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Neil Adams had the last laugh though, he has a good job at a Premier League club and has just added his first managerial trophy win to his CV, he is highly thought of in Norwich and a legend at Oldham where he won the League Cup and helped them to two successive promotions to the Premier League.

Glen Roeder is washed up on the football scrapheap, completely unemployable at 57 and out of work for four years. He won nothing as a player and the ''Intertoto Cup'' as a manager.

"who will never manage anything better than an under-10 team"

“They are people who will never manage a football club, they have little idea of managing a football club"

I wondered whether these two comments entered into Neil''s head as he celebrated with our brightest crop of youngsters in the last 20 years.

Neil Adams is still 3 years younger than Hughton was when he took his first permanent managers job, what are the odds on Neil Adams having a managers job by the time he is Roeder''s current age of 57? And what are the odds on Roeder ever getting a managers job again?

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Glenn Roeder a plank! plain and simple!he couldn''t even manage a schoolboy team to success.he hasn''t worked since leaving us... his ego probably tells him he''s waiting for the Barcelona job...

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