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[quote]Each to their own, you might think. René Meulensteen, formerly of

Manchester United, has a pretty good reputation throughout the game. He

is being tipped to replace Martin Jol if there is a change of manager at

Fulham and his absence from Old Trafford has been identified as one of

the factors to explain United''s erratic start under David Moyes.

Yet Per Nielsen was the captain at Brondby when Meulensteen was manager

and tells the story in his autobiography about how the Dutchman used to

jump out in front of his players and shout "boo!" to prepare them for

the noise of the crowd. Meulensteen changed walls from yellow (Brondby''s

colours) to green "to give the team hope" and there is another passage

that conjures up some delightful memories of Gareth Cheeseman''s

self-motivational speech, into the bathroom mirror of his Travel Inn,

before the Microsell ''95 conference.

Meulensteen, according to Nielsen, prepared for a European tie against

Frankfurt by standing in front of a whiteboard and asking his players to

decide which animal they wanted to be. Nielsen went first, mostly to

break the awkward silence, and asked to be a snake. Meulensteen did not

like snakes. "Snakes are slow animals, we cannot have snakes in our

defence, the Germans will outrun us." So Nielsen suggested a tiger.

"That''s perfect! Tigers are brave, fast and strong. That is exactly what

we need from a captain." By the time he was finished, Meulsensteen had a

crocodile, a fox, an elephant, a giraffe and pretty much half of Noah''s

Ark. "We are smart, fast and clever animals, we cannot lose." Nielsen

remembers looking at the board and thinking: "We are sending an entire

zoo on the field."[/quote]

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jas i wasnt suggesting manager, although i would take that as well

@ mountfarto - sounds like a good motivator to me, even if hes clearly a bit bonkers ;) a little crazy is ok once in a while

i actually think getting someone like this on board is a genius move, been a lot of questions asked about the coaching staff, they are clearly looking for work

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