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The Messiah coming in for some stick...

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They''re not happy with Joe Bennett especially:

@Teago_AVFC hi joe how do you feel about being called a pro footballer when you have the ability of Johnny Vegas after 10pints #askbennett

@gunsforhire76 Do you think your 1 good performance vs Chelsea in nearly 2 seasons at the club means your in the same league as J Lloyd Samuel? #askbennett

@FazAVFC #AskBennett what do you want to be when you grow up?

@DEANOFIELD Do you get angry with fans getting your name wrong during the game. I often hear Gordon Bennett after you have touched the ball #askbennett

my personal favourite:

@Uber_Lowey: #askbennett would you rather be attacked by 1 horse sized duck or a 10 duck sized horses?

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@J_M_Holt Another PR disaster by @AVFCOfficial with #AskBennett. Which bright spark at B6 thought that one up. PR as clueless as the Manager. #AVFC

@w1lko_86 Instead of #AskBennett and ruining Joe Bennett’s confidence even more how about #AskLambert , #AskFaulkner or #AskLerner #AVFC @AVFCOfficial

@jammietallent #AskBennett feel sorry for the lad! Sacrificial lamb for Lerner and Lambert! #Lernerout #Lambertout

Looks like it''s not all sunshine and rainbows over there. Sounds suspiciously like some of the sentiment we saw on Twitter over Hoots.

On a side note, this cracked me up:

@Jasto_avfc #AskBennett are you 100% sure you’re not right footed?

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