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  1. Best footballing team of my generation. Damn right, I believe!
  2. [quote user="Move Klose"]Im 95% sure it''s Rosler. I''m surprised so many people think it won''t be. It''s just obvious.[/quote] I''m interested in your certainty. Where''s it coming from? Do you know something? I''m not being provocative, I''m just interested.
  3. [quote user="Move Klose"]It won''t be carvahal. No chance. Probably won''t be Keller either. Will be Rosler.[/quote] I can''t normally claim to be in the know, but on this occasion I feel fairly confident that the new manager will come from a club outside the UK. That doesn''t mean it is Keller, but it rules out Rosler.
  4. I''m pretty sure he''ll go, whether on a free or for a fee. He''s costing us £2m a year in wages and how many games did he play last season? 20? 25? It''s got be more likely than not that he''ll play even less often next year. That said, if he doesn''t want to go - because no one will match his salary - he''ll be hard to shift. I think it''s common knowledge that a deal was in place for him to go to Sunderland last summer - and for more money than he''s on here - and he chose not to go.
  5. Now then. Where are we with this? I don''t like to bump my own thread, but I''ve seen a lot of people on Twitter suggesting Rosler is in pole position. Where''s that coming from? Any info? All I can do is restate the information I''ve been given - which is from someone who should know, unless they were pulling my plonker - and that is that our guy is employed at a club outside the UK.
  6. I know nothing about Keller, beyond his name, but Union Berlin sound like a right laugh. This is from Wikipedia: Club culture[edit] Main article: Culture in Berlin 1. FC Union Berlin is recognized as one of Europe''s cult clubs, based on many unique fan and club initiatives over the last two decades.[16][17][18] The nicknames of the club are Eiserne (The Iron Ones) or Eisern Union (Iron Union), both of which are used to refer to the club from Berlin. Their nicknames evolved from the earlier sobriquet Schlosserjungs (metalworker boys), which was in reference to the blue kit the Union played in, as it was reminiscent of the overalls worn by local workers.[19] In former GDR times Union was known for a rivalry with Dynamo Berlin who was affiliated with East Germany''s Secret Service Stasi. Union was patronized by Eastern German Trade Union FDGB. The club played some identificatory role in the unofficial opposition against the authorities of the communist system.[20] In May 2004, the supporters raised enough money to secure the club''s license for fourth-division football through a campaign called ''Bleed for Union''.[21] This catchphrase was not meant metaphorically. One element of the campaign was that fans donated blood to Berlin hospitals and then gave the money they received from the blood bank to their club. After 2010 Union Berlin became increasingly attractive for new Berliners, even internationals, who were drawn to the atmosphere at the club.[22] Songs[edit] The official Union Berlin song is "Eisern Union" by the famous German punk-star Nina Hagen.[23] The composition was recorded in 1998. Four versions were issued on a CD single by G.I.B Music and Distribution GmbH. The famous supporters chant ''Eisern Union'' (Iron Union) bounces back and forth between the terraces named Waldseite and the Gegengerade and is followed by mutual acknowledging applause.[24] Christmas tradition[edit] Union Berlin is also well known for its Christmas traditions celebrated in their home stadium.[25] In 2003 the yearly Union Weihnachtssingen started as an unofficial gathering to which just 89 fans showed up. In 2013, 27,500 people attended, including players and supporters of other teams from around Germany and Europe. Fans drink Glühwein (mulled wine), wave candles around, light flares and sing a combination of Christmas carols and football chants.[26] Mascot[edit] Ritter Keule (Literally: Cudgel the Knight) is the mascot of Union Berlin.[27] He was first introduced in 2000.[28] Movies and games[edit] Union fürs Leben (Union for life) is a 2014 documentary film that showcases the supporters passion for 1. FC Union Berlin.[29] Union Berlin is also part of the popular FIFA 16, an association football simulation video game.[30]
  7. If my info above is correct - and that our man is working outside the UK - who are the candidates? Keller Labbadia Anyone else? Does anyone know anything about either of them. Like are they any good?
  8. Okay. I didn''t realise this was such common knowledge. Why are people still blathering on about Wagner, Rosler and Monk?
  9. I have fairly reliable intelligence that the new coach has been identified, that contact has been made, that a deal has been struck and that, barring any unforeseen difficulties, the individual in question will be coming to Carrow Road. That individual is currently employed by another club, but that club is not in the U.K. I can say no more, because I know no more.
  10. Very sad indeed. When I was a lad, Duncan was friendly with the parents of a school friend of mine. At the time, I wanted nothing more than to be the next Chris Woods, and Duncan used to take me and my friend up to the old training ground at Trowse for a kick about. He didn''t have to - he didn''t really know me from Adam - but he knew we were mad keen Canary fans. Such a nice, gentle and funny man - but he had one hell of a shot on him, even then. Respect to him and to his wife - hope they get some peace and comfort.
  11. Can''t take any credit for this - it was done by a Watford fan - but makes for an interesting analysis of the final run in, looking specifically at the results teams in the top 8 have achieved/are likely to achieve against each other. Has us finishing on 84 points, which should be enough on these stats to clinch 2nd, but it will be mighty close. https://nathanlowndesfootballgenius.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/the-championship-final-run-in/
  12. Perfectly expressed - as someone who got into this way of life at exactly the same time (Milk Cup ''85), I salute you, whoever you are. Perhaps as a gesture of good will, Archant could print 26,000 of these and hand them out on Saturday. Then we might all behave less like dicks and more like Norwich City fans.
  13. [quote user="Dubai Mark"] Also, I want all connected with our great club to STOP using TWITTER.....[/quote] Amen to that!
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