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Holt + Becchio

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Both have to start for me on Saturday in an orthodox 4-4-2 formation. Even at the weekend against Arsenal either Holt or Kamara were drifting out wide.

If we dont start with two up front then there is no attacking intention or desire to win a game. Kamara has been great in parts but maybe he is more of an impact player off the bench. Has he got that ruthless streak in front of goal? Im not so sure, especially if the most he can score in a MLS season is 11 goals from 35 games.

Becchio and Holt are old score centre forwards. We add Bassong and Turner in the mix from corners/set pieces and we look a massive threat. 

We are not good enough to play through the middle, thats why Hoolahan at times has limitations. We lack pace up front so the throughball is of little value.

Some of our best times like our win at Tottenham away last year is when we play with width (that day Pilkington and Elliott Bennet). The key is getting the balls out wide and get the balls in the box straight away and Holt and Becchio there to pounce on it. Thats how we create chances not outplaying teams with fine passing, that is not our strengths. Defensively we are stronger these days but as for attacking flair we lack all imagination.

If Pilkington is fit he has to be play and then Snodgrass also. Failing Pilkington then Bennett has to play with Tettey and Johnson in the midfield to shore up the ship.


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Neither Holt nor Becchio have pace, with the latter perhaps slightly quicker. If we continue to play effectively 4-3-3, with Howson in the midfield, than our options are Pilks/Kamara/Snoddy, with two of them quick enough and Kamara good with his head, or Kamara/?/ Snoddy. If we play 4-4-2, as urged, then wingers will have to track back more, or else the midifield is reduced to two. so if we play both Pilks and Snoddy and plenty of crosses, we need strength and pace - Kamara and who? The "who" could be Holt, but he is not threatening to pull up trees at the moment, and Becchio is hardly match fit. Could we play Benno with Kamara?


I must admit that we might have missed the trickery of Wes at one stage, but against Arsenal we broke quickly and created good chances. I think CH could try 4-3-3 again, with the whole midfield and attack ordered to "shoot on sight". We need to score. Thanks to the non-Specsaver officials on Saturday, our goal difference is not now much better than the worst, and it could come down to GC in the end! I think that 4-3-3 makes us more likely to score, certainly more likely than 4-4-1-1, with the final lone striker the wandering Holt.

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