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Dubai Mark

A great football club and an amazing achievement....

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Now the news of our great club being debt free being official..... and then having remembered those dark days and read some of the articles about it, for me, the penny well and truly has dropped on what an absolutely amazing achievement it has been to get Norwich City to where they are today.

Sure I have realised fully whats been happening over the years, but you still sort of get carried away with expecting everything to be alright, thinking it will not happen to us, it''s not as bad as they are saying.....and then when things are better, even the most realistic of us then expecting perhaps more than we should realistically expect from the current team (many please note).

It could very easily have been a Portsmouth situation, a Coventry City, an Ipswich Town or a Wolves, so very easily, but it was avoided and it''s an achievement that amongst all of the football stories in the press should actually be right at the top of the headlines.

When you consider the amount of cash the club paid back to the banks and debtors over the last two seasons it also makes the fact that we are now in our third season in The Premier League even more remarkable when compared to almost all, no, ALL of the other clubs in the EPL.

Right now, despite our temporary lowly league position we should all be VERY PROUD of our club and all involved in what was an amazing achievement.....OTBC!! It really cannot be under estimated!

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