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  1. I too was a little deflated when I heard of this deal on Sky News in Australia this morning. Not exactly the ''big-name'' we were hoping for! But let''s be positive. 24 years old, playing under constant pressure from the Spurs fans but still manages 22 appearances in a less than succesful 2003-04 season; current international, and obviously has potential otherwise Spurs would not have signed him in the first place. Also gave him an improved contract last year by all accounts. I remember a few years back when Norwich gave debuts to Greg Downs and Kevin Bond. They were awful for the first few months, but both developed and matured into very good players and real assetts. With a bit of confidence, and a lot of backing from the supporters, this could work out to be a good signing.
  2. I''ve never forgotten Everton''s despicable behaviour and the part they played in our relegation; having already won the title they lost to Coventry 0-3 (I think) and sent us down. I was at the Coltishall airshow, and was listening to it on the radio. I''ve hated Everton and Coventry ever since. Coventry got their come-uppance. Let''s hope Everton get their''s this season!! The memory is a funny thing. I can remember this as if it were yesterday, but ask me where I put my car keys 15 minutes ago, and I''m stumped.
  3. just speculating that with Crouch having signed somewhat inflatedly for Southampton, that Brett Ormerod maybe now surplus to requirements. We know Nige is an admirer having previous links with him, and although not quite as tall as Crouch (but then again, who is?) Ormerod is a similar type of player and is capable of scoring goals in the Premier League. Worth a look? What would he be worth in today''s market?
  4. Now that Crouch has gone to Southampton, does anybody think that Brett Ormerod might be available? He''s a favourite and former target of Worthy''s, and might just be too similar to Crouch in style of play for Saints to keep. Proven premiership goal-scorer too.
  5. I''m a former gynaecologist. I just do it part-time nowadays to keep my hand in.
  6. Go to work covered in excrement. It''ll be less painful for you, and Binmen supporters won''t notice the difference!
  7. Rustyboy - no matter how hard I cheer or jeer, no-one at Carra Rud can hear me from Western Australia! Incidentally, Ian Crook is our ''Soccer Panelist'' on Fox TV out here for the Euro2004 competition. I quite like him in this role. He talks sense, unlike Robbie Slater who is just another loud-mouth ocker aussie! See you at the Blackburn match in November if I can get a ticket.
  8. Cannot see Worthy parting with 3MQuid for ALL the squad re-inforcements, let alone for just one player! Proven goal-scorer though. We could do worse, but being an ex-binman would make it very difficult for him to win the crowd over. He''d have to score 30 goals in his first season, then of course he WOULD be worth 3MQuid!
  9. Anybody else see this article (in icTeeside) about Danny Mills not coming to Norwich? Here''s the best bit:- "The bottom line is that the newly-promoted Canaries could never afford Mills'' reported £2m wage. Nor could they make the kind of sizeable contribution to his salary which would entice Leeds into agreeing a deal. In any case, Mills is battling to try to regain his international place and would hardly benefit from playing for Norwich next season, even if they are an excellent club with friendly fans." I agree with the first paragraph but am insulted by the second. Mills has actually lost his place in the England squad whilst at Middlesbrough, so where does this "Holier than thou" attitude come from? Surely playing in the Premiership is advertisement enough for any player with international selection aspirations? Greeno has managed it, and he hasn''t even played in the Premiership yet!
  10. If you post me your e-mail address I can send it to you.
  11. QUOTE - Sunderland''s bid to take Craig Beattie on loan will be rejected by Celtic. With Shaun Maloney out until the turn of the year, he is needed as back up. However, the Hoops would listen to offers from Norwich for Ulrik Laursen. UNQUOTE Anybody know anything about Ulrik Laursen?
  12. Anybody the remember the King Beefy van that used to park on the corner of Cattle Market car park before they built the Castle Mall? I copped it there from Coventry fans whislt queueing for a burger and all my mates were off having a pee. Fantastic burgers though! Also have problems getting onto the Norwich supporters coach at The Valley once. A couple of local thugs were standing at the door of the coach lamping everyone who tried to get on! But if you are talking about fearing for you life; was anybody at the last Scotland v England game at Hampden in 1989? I still consider myself lucky to still be alive to tell the tale to my grandchildren ........ eventually!
  13. Anyone seen ''The Gossip Column'' icon used by the BBC Sport on their football web page? Is it my imagination, or is it the spitting image of Nige''s left ear?
  14. Just posted on the Gossip section on the BBC website. Norwich interested aparently.
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