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im spartacus canary

another adams family song

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[quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Second verse needs work.I like the concept very much and this is one song that could genuinely work.[/quote]when we got relegatedour Neyul did get slateda radio commentatorwas plain for all to seebut he got a 3 year dealand now we play like Realwe''re going up with Neyulthe Adams family

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It''s a good idea but after that it''s a train wreck.

Open with fans singing the tune -

na na nu-nuh (clap clap) and so on.

Close with "We''re the Adams family" (or We are Adams'' family)

And one verse with words that comfortably fit the original word scheme so it''s easy to follow along.

When Delia hired Neal

We said this can''t be real (or He got a 3 year deal)

But now look how we feel (or And with him at the wheel)

We''re the Adams family. (Clap clap)

A good parody keeps the original tempo.

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