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  1. opposition supporters surely get excited.... What? no one had said it yet!...
  2. who would you like to see instead? i''m probably up for giving him the boot before next season, it''s just too risky to keep him on, even though ten games would be reasonable... i know its probably been asked loads, but just wanted to do a little straw poll! i''d go for Holloway. his accent could pass as local too given a few months... lol. but on a serious note, he hasnt left QPR for under performing. i think he''d do a lot more for the youngsters too. worthy seems to play champ manager a lot, and go, "oh i''ll sign andy hughes, he''s got 20 on determination...". i also think that prem managers will be reluctuant to lend us talent next season- it doesnt seem a great idea to send them here, and ruin their skill...
  3. i seem to recollect someone telling xsara would not be making our kits next season, just wondered if anyone knew whether im dreaming? if they are not, who is?
  4. sure theres loads of talk of getting attacking players in, but i really think we need to get a couple of decent defenders too... i dont know about davenport, he may be too expensive, but it does seem that darren moore is available from west brom. its all well and good saying that we need to get a quality replacement in for deano, but as well as not scoring goals, we quite often let in 3 in a game, and i think things need to be sorted there. im getting nervous that theres been no public transfer news, but then i guess worthy and the board like doing stuff behind our backs...
  5. yeh, like i said, i dont really have a problem with it, other than the fact that there seemed to be a few too many stellas involved! it was good to see them enjoying each others company, but deano looked bored as hell... i do wonder whether nige knew about it though- at least the squads too small for him to drop any of them!
  6. don''t wanna snitch, but the way we have been playing lately, i was surprised to see mcveigh, greeno, doherty, hughes, gallacher and a couple of others up the uni bar last night, may have been there for alkaline trio, but one has to doubt it... deano and wright were also there, but left pretty early. ive spoken to mcveigh before up there, and he says they go there so they dont get recognised (most people at uea dont actually come from norwich...). not that i think its bad, it must be a bit like living in a goldfish bowl round here, but i figure they should earn their drinks! also, some bad dress sense there for guys who earn thousands a week! trinny and susannah for the norwich squad?!
  7. i would be really annoyed if worthy didnt even try to get hendrie in. just for a month or two. i was very annoyed to see that we''d just let huddlestone go on loan to a rival club, especially since a lot of the prem teams seem to think that we are a good option to send players to. we dont seem to be trying to bring in a loanee or two, especially since marneys gone. go on nige, pick up the phone!
  8. football-rumours.com have francis going to man utd for £4 millon!!! oh my god, i think thats the funniest one yet!!
  9. i''m just not a fan of the play offs, i wouldn''t have minded tho! i''ll agree it does make things more exciting, but west ham finished so far behindthe binners... and no, im not joe royle in disguise... how annoyed will we all be if we finish third, like 15 points clear of the next team? that said, me and mate thought that they should have relegation play offs in the prem. 20th and 19th automatically go down, but then 18th 17th 16th 15th all have a play off to stay up. losers of the first games go into a final, and the loser of that get relegated! how harsh would that be!! however, we''d still have gone down automatically... *sighs*
  10. i think harry redknapp is going to release him... and his own son! guttsy, wonder whether jaime and louise would like the quite norfolk life? he''d be great in the championship, straight in as captain! i think he is retiring though...
  11. i hate west ham soooo much. i couldn''t win last night, i hate them both! two of my house mates are west ham suppporters, and they are always so full of it! they finished 6th, they don''t deserve it- come on derby/ preston!!
  12. give it to deano. im sure he''d love the added responsiblity, shearer stylee!
  13. its not a testimonial, its a benefit game... and i think ure being a bit harsh. i''ll be there tonight, it should be a fun occasion!
  14. has he actually predicted a norwich win yet?! what is his problem?! i bet he slags us off if we do do it...
  15. just bought my tickets for the notman benefit- anyone know the full line up of players that night?! should be quite a party if we stay up, think they should let us take beer onto the stand!
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