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  1. Preston match So many of our so called 'stars' were very very poor yesterday Needs a big attitude shake up from Farke, if he is able to do it? - not sure he can do it Saw ratings per player from our EDP 'Chief' reporter - did he watch the same match as me? Zimmerman - Cantwell - McClean were very very poor - should score a 3 at best - others looked not fit or uninterested Total lack of midfield presence - we were very lucky to score 2 goals Gibson needs to play if he is fit - Zimmerman is a decent 3rd or 4th choice CB replacement - nothing more McClean - I have no idea why Farke likes him so much - same with Cantwell & Zimmerman - all deliver very little on the pitch Like the Adam Idah @ 10 - if I expect 100% we will lose Buendia (very sadly - knee knock lol). Buy Pritchard when we sell Buendia Aarons - he is quality, I wish him very well with a £20+m price tag Good to see Pukki back scoring - Championship is probably a good level for him to ply his trade Idah - just hope the robust young man he gets the chance to play 10 (or Pritchard) - Cantwell is just not the answer within the Championship - weak and just not good enough to compensate Just my opinions Hope we get a good result next week against Bourmouth Farke - he needs to step up to the plate & deliver very soon ...
  2. NCFC has a lotta of history - you should respect supporters that have supported NCFC a lot longer than you
  3. Krul Arons Godfrey Gibson Quintilla Skipp McClean Buendia Dowell Hernandez Pukki Let the others on the fringe of the 1st team prove they are better - as and when they get the chance If Beuendia wants to prove he is fantastic at this level - let him prove it ...
  4. Anyway - after taking a jog down memory lane with Ken Foggo & friends, back to my topic If Beundia has his head in the right place - he is possibly the best creative player in the Championship (may well get a huge move if we promote again this season) Cantwell = local boy done very well - but just take the cash if it is available, not sure any decent sum will be on the table to be honest
  5. Kenneth Taylor Foggo is a former football player. He started his football career with West Bromwich Albion, but is best remembered for his time with Norwich City F.C., for which he played from 1967 to 1972. Wikipedia
  6. Stood at the River End as a young boy - after all my family & Uncles, with their boys attended every home match 1972 - Kenny Foggo on the wing - you are still my hero from that era
  7. Fully agree It was a come & get me article Really would be sad to see him go (but his head is in the Prem)
  8. After reading the article on Buendia - looks like we wants to move on Don't blame him to be honest, as he is a Premiership player for sure. He needs to get his head in gear, & again enjoy his football No1 creative player in midfield imho for us in the Championship - we will miss him a huge amount Cantwell - just to help him, he needs to improve his physically - just a bit (lot) lightweight
  9. No - standing at the front of the River Stand - I was there & still alive & kicking Still a supporter 100%, I read all posts & also attend home matches (when they are available) Long time supporter of the Canaries - that's why I get frustrated with nasty posts against me - really nasty posts from some people I suffer with dyslexia - so an idiot picking me up on a name or spelling mistake is not nice (as I do my very best)
  10. Watched most matches from 1976 - back to the Ken Foggo days Sad your only response is nasty towards a long term supported of NCFC - shame on you
  11. If he stay fit (unlike our Centre Backs) Potential very good player
  12. The 3 already known + Vrantic & Stieperman Plus shout Cantwell may be a little bit better - but not on his past few performances V Huddesfield - done next to nothing & should have been red carded for a pathetic elbow
  13. See what he sells for - I bet I am a lot closer to his value that you? I don't think we will sell him at all - no where near £10 or £20m
  14. A win is a win after so many defeats Great start to our new season - just hope we can build on this match victory 3 Points on the boards - home match next OTB City ... (sad I won't be there)
  15. If Buendia could get his head together with Farke - he is the best attacking midfield player in the Championship One more good productive season from Buendia, & we will be back in the Prem, & he could (if he wants) get a huge move to a big Club within the top 6 Cantwell - I believe has done his best, so just sell him for a decent price whilst it's possibly there (not sure it is tbh)
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