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Hughtons tictacs today

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Things that I was surprised at before todays game. Who knows if it would have made any difference.

1. Ruddy captain - Goal keeper as captain is always a mistake for me. Very hard to lead from between the sticks. Howson or bennet have both done it before and howson in particular appears to be a natural leader.

2. No Wes - The ONLY player to look decent attacking recently. Especially along side Hooper they have actually looked like they can score goals.

3. No Redmond - surely our best chance of scoring is with him.

His in game decisions were very poor as well for me. I have never been keen on changing managers too much and I always like hughton, but I am done. Can''t take anymore of this. We will go do with him in charge,

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1. why change a half defence which had only conceeded 10 in the last 8 games and 4 in one at villa; yes there are some individual errors but the back 4 has not been our main problem in those games; it was the lack of goals. bringing in whittaker and bennett changed that, affected yobo & olssons game but introducing uncertainty and the back 4 were a shambles; it showed what we have been missing from bassong. Martin is simply better than whittaker

2. I can understand brining pilkingon in, but not at redmonds expense. While snodgrass is playing with committment his quality these last 2 months has been poor; his passing and crossing was again woeful yesterday, (only just better than BJ this week having been worse than him last) and his willingness to blame every other player is now embarassing. He has to be dropped (and his goal was nowhere near enough for the negatives he brought to midfield - the over focus on attacking through him etc) Redderz is currently well ahead of snoddy

3. Centre mid. The BJ/Howson partnership is simply a liability. A 4141 with them in it is too weak. Their losing strike rate is simply to overwhelming now. Yesterday BJ was simply lost, never getting near the ball and giving the ball away nearly every other time he had it. His presence affects howson - he disappeared for long stretches yesterday, failed to track schneiderlins excellent run (a persistant failure) but has 5/6 3/4 minute bursts where he looked excellent. Without BJ he is far more prominent. What he does not do is drive forward or demand the ball like wes does, so wes starting and having jh with tettey is the next best alternative once Fer is injured. We must rest BJ, 9 out 20 passes misplaced and just one successful tackle is too poor.

4. Hooper or rvw. A much closer call but again the wrong one for me. hooper had just 11 touches and made only 4 passes in over an hour. He was too peripheral and his only shot not on target. rvw seems to be improving and should start with a good cameo yest.

5. Yesterdays game was crying out for wes; someone who actually wants the ball and carrys a threat. Bring on johan instead was the wrong choice although yet again, and like last week, he had an impact when on the pitch and deserved his goal, he and ricky added some pressure/defending from the front. I do think wes would have brought more.

As for Ruddy as captain, the only other choice outfield yest was tettey, but while he shows some leadership (unlike snoddy who shows just blame) he is simply not vocal enough. Sadly the other 9 on the pitch with him were and are even quieter. Seb back next week resolves this

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