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  1. Mcveigh to kick start our season. I think Lambert will see his potential! Worth a try. Nothing else seems to be working[:(]
  2. I dare say he wouldn''t see it as ''Facing being shown the door''. He probably can''t wait to go thru the door and get to a club where he will play regularly.  
  3. Has anybody else on this this message board played football from a young age? I couldn''t get to the Sunderland game but was able to watch the highlights on Canaries World. I always  remember using the outside of my boot when playing a game when i was young to pass to somebody in my team. Is it just my tunnel vision or do very few players use the outside of their boot to make a pass or attempt a shot at goal especially when it is necessary. It seems to me players of todays generation dont seem to use the outside of the boot, even when it could be a goal scoring opportunity. They seem to always use instinct and hit with the inside. This seems very unnatural to me. But anyway! I saw the pass WLY gave to Earnie on Sat. He used the outside of his boot to supply the pass. I always remember  Cantona and Sir Bobby using their outside but not many others do! (OK those who want to remember as far back as Norman Whiteside in the FA Cup). Does anyone else agree that this a unique skill in football when it should be part and parcel of a a footballers repitoire (hope thats spelt correct)!
  4. Totally agree foghorn, he will be away next season and he''ll probably come back to cause us damage!
  5. We should have been at least 2 up after half an hour. YOUR NOT WORTHY ANYMORE!!!!!
  6. I''ll get straight to the point. Macca out tonight and we are crap! Get fit soon Macca. Hopefully worthless will keep a place for you when you return this time! But then again.......
  7. Sorry fetchy, you''re right. But i didnt have time to sit and write more but, if you really think about it, if the people didnt show their displeasure then worthless would think everything is rosey in the garden. So i do think that people are wrong to attend meetings and attempt to find out exactly whats going wrong with the club/ ask the manager to leave. Because lets face it, he isnt doing a great job is he?
  8. They dont have to discuss it. Worthless has the choice to take the year on him or let him go. I think he will use it to piss him off. McVeigh surely doesn''t want to stay with worthless as his manager. But if worthless takes the option and then gets sacked, Mcveigh might have a new lease of life under a new manager.
  9. He doesnt have to put up with it. Any other normal thinking person would walk. So worthless leave, before you wreck our club!!!
  10. OUT!!!!  Wrong tactics, wrong side. Why doesn''t he play the players in the right position and play those who are in form. Worthless, even the players realise that you aren''t playing the strongest team. Some players actually realise when they are off form and dont understand how they are getting into this team and i''m sure they are wondering why they are still playing. Worthless, it doesnt happen at any other club i.e. players who arent on form dont play whereas you play players who aren''t producing the goods and loan players hoping they gel. Well its the end of the nonsense. GOODBYE FOREVER. PLEASE, PLEASE GO.   Delia PLEASE SACK HIM NOW!!!!
  11. You have summed him up completely. Ps worthless told me he wasn''t bothered by what people wrote on this website nor did he read it!!
  12. Paul McVeigh.....top scorer for the club, one of two or three players who is actually able to create chances and score goals. Left on the bench again. So why was that? Oh i know, the manager wants to try something new i.e. goodbye Paul. I''m going to try these tactics for future games when you won''t be playing. The game goes pear shaped, 1 nil down. Worthless thinks, I suppose i''ll have to put McVeigh on to save my ass again!! Where is the logic. Maybe we could have been one up at half time if he had played him.
  13. Get real branston. Ask worthless where he was last season, because he''s the reason he didnt play. HE WASN''T GIVEN A CHANCE. Go check how many minutes he played last season, never mind matches!!!!!!! 
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