than risk going down again into the Prem & bounce back Today was again not fun for the fans to try and support the poor efforts on the pitch (Mr Webber & Mr Farke - you let us down once again)
  13. I always visit the Fat Cat before & after the match - my way to enjoy the day win or lose
  14. We could be on our way Must keep hope we can turn this poor start to our season around Webber & Farke believe we can - I am on the fence to be honest Today may start a run on an unbeaten matches within the Prem ????
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