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  1. Please don't go further with this Bill I remember on the Brexit thread you ended up getting so wound up you were posting images of Norwich fans (members of the LGBT community that you'd got from facebook) in order to goad a poster you were accusing - correctly, of being homophobic. But it was distasteful and got both you banned and the thread pulled.
  2. I quite enjoyed it but only because I was so starved of football. I think its going to have a steep drop off though and by the time the Premier league returns I think I'll only be bothered with watching Norwich.
  3. I don't think that would be given as offside even now with VAR, he wouldn't be seen to be impacting play I don't think. I am glad Ruddy didn't bring Smith down though...
  4. Chambers has always looked so easy to wind up for me, after Klose equalised in 2018 he came out with this.. "I don’t think they are a threat, really, they had a lot possession, a lot of tippy tappy stuff but they’re not the team they were three years ago when we played them. They are nowhere near that level, hence the league position." It must have been horrible for him going down 3-0 a year later while we sat at opposite ends of the table, hence that statement. I also think it's an attitude you see in some of the Ipswich fans, so desperate to have one over on us they've championed Lambert while he takes them down to their lowest position in however many years - bottling it and getting sent off against us in the process. I genuinely do not believe if Lambert had achieved what he did with us with another team instead he'd have been afforded the time he has there - "Paul Lambert is a blue" - and my god may he remain one for a while to come
  5. I wonder how relevant the Spanish lockdown and subsequent results are compared to the UK. Construction and manufacturing may have started 5/6 weeks ago but I was always under the impression that otherwise the lockdown over there was much more severe than our own. For instance the ban on exercise or outdoor walks over there only got lifted a couple of weeks ago. Regardless hopefully the decline continues. But the pessimist in me wonders if it might not here....
  6. Is it? Looking at when the lockdown started and the "lag" of a few weeks before deaths skyrocketed I don't think I'd read anything into the easing of lockdown for another 2 weeks or so yet.
  7. but if in a land where 1/10,000 people have green skin called a nation where 2/10,000 have green skin the "alien nation" would also seem silly to me despite the 100% increase in the latter. Anyway, no more silly examples - It just seems an odd starting point for T unless he's looking for an argument on the internet - I doubt he's German at all. Yes this is generally how it works T.
  8. Still seems a bit odd. It's not as if T is claiming to be from Japan. A nation with 20/100 people being obese calling a nation with 28/100 obese seems a bit silly to me.
  9. Could well be taking one of his breaks from the forum soon. That or admit he was wrong.
  10. "at the earliest" Prepare for that to be moved back then
  11. Government now advising that home made face coverings be worn if entering enclosed spaces.
  12. But Drayton boys Leeds are top of the league. Likewise Liverpool and all those others who want the league to finish. So do we need to silence their solutions too? Surely we too would be willing to take selfish risks if we stand to be the beneficiaries. So who do we listen to? I'm sure Norwich fans 12 months ago would be of the exact same opinion Leeds fans are in right now... But does it make us right then or now? Why do you think PPG is fair? Is it right to promote a team that hadn't yet earnt promotion while relegating 3 that didn't yet get relegated ?
  13. As with Bill on this thread there are some who believe they are immune and that this is simply a pensioners problem - a lesson that will be learnt only one way I fear.
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