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Yorkshire  Canary

36 points Reflection and the way forward

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In January i posted that 36 points will be enough to survive a view shared by many. This will be the case what i had not counted on was our inability to get close to that figure.

As this painful season draws to its inevitable close a period of reflection and looking forward is needed, we are only 4 months away from the new season.!

Reflection first. The shock and disappointment of this season has been unlike other relegation''s from the top flight for us. We cannot blame it on our goalkeeper getting injured[Gunn] and selling our best players or not buying a good striker[ Ashton] soon enough.We kept our squad and spent money and we were all optimistic that we would have a less stressful season.

This was the team that Chris built. His tactics and leadership can be rightly criticized but what has really done for us is his signings. He spent about £25m and other than Olson and to a lesser extent Fer it has all been wasted. This is in stark contrast to Hull and Steve Bruce who spent about the same amount on Davis, Jelavic, Long and Huddleston.

I side that has scored the fewest goals and has the 3rd worst goals against speaks volumes and truly deserves to go down.

McNally and the board end this season badly tarnished and financially much worse off. Would we have done better if we had got rid of Hughton at christmas and spent some cash who knows? probably but we will never know . The stop gap of Adams was worth a roll of the dice but has failed to inspire, results have stayed the same and he is not the person to take us forward.

Looking forward some players will be moved on because the club and or they want to. Top of the pile for me is RVW and Bassong. The former has his confidence and reputation in tatters and will probably get a cut price move to the continent, the latter has no stomach for a fight let alone the championship and both parties will want a parting of the way. Now for optimism. If we can keep the rest of the squad largely in tact, Becchio, Hooper,

Redmond, Snodgrass and Howson will be stars at championship level. With the right manager, experienced at championship level this squad plus some of our emerging youngsters and a couple of astute signings can do very very well and we could have a season both successful and enjoyable to look forward to. Lets just get this one over and done with and move on

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A fair reflection Yorkshire..

Certainly the signings made by Hughton for this season have failed to inspire, as have some of the older stalwarts.

I agree Bassong and RVW need shipping out, but I would go much further.

Martin, Whittaker (appalling yesterday and most of the season) Yobo,, Garrido, Fer, Johnson, Ruddy, Nash, Bunn, Pilkington, Fox, Hoolahan, Becchio should all be shipped out.

Elmander and Guiterez should and will return to their respective clubs.

It s likely that Snoddy will move on, I would suggest to Celtic, a move he secretly craves!

I would bring in a manager, many will disagree, like Mackay, who on arrival at Cardiff disposed of nearly the entire first team squad, and gained promotion in doing so.

I would introduce Rudd as first choice keeper, and build a side around Turner and Bennett in defence, with Howson and maybe Tettey in midfield. With Redmond, Murphy (x2) and one or two of our youth progressing along with some young, hungry and creative newcomers, maybe a stay in the. championship (if of course we go there) could be short and one season only. However, if we do manage to stay up, I would still think the same clear out is required, because the current crop are simply not good enough.

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Spot on, I agree with each and every word.

Having endured yesterday''s umpteenth capitulation my mind wandered off to what was really needed to reignite the very beating heart and soul of our club. That one crucial appointment that''s going to have to be made in the very near future.

Faith of course runs the risk of meddling with unknowable and unexplainable but for me at least the greatest fear is where the balance of power now resides in taking the critical decision on our next permanent manager. My own faith in the Board of Directors this past twelve or more months has evaporated, our current predicament completely avoidable.

More than anything their behaviour of late smacks of the past, never ever a good thing..

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Snodgrass and Ruddy are our two most high profile players and will be sought after. Fer, to a lesser extent has a bit of a reputation. Pilkington? Who knows what has happened there?


Snoddy will likely go . Ruddy seems loyal and settled buit would likely be enticed by an offer from one of the big boys. He has an international career to consider.


The rest might be hard to shift and just releasing them will be a further kick in the nuts. I, actually, would hang onto our two failed strikers as and if we get demoted they will have something to prove and a chance to show their true worth. They have been capable at Championship level in the past.


It will be an interesting summer whatever this season''s outcome .


I am not as doom and gloom about our prospects or squad as some. We might just make it after all.


It''s not over yet but if we do succumb then we should enter our Championship campaign as a club without debt, good support, the nucleus of a decent squad (at that level,) and, of course parachute money. That''s not too bad  a scenario  and not exactly the "fate worse than death," or whatever, that McNally stated.


So we were pummelled by one of the World''s best and most expensive teams on their own soil and with new impetus,. We were poor but let''s not over-react  perleese.

I''m keeping positive until it''s all decided and, as I''ve stated, there are reasons to be cheerful  however the dice rolls. 

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