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Northern Canary

Player ratings

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Green - 7 Handling was good and made some decent saves, just what we expect from Greeno. Couldn''t do much for the goals.

Edworthy - 4 Absolutely awful. What type of right back gets out tackled by Joe Cole!? Simply not good enough

Drury - 6 Solid display, nothing spectacular but supported Huckerby when possible and made some good tackles

Shackell - 7 Played well, solid in the tackle, gets blocks in, great clearance from Duff''s shot

Fleming - 6 Like Edworthy, not good enough for this division. General play was ok, not his worst, but lost Carvalho for the goal with poor marking.

Stuart - 6 Average performance from Stuart, did well in places with some nice touches

Huckerby - 6 Not one of his better displays, although a great cross for Leon. Lost the ball too many times going forward, probably down to a lack of match practise lately.

Francis - 5 Where was he? Didn''t really do anything apart from one header. Doesn''t get physical enough for my liking when we haven''t got the ball

Holt - 6 Some decent play in places, though did lose the ball once or twice through bad decision making. Filled in gaps well and plugged a few holes. Didn''t go missing like Francis which was important.

Ashton - 7 Good first touch as always and had a few chances. Brought others into play well; a great buy already

McKenzie - 7 Has played very well two games running now, with two well taken goals. Things seem to be sticking to him too which is good to see. An Ashton/McKenzie partnership looks promising.

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Northern Canary, your ratings are ridiculous! if some or our lads are getting 9''s then if you did chelsea''s ratings then they''d all be in double figures!

Green - 6

Edworthy - 3

Fleming - 4

Shackell - 7

Drury - 7

Holt - 5

Francis - 5

Stuart - 6

Huckerby - 5

Mckenzie - 7

Ashton - 6

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Have to say Robbo I think you''re pretty much spot on (you don''t work for the Sun by any chance!), good to see drury and shack performing well but flem and eddy looked terrible. I might''ve been a bit more generous on francis and hux tho 6 each.Drop flem bring in the Doc, it''s the only way forward!

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Green - 6  Better in his six-yard box today but still a bit indecisive at times.

Eddy -  4  Not one of his better performances for reasons already mentioned by others.

Flem -  5  Ok but rather slow at times.  Poor marking for their third goal.

Shacks - 7  Very accomplished performance considering opposition and relative inexperience.

Drury - 7  Seems to be almost back to his best.  Coincidence?  I don''t think so.

Stuart - 6  Worked pretty hard for as long as he could.  One dodgy pass nearly cost us dear.

Damo - 5  Conspicuous by his absence at times.  I cannot explain it.  (Can anyone?)

Holt - 4  Too far off his man too often, before their second and for their third (along with Flem).

Hucks - 7  Considering lack of training this week he gave his all.  Great cross for Leon''s goal.

Deano - 7  Working with scraps a lot of the time but always looked dangerous when fed.

Leon - 8  Star man today.  Worked hard and to good effect.  Took his goal really well.

Was anyone else dismayed at WLY for the time he was on the pitch?  He appeared to be slow, lazy, unaware and a bit disinterested, and a tad heavier than last time we saw him...or am I being a bit harsh?  Perhaps the cold was doing strange things to my eyesight!!!  

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A good assessment, Susie B, although I''d disagree with you about Greeno. His shot stopping was very good again, but he should have come for the corner; Cech dominated his 6 yard box at corners. The Deano/Leon partnership is starting to look very good; if they keep fit next year, they''ll get us back up, I''m sure. Damo does not look anywhere near as good as he was before his injury, IMHO. As for Squiz, he did look off the pace when he came on; however, trying to get up to speed against a team that boasts so many topclass players can''t be easy. I think tha, with a good pre-season, he could still do a good job for us next season.    

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Greeno - 6 Should have come for the 3rd goal but over exposed down our right

Eddy    - I plead the 5th amendment

Flem     - I plead the 5th amendment

Shacks - 7 oozed ability, took responsibility and urged team up the pitch at every opportunity - he looked like he had played 500+ games - not his right sided colleagues...

Drury -   6 over worked as stretched by hux disappearance but did well - so much better when Jonson in front of him - needs midfield support but is good enough for the prem.

Stuart - 6 Started well and match fitness coming on best passing from the midfield bunch.  Overrun by a quality passing team.

Holt - 5 Ran around like a 5year old in a school play ground - the balls there - must run to it - oh no its moved again - must run over there.  Simply not good enough for the prem.

Damo - 5 Continues to get forward well but as a central midfielder has to do his share of donkey work - too busy preening as he watched Lampards run for the second goal.  Greater application and consistency required if he wants to be as good as we think he can be.  

Hux - 5 too many blind alleys and well marked by Johnson (who should have been sent off).  Looked unfit but hopefully still strip fitter against Bolton.  Apalling passing and corner taking.

Ashton - 6 Lack of service but kept Terry & co on toes as much as he could despite that.

Leon - 6  Bless him - ran his little socks off again and scored with a beauty of a header but his touch, despite significantly improving, means his effort remains in vain.


WLY - 5 -  looked petrified at making a mistake and so did so. Poor passing and no contribution.  As a result dont expect to see him for another 6 games.... 

Hendo - no time to assess - but again seems to be a worthy favourite in the side with no prem footballing merit.



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I don''t know how Green can warrant a 9. Several times he left the defence reacting late as they were expecting him to call for a ball and he didn''t - once when Edworthy seemed certain Green would take it and had to make a hurried header to the side.

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Green 5 - poor, either lacking confidence or not bothered. Flapped a bit and should''ve come for the corner.

Drury 7 - getting back to his best.

Shackell 8 - very impressive.

Fleming 6 - keeping up his recent mediocre average.

Edworthy 6 - not his best game.

Huckerby 6 - mostly lethargic and pointless. Back to the predictable one-trick stuff. Stayed out on the left even when we were attacking down the right, when he should have come infield.

Francis 5 - why, Damien?

Holt 5 - why, Gary?

Stuart 5 - off the pace and disappointing after previous displays.

MacKenzie 8 - he''s doing what I said he''d do - keep on working till he gets it right. He lacks Ashton''s poise at the moment, but he''ll get there.

Ashton 7 - not stellar like the previous game, but he''s the genuine article. He must not leave.

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I thought Huckerby possibly shouldn''t have started, he looked like he was carrying an injury and didn''t what to do too much in case of getting a reaccurence of the strain. If we get a bid of 3 mill for Francis, I for one would accept. We don''t really need him in the Championship. Bring Koumas to the club I say! Worthy would get the best out of the lad. He''s always ran the show against us in the past

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