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Another ramble on about the game

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Just back from the game!

Well what a journey, 1st class to Liverpool Street and a pint in the Hamilton, a place thats fit for Toms and Tinkers if ever there was one. The piece of modern art imitating a ceiling support made from scaffolding still looks the same as it did last year. Does it serve some other useful purpose? Where else can we go? There''s another big W just down the road came the cry!. Well it wasn''t Woollies but the Cross Keys is a much nicer pre match boozer and just right to get in the mood for the middle class bankers at the Lane. Posh loos as well down a circular staircase, and marble in the loos, I kid ye not. Twenty two Real ales in a Hall reminiscent of Barclays on Bank Plain, class in a glass. Food great as well, full breakfast for me no hot dogs here though they would sell them down the road i guess.

We swerved the 6.5% Bengal lancer and headed back to Liverpool Street where after 3 pints we tried to work a ticket machine. After much pointing and gesticulating at various screens in the concourse a wise and sympathetic attendant suggested in view of our plans to get off at Hackney Downs it would be best to get a Travel card for the day, it was £1.20 extra but………

So off into the sticks we went.Over the hills and far away I expected rolling countryside, green field and cows and stuff like that, Downs does kindle that sense of rural idyll doesn''t it you? The only evidence of green in this Manor was the paint on the wall of the Pembury Arms. Furnished with job lots from auctions of dining hall school furniture from three different eras it was perfect. I hadn''t tried Milton beer before but after ducking the Bengal at the Keys i went for Nero. The wiser and those in for the long haul chose Pegasus. There were a couple of "geezers" at the bar.

"Going to the game" we asked. As Spurs fans they said were and a bit of banter followed,

We were full of false optimism and a lot more besides and i thought this might be the time to impart my football knowledge to the world. The key to the game was in my opinion the battle between Redmond and Walker. They had not heard of him so i biged him up along the lines of him being an England under 21 and the next Defoe who would sort out ,an out of form Walker. They shared our views on Walker.

They said said that their side had got bigger to which i replied, Snap!

The colour started to drain for them as we spoke of turnips and swedes and other root vegetables and being turned over by some hicks was suddenly a possibility in their mind. The shame of it!

They left early.

We arrived at the ground at 1455.

At this point all i can remember is for about 2 hours is a white noise. Not just noise but white figures everywhere, trampled underfoot by the Lilywhites. There was clearly a communication breakdown between CH and his team. My whole world was in a white daze. I was not alone. After a while it was time to leave White Heat Lane. It had been a heartbreaker.

I wondered if at the TV interview CH would have the balls to say " It was nobody''s fault but mine" and if he did how many more times would we hear him say it.

Dazed and confused we walked and talked and missed the turn for the station by half a mile and doubled back to try and find the back of the queue. Some familiar faces looking glum.

Back to the Hamilton for post match scrutiny and ponder the use of the scaffold based construction. I suppose if you were having you black dog moment and wanted to end it all from the gallows pole it would be the ideal platform but we were on the way back home and the thought of stopping at Ipswich on the way and dumping on the tracks there makes life a whole lot better and worth living. As chance would have it we had the pleasure of the company of a sweet young thing heading for the night shift of an A & E. Around the table of four we all swapped tales concerning bodily functions and i retold the one about if your mate is drunk if you stick his hand in water he will pee himself as he sleeps. This strategy is familiar with A & E staff when dealing with the unruly drunken guests, though clearly not on Florences shift. As an act of kindness i offered a CDM bar to see her through the night which she declined due to the sugar rush it may give her. She was sweet enough is it was and got by with grapes. Isn''t there sugar in grapes?

Red eye is normally associated with transatlantic night flight but i can tell you for sure it afflicts those who cross borders btn Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk in either direction. There was much slurring and a few were comfortably numb with red wine and ale. The pain was easing for another night out on the tiles i fear.

No doubt the Spurs fans will gloat and mock us but all i have on say on the matter is, your time is gonna come and there not a whole lotto love from the yellow and greens for you!



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A very enjoyable read, with as much comment on the game as it deserved.CH will hopefully take us on a stairway to heaven but on the way there will be good times, bad times. On Saturday against Villa I expect we will give no quarter and Lambert''s lot will be trampled underfoot.

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Superb post, what with all the crap on here it''s nice to have a read of something that brought a small chuckle :)

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Thanks all for joining in and kind comments, l was seriously peed off yesterday, the TV ariel was US so i looked on iplayer and i guess my inspiration came from watching the Wipers Times, and i just started writing.and felt better for doing so.


Waiting for snipers, keep your heads down lads. You never know where the Hun lurks.

Thank you ( Thats another one!)


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