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  1. [quote user="Gainer the Gopher"]Of course. Despite what too many claim, there isn''t a world of difference between the top of the Champs and the bottom of the Prem. We''ve strengthened some, a few key players are developing nicely, and we''ve bossed both teams we''ve played so far.[/quote] Too bad we weren''t top of the Championship then...
  2. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]Give hooper game time and he will score goals. He got 8 in our relegation season and only played about half the games. he got double figures last season and also only played half the games. He can come on and score a goal at any level though i accept Jerome at the moment is the logical first choice. Griffiths has only scored in Scotland and league 1 so his potential has to be with that caviat[/quote] He DID NOT SCORE 8 PL GOALS the year we got relegated, jesus christ. HE SCORED 6 (2 of which were PKS and 1 was a deflection from 35 yards out that was only a goal due to the deflection). HE STARTED 24 GAMES 9 MORE THAN ANY OTHER STRIKER. This idiocy is amazing.
  3. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]much sooner we kept Hooper. This would be a step backwards rather than forwards[/quote] Getting rid of Hooper is addition through subtraction, it''s as simple as that. No way is getting rid of garbage like Hooper a "step back"
  4. [quote user="mrs miggins"]It''s pretty clear that we want to keep him unless we get a very good offer for him.[/quote] This is also a valid way to look at it : D
  5. [quote user="Fr. Chewy Louie"]I don''t fancy him either, but it would be quite amusing to see him and Hooper in the same team, just for your reaction.[/quote] I don''t know what I''d do with myself! I fly into hyperbole in regards to Hooper, whereas stated,the disgust I have in watching Jelavic is unmatched. I can understand the appreciation people have for Hooper at a certain level (and take issue when anything above that level the same is assumed can happen) than I can of Jelavic at any.
  6. You are all aware of how much disgust I have for for garbage players like Hooper. Surprisingly I hold much more ire for a Jelavic and it isn''t close. Guy is beyond useless and has always been arguably one of the worst PL strikers in history. He''s slow, can''t finish and for a big guy can''t head the ball for s----. He''s a human turnover and puts ZERO effort in the game. He wasn''t even good at Everton and after about 10 games he was clearly figured out and was beyond garbage the rest of his years in the PL. This would be a disaster and ridiculously ridiculously awful if Neil/the board are stupid enough to consider bringing Nikica Jelavic around That said, he''s likely score more PL goals than Hooper, but that''s not a feat. I''m unfamiliar with this "Nikita" Jelavic though.
  7. [quote user="SwindonCanary"]I''ve got to say why the hell are we looking for a striker when someone like Hooper can''t get a game. How many teams would love to have him in their teams ?[/quote] It''s pretty clear not many want him (well those that are above Conference North/South or below) and that''s why he''s still here.
  8. [quote user="mrs miggins"]You''re in for it now[/quote] Was this in anticipation of me? I am assuming so. Yes, I did indeed see red immediately and ignored the other posts!
  9. [quote user="SwindonCanary"]Daily Mail says we''ve put in a bid http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3195732/Norwich-City-make-4-5m-formal-offer-Roma-Italy-striker-Mattia-Destro.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490Personally he seems a lot like Hooper, and most of his stuff is on the ground, I like my front man to be dominant in the air.[/quote] It''s hilarious you think he''s remotely like Gary Hooper. Utterly so as well.
  10. [quote user="Barossa"]Speak to any Blackburn fan, Rhodes is not as good as Gestede[/quote] This is hilariously thick.
  11. [quote user="Mooney"]Please GOD noooooooo!!! He''s no better than the players we have currently. Its laughable if we sign him. WE NEED TO SIGN OUTSTANDING PLAYERS OR NONE Hooper, RVS, Lafferty, Grabban - All not top top class. I would however like to see Lafferty playing on the last defender off the bench this season. He''s shown he''s dangerous in Euro qualifiers in that role. Jerome might surprise a few and score 10+ this season.[/quote] He''s WORLDS better than Hooper and Grabban.
  12. [quote user="Indy"]Surely we can attract better?[/quote] pretty clear that no, no we can not.
  13. Also kind of seems like M''Bokani is either holding out for more money or different offers from other leagues/or has already told Norwich to move along. I''d be surprised if that one comes off (which I''m not heartbroken about), only disappointing in the sense that most of the targets we know of have shown little to no interest of coming, and it''s not like they are a class above...
  14. I know the Destro thing is basically the most unlikely thing ever, I would happily take him on for 11 mill pounds over a guy like McCormack as well (I would not want to pay that for him, Rhodes (who I love, though I get the questions and is still better than McCormack)) I wouldn''t nec. want to pay that but would have less issue with. McCormack at the 7-9 mill area I''d live with.
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