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  1. expect nothing else from our club these days. liars the lot of them
  2. i pmsl because he was coming! we all know he will be manager by xmas so why continue with the clown adams. boards a joke
  3. dont you just love it when a 12 year old comes out with "get behind the team",well ive seen it all,done that,never made a shits worth of difference. back to school young man
  4. i see there are a few in happy clappy mode already. if a 3 nil defeat is what it takes to get rid of adams then so be it,im looking at the bigger picture. bye bye adams
  5. what a load of shit! the man was fukin useless,good riddance i say
  6. go 2 or 3 down and i feel it could turn nasty. TAXI FOR ADAMS
  7. congratulations star! you managed to click on and see my email address. well done!
  8. agreed,but some kind of explanation for robsons sacking is surely needed
  9. i know they hate it,but us fans have been kept in the dark for far too long now.Shambolic way to treat us
  10. may aswell,as we are going nowhere this season with clown adams in charge
  11. this shambles get better by the minute(sorry cant do the linky)
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