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  1. is this true? lost track of what everyone needs etc so if someone can explain properly would save me getting a headache!!!!
  2. Just said on SSN that he has resigned but will stay on until the end of the season
  3. Smudger, your views on the goals have just confirmed to me that you only spout whatever you like to back up your own thoughts. how you could blame Doc for either goal has amazed me. I have finally just watched the goals and for the first korey simply switched off and lost his man whilst doc was tight with his man and for the second again doc was marking his man and Nelson for whatever reason just ducked out of the way, i did wonder if Forster had called for the ball and then realised he had made a mistake the way Nelson just ducked out of the way, neither goals could be attributed to Doc in any wayas for Macca for weeks you have been saying play him on the left where he deserves to be so he doesn''t have to cut in but the only thing he did of any note the other night was in the last few seconds when he cut in onto his right foot and his bungled cross hit the post. have you ever thought that this might just be the way he prefers to play to cut in all the time regardless of which wing he is onfor once smudger until the end of the season, when you can analyse who will be here and who wont next season, get behind the team, support them, and i mean every player, regardless of whether you like him or not as most fans do but please if you are going to give ''facts'' please stick to them and not make ''facts'' up to suit your agenda
  4. thanks Trent, wasnt sure what points the other teams had gained against them? i agree that i dont think they will be wound up but what choice would the courts have if they carry on refusing to pay the extra tax bill
  5. yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhow any one can suggest dropping any of the three after their performances over the last 6 months is beyond me.tonights result for me is down to one person and one person only because of his stupidity on Saturday............................Grant Holt. dont get me wrong Holt has been amazing this season but to pick up a yellow card for deliberate handball because he had lost his temper, in the last game before previous cards got wiped, is just pure crazziness and again, in my opinion, means he doesnt deserve the POS
  6. just heard on the news that it has to be settled tomorrow, am i right in thinking that if they fold all results against them will be annulled? and if so what would the situation be then regarding the top 4?
  7. docs already showing the difference that Holt would have made tonight, most of the blame/fault lies at his feet for me
  8. doesnt look so bad when you put it like that CA, though i still think we''ll get at least a draw out of tonight
  9. who is meant to be picking thornton up? wont be either of the CB as they will pick up the big defenders
  10. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Lincs CR"]Crowhurst, Martin and Elliot are up front with Oli Johnson playing Wesley''s role :)[/quote]   Who''s this Crowhurst playing up front for us? [:D] I''ve turned radio off as I can''t bear to listen and they usually score when I do that [:)]     [/quote]i wish [;)]
  11. thanks depraved, would have Oli up front with his pace and Martin at the tip myself
  12. who is playing the tip of the diamond? martin or oli? missed it if they said it
  13. only caught the end of the goal but i thought they said nelson not doc?????????
  14. cheers CA as is mine but my neighbours ticket only has 2 parts, the ticket and the stub with turnstiles on. must be a concession one but he doesn''t know why its a concession one [:|]
  15. what can i say CC [;)] mind you only reason i went to charlton away last season was because of a wonderful woman on here
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