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  1. That's be an absolute blessing for us to be honest
  2. I think an experienced No. 10 would be a must, this lad looks half decent; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabio_Quagliarella
  3. "We lose a few games and everyone immediately says we're suffering from second season syndrome." - Chris Wilder 2020.
  4. Great Professional and Thoroughly Decent Bloke! He's like a different player since Farke came in. It gives clear evidence as to how good the management and coaching team are behind the scenes at technically improving players.
  5. Charlton, Millwall... It's all the same to the out-of-touch middle class.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out mate! Keep the evidence coming in as to why people are right to boo the act of taking the knee.... At least until the "Knuckle Dragging" Footballers understand who they're supporting (And then agree to pay considerably more in taxes as per the requirements of said certain political organisation).
  7. Me popping my head into this thread today realising some people are on my side of the argument
  8. To be fair, I understand your point that the actions of one person do not represent the views and actions of a whole group.. I think it's very reasonable to consider however, that there are more people within that organisation that hold those views. To summarise my point of view on the whole topic; - Considering certain actions the group have carried out this year (Vandalism of War Memorials, spitting in Policeman's faces, etc.) I feel that whilst the players can take the knee if they wish, fans should rightly be allowed to boo this act, seeing it as a show of support for some unsavoury people committing unsavoury acts. I'm gonna leave it at that, as this thread needs to be resigned to the Non-Football forum for the sake of everyone else on here!
  9. She is known as the "Leader of BLM in Oxford" and the "Leader of Take the Initiative Party". Her name is Sasha Johnson, you can find plenty of video footage on YouTube The double standard you outline in your first paragraph is extraordinary! So it's ok to Racially Abuse someone now if you're being 'bullied'.. Bullying is subjective at the best of times so I'd love to know how you'd enforce that. No one can honestly watch that video and truthfully suggest that she is being bullied, she is quite clearly BEING the bully. "All of the things you address are issues and issues that need addressing. But you assume wrong and if you keep doing so this discourse will end with me being involved." Is this some kind of message board intimidation.. I've really sh it now Chicken is involved! The reason people are wound up by what I said is because it's the truth and the truth hurts. You all want to help BAME communities.. time you sacrificed your own wealth to do this. As I said before Put Up or Shut Up.
  10. You're absolutely right, More does need to be done. DRASTIC WEALTH DISTRIBUTION. Everyone needs to pay more in taxes; - 50+ year olds should surrender 50% or their Pension in tax (shored up by the government during the 2008/9 bank bailout, it's only fair you pay for the financial security you've received) - Anyone earning over £26,000 per annum should pay more tax (50% tax rate as you're in the privelidged position of being in the top 1% of global earners) - Confiscate second homes (Housing crisis requires emergency need for homes, charity starts at home..) I'm guessing you don't want to acknowledge any of these issues.. it's just easier to bury your head in the sand and blame the working class tradesmen who works 50 hours a week and can't understand why a footballer earning £20,000 a week is complaining that he's the victim of "systemic Racism".
  11. I posted the wrong link. I meant to post this link of a BLM leader racially abusing a Black Man.. I'll warn you, it's uncomfortable viewing, will probably make you think twice about taking the knee in future. https://youtu.be/qsdmgaOKbIU
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